SAP FI Account Receivable Tables


In this blog post, you will learn about the SAP FI Account Receivable tables which you can use in SAP S/4HANA implementation projects.

What is SAP FI Account Receivable (AR)?

Accounts Receivable is an SAP FI submodule that manages and records all customer accounting data. It is in charge of customer invoicing, approvals, payments, and other related tasks.

Accounting data of all customers is recorded and maintained by the Accounts Receivable application component. Any changes made in Accounts Receivable are reflected in the General Ledger G/L. To handle customer/vendor overdue and payments, the Accounts Receivable submodule includes a plethora of reporting and forecasting options.

It also provides data for effective credit management (due to its tight interface with the Sales and Distribution component), as well as critical information for optimizing liquidity planning in Cash Management.

List of SAP FI Accounts Receivable Tables

Below is the complete list of SAP FI Accounts Receivables module tables. There are 137 tables and these are used in standard ABAP reports, Fiori apps, ABAP CDS Views, etc.

SAP FI Basic Functions (FI-AR-AR) Tables

T056BTransaction Types
T179TMaterials: Product hierarchies: Texts
T014Credit control areas
KNKKCustomer master credit management: Control area data
TPRITCustomers: Delivery Priority: Texts
SMFIARSpec. FI-SL Data in Monitor (See Schedman_specific_fisl)
TSABContact persons: standard departments
T014TCredit control area names
T024BCredit management: Credit representative groups
T691ACredit management risk categories
T691TCredit management risk classes text
KNVDCustomer master record sales request form
BSIWIndex table for customer bills of exchange used
BSIXIndex table for customer bills of exchange used
T060OEvaluation views for A/R and A/P information system
T060SEvaluation views for A/R and A/P information system
T691BCredit Management Groups
T687Account Determination: Account Key
T056FReference interest rates
NKAPNumber Range for Contact Partner
T014NNew credit control areas to be set up
TFBWDPersonal Customizing for Transaction FBWD
TFBWEPersonal Customizing for Transaction FBWE
T001CMPermitted Credit Control Areas per Company Code
T060BTexts for T060A – evaluatn types in A/R and A/P info system
T056TText table for transaction types(int.calc.reports)
T056ATime-dependent conditions
T056XText table for interest indicators
T060Rules for A/R and A/P information system
TINPASales Documents: Index Updating for Business Partner
TVPTSales Documents: Item categories
T056UControl table for calculation of interest on arrears
KNKKF1Credit Management: FI Status Data
T691CCredit management group names
KNKKF2Credit Management: Open Items by Days in Arrears
T000CMClient-specific FI-AR-CR settings
T045LCharges table for bill/ex.presentation (country-specific)
T060UDescription of evaluation views for A/R and A/P info system
T045DTADME file check table for bill of exchange presentation
T061ADevelopment Partner
KNKACustomer master credit management: Central data
TINSBAlternative Bank Accounts for Program RFBITB01
RFRRAccounting data – A/R and A/P information system
T687TAccount Determination: Account Key Texts
TRERIAdditional days for remaining risk posting
TPAKDBusiness Partner: Valid Acct Groups per Partner Function
T045FBank selection for bill of exchange presentation
T045GBank charges table for bill of exchange presentation
T045DAvailable amounts for bill of exchange presentation
T056Interest Indicator
TPTMTMaterials: Item Category Groups in Mat.Master: Texts
TVSMTMaterials: Statistics groups: Texts
T060AEvaluation types in A/R and A/P information system
T060TEvaluation names in the FI information system
T045BExpense/Bank Accounts and Tax Codes for Bill Presentation
TINSOFailed Payment Transactions and Charges
T061PFI-ARI: External partner products
T061QFI-ARI: External partner products (texts)
T061RFI-ARI: Active external partner products
T061SFI-ARI: Functions for external partners
T061VFI-ARI: Texts for external partner functions
T056DForm names for interest for days overdue
T056CFixed Amounts in Interest Calculation
T056LFunction modules for int.transaction types

SAP FI Accounts Receivable (FI-AR) Tables

FAR_DP_PSP_CDPayment Service Providers
FAR_DP_SCEN_DEFScenarios for Digital Payment Add On
FIN_EDI_STRIGTrigger table: send accounting document related EDI messages
FIN_EDI_TRIGTrigger table: send payment run related EDI messages
FAR_DP_DC_CLASSClassification of Card Type as Direct Capture
FAR_DP_SCEN_COMPComponents of a Scenario for Digital Payment Add On
FAR_DP_SCEN_DEFTDescription for Digital Payments Addon Scenarios
FAR_DP_PMTdeprecated – Digital Payments – Payment Methods
FAR_DP_PMTPSPdeprecated – Digital Payments – PSP for Payment Method
FAR_DP_PMT_PSPdeprected – please use Table FAR_DP_PMTPSP
FAR_DP_PMT_Tdeprecated – Digital Payment Methods Texttable
FAR_DP_PSPdeprecated – Payment Service Providers
FAR_DP_DET_OPDetermination of Digital Payment Tenant for On Premise
FAR_DP_CHRG_TAXDigital Payments add-on: Tax code for charge posings
FAR_DP_PMTPSP_CDDigital Payments – PSP for Payment Method
FAR_DP_PMT_CDDigital Payments – Payment Methods
FAR_DP_PMT_CD_TDigital Payment Methods Texttable
FAR_DP_ACTActivation of Digital Payments Addon
FIN_BNKCON_API_AActivate Bank Connectivity APIs
FAR_DP_ACT_SCENActive Scenarios for Digital Payments Addon
FIN_DME_O_IDXAIF Index table for outgoing API: Bank Connectivity
FIN_PMF_I_IDXAIF Index table for inbound API: Bank Connectivity
FAR_PA_EMAIL_CONIntegration of Email service in Manage Payment Advices
FAR_PA_ML_CONFMachine learning configuration for Manage Payment Advices
FAR_DP_T100_MAPMapping from SAP digital payments add-on to T100
FIN_EDI_PYMTMTHDMapping from external to internal Payment Method
CRMD_CCM_LINKLink from payment item to claim chargeback recovery in CRM

SAP FI AR Dunning/Interest (FI-AR-AR-C) Tables

FIALOGActivity log
T047MDunning areas
T040Dunning keys
T040ADunning key names
T047BDunning level control
T047SName of grouping rules
T047EForm selection for dunning notices
T047RGrouping rules for dunning notices
MAHNSAccounts blocked by dunning selection
T040SBlocking reasons for dunning notices
INTITHEUntil When Was Interest Calculated for Item?
MHNKAVersion administration of dunning changes
T047FSorting of dunning letters
T047IStandard texts for dunning notices
T001TCompany code-dependent texts
T056YAssign special G/L indicator to interest indicator
INTITPFInterest Data per Form and Posting
INTITITInterest Calculation Details per Item
T056SInterest scale interest terms (acct
T047HMarginal amounts
T047FSLLast-Used Additional Selection for Dunning
MHNEXException List for Dunning Run
MHNDODunning data version before the next change
T047TDunning procedure names
MHNKDunning data (account entries)
MHNKODunning data (acct entries) version before the next change
T040TDunning block reason names
T047CDunning charges
T047NDunning area texts
T047DForm selection for legal dunning proceedings
INTITFXFixed Interest Amounts per Invoice

SAP FI AR Correspondence (FI-AR-AR-CR) Tables

FFO_BLNC_D_ROOTBalance Confirmation Header
FFO_BLNC_D_CUSTSelect options for customers
FFO_BLNC_D_SUPPSelect options for suppliers
FFO_BLNC_D_TBALSelect Options Total Balance
FFO_BLNC_D_SGLSpecial General Ledger Code

SAP FI AR Payment Transactions (FI-AR-AR-PT) Tables

FSEPA_INST_SLPriority Rules for Local Instrument and Lead Times
T028Y_SEPAReturns Activities: Change Mandate Status
FSEPA_REFTYPESEPA Mandate: Permitted Contract Types
FSEPA_REFTYPETSEPA Mandate: Text Table for Permitted Contract Types
SEPA_MNDID_FMSEPA Mandate ID: Generate Function Modules
SEPA_MNDID_FM_TSEPA Mandate ID: Function Module for Generating Mandate IDs
SEPA_NR_CUSTSEPA Mandate Reference ID: Number Range Customizing
FSEPA_INST_CDLocal Instrument and Lead Times for SEPA Direct Debits