Build your first Workflow in SWDD


After doing basic configuration settings in the system. We can start building the workflows.This is a sap workflow tutorial for beginners.

1. To do so go to SWDD(Workflow Builder).


2. Before designing the workflow lets make yourself comfortable with workflow builder.In below image i have pointed different parts and their explanation


  1. Workflow ID and Version.
  2. Navigation Area, where you can find list the steps involved in the current workflow.
  3. Graphical workflow designer in which you can design the workflow by adding different steps.
  4. Different steps which you can insert in the workflow. If click on the button you can also see the different options available for designing the workflow
  5. Syntax error console where you can see all the errors,warnings when you activate the workflow.

OK now lets start adding steps to the workflow. For our first workflow we will add an email step and send an email to yourself.

1. Double click in the “Graphic Model” and choose “Send Mail” step.


2. Lets explore some options what we have in the Send Mail step. We have Receipts block in which we can add receipts email id/SAP User ID/Organization Unit etc.. to whom we need to send an email. We can enter Subject and Body of Email.


3. For now just enter the subject, body and leave the other fields as it is. Click on OK


4. Next enter Abbr. and Name of the task. Click on OK.

5. Choose the Package in which you want to store the workflow object.

6. Save and activate the workflow. After activation you see  a new workflow id generated.


7.  We have successfully created a simple and basic workflow which will send an email to yourself only.

8. Test the workflow by clicking on “Test” icon in the application toolbar.You will be navigated to below screen and on this screen click on “Execute” button.


9. You see a new work item id is generated as message in the status bar. This means our workflow is tested.


10. By now we should see an email in our SAP inbox by using the tcode SBWP to validate our designed workflow is working properly.


We have successfully created and basic workflow and tested.