SAP FI Asset Accounting Tables


The SAP System’s Asset Accounting (FI-AA) component is used to manage and supervise fixed assets. It acts as a secondary ledger to General Ledger in Financial Accounting, providing specific information on transactions involving fixed assets.

Below is the full list of SAP FI Asset Accounting tables used in


TableDescriptionFunctional Area
AAACC_EXCLException Table for Account Assignment Settings in FI-AAFI-AA (Asset Accounting)
AAACC_OBJAccount Assignment Settings in Asset AccountingFI-AA (Asset Accounting)
AAACC_OBJ_ERRTypes of Error During Check of Acct Assignment in FI-AAFI-AA (Asset Accounting)
ANEAAsset Line Items for Proportional ValuesFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
ANEKDocument Header Asset PostingFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
ANEPAsset Line ItemsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
ANEVAsset downpymt settlementFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
ANGTAsset catalog text tableFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
ANKAAsset classes: general dataFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
ANKAZAsset class: extension for technical fieldsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
ANKBAsset class: depreciation areaFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
ANKLGeneration table for generating asset classes from accountsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
ANKLAYAsset class: Assignment of tab layoutsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
ANKLAYPAsset class: Assignment of tab layoutsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
ANKPAsset classes: Fld Cont Dpndnt on Chart of DepreciationFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
ANKTAsset classes: DescriptionFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
ANKVAsset classes: insurance typesFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
ANLAAsset Master Record SegmentFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
ANLBDepreciation termsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
ANLBZATime-Dependent Depreciation TermsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
ANLBZWAsset-specific base valuesFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
ANLCAsset Value FieldsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
ANLHMain asset numberFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
ANLPAsset Periodic ValuesFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
ANLQPeriod values from dep. posting run per posting levelFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
ANLTAsset TextsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
ANLUAsset Master Record: User FieldsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
ANLVInsurance dataFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
ANLWInsurable values (year dependent)FI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
ANLXAsset Master Record SegmentFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
ANLZTime-Dependent Asset AllocationsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
APERB_ITEMSLog Table for Dep. Areas Posted Directly to FIFI-AA (Asset Accounting)
APERB_PROTLog Table for Periodic PostingFI-AA (Asset Accounting)
BWFIAA_AEDAT_ABFIAA-BW: Modified Valuation Area Data for Delta UploadFI-AA (Asset Accounting)
BWFIAA_AEDAT_ASFIAA-BW: New and Modified Master Records for Delta UploadFI-AA (Asset Accounting)
BWFIAA_AEDAT_TRFIAA-BW: New and Modified Transactions for Delta UploadFI-AA (Asset Accounting)
BWFIAA_AEDAT_XXFIAA-BW: Initial Upload of Deprec. Values for Delta UploadFI-AA (Asset Accounting)
FAA_TENV_PATHMGTObsoleteFI-AA (Asset Accounting)
FAA_TENV_TCMGTManagement Table for Test CasesFI-AA (Asset Accounting)
FAAASSETIDAssignment Table - Asset Key to Asset GUIDFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAC_ACCTASN0Settings for Account Assignment Objects in Asset AccountingFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAC_ACCTASN0_TTexts for Account Assignment Objects in AAFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAC_ACCTASN1AAccount Assignment Settings in AA for accounting principleFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAC_ACCTASN1CAccount Assignment Settings in AA for Company CodeFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAC_ACCTDET0Definition of Account DeterminationFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAC_ACCTDET0_TDescription of account determinationFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAC_ACCTDET1VAccount Determination for Depreciation AreasFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAC_ACLS0Asset Class: General SettingsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAC_ACLS0_TDescription of Asset ClassFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAC_ACLS1AAsset Class: Default Settings for Valuation ViewFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAC_ACLS1CAsset Class: Default Settings for Company CodeFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAC_ACLS2CYAsset Class: Assignment of Tab Layout for company codeFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAC_AMOUNT0FIAA: Amount SpecificationFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAC_AP0FI-AA: Accounting Principle SettingsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAC_CMP_DA0Assign Depr. Area to company codeFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAC_CMP_DA0_TDescription of Depreciation AreaFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAC_CMP0AA specific settings for company codeFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAC_KFCReporting Key FiguresFI-AA-IS (Information System)
FAAC_KFC_AMCTransactionType Categories for AnalyticsFI-AA-IS (Information System)
FAAC_KFC_AMC_DETMovement category determination from transaction typeFI-AA-IS (Information System)
FAAC_KFC_AMCTDescription of Transaction Type CategoriesFI-AA-IS (Information System)
FAAC_KFC_HIERFixed Asset Key Figure HierarchyFI-AA-IS (Information System)
FAAC_KFC_HIERNFixed Asset Key Figure Hierarchy NodesFI-AA-IS (Information System)
FAAC_KFC_HIERNTFixed Asset Key Figure Hierarchy Nodes TextFI-AA-IS (Information System)
FAAC_KFC_HIERTFixed Asset Key Figure Hierarchy TextFI-AA-IS (Information System)
FAAC_KFC_MC_DETMovement category determination from transaction typeFI-AA-IS (Information System)
FAAC_KFC_SPECAllowed Entry Reporting Key Figure via SLALITTYPE & MOVCATFI-AA-IS (Information System)
FAAC_KFCSETKey Figure Groups of Asset AccountingFI-AA-IS (Information System)
FAAC_KFCSET_SPECKey Figure Groups of Asset AccountingFI-AA-IS (Information System)
FAAC_KFCSETSPECTKey Figure (Columns) NamesFI-AA-IS (Information System)
FAAC_KFCSETTTexts for Key Figure VariantsFI-AA-IS (Information System)
FAAC_KFCTText Table for Technical Reporting Key Figure CodesFI-AA-IS (Information System)
FAAC_LAYOUT0Master Data LayoutFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAC_LAYOUT0_TMaster Data Layout TextFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAC_LAYOUT1FMaster Data LayoutFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAC_SIL_MAPImplementation of a New Ledger - Area MappingFI-AA (Asset Accounting)
FAAC_T093_EMUEmulation of parallel currency depr. areaFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAC_VALVIEW0Valuation Views: DefinitionFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAC_VALVIEW0_TDescription of Valuation ViewsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAC_VALVIEW1AAssignment Valuation View to Accounting PrincipleFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAC_VALVIEW2ASSpecify source valuation view for calculated valuation viewFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAI_FIELD0Layout FieldsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAI_FIELD0_TTexts for Layout FieldsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAI_FIELD1PTechnical Fields and PositionFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAI_KFSCONTEXTAnalytical context of key figure setFI-AA-IS (Information System)
FAAI_KFSCONTEXTTApplication Context of Key Figure VariantFI-AA-IS (Information System)
FAAI_SLALIT0Slalittype MetadataFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAI_SLALIT1MAllowed Slalittype Movcat CombinationsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAT_ARCHIVE_LOGFixed Asset Protocol table of archive filesFI-AA (Asset Accounting)
FAAT_CMPFixed Asset Company CodeFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAT_CMP_DAFAA Company Code: Depreciation Area SettingsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAT_CMP_LDTFAA Company Code: Legacy Data Transfer SettingsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAT_CMP_LEDGERFAA Company Code: Ledger SettingsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAT_DOC_ITStatistical Line Item in Asset AccountingFI-AA (Asset Accounting)
FAAT_MDFixed Asset Master: Time Independent DataFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAT_MD_LDFixed Asset Master: LedgerFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAT_MD_ROOTFixed Asset Master: Root SegmentFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAT_MD_TDDFixed Asset Master: Time Dependent DataFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAT_MD_VALFixed Asset Master: ValuationFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAT_MD_VAL_TDDFixed Asset Master: Time Dependent Data for ValuationFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAT_MD_VAL_YDDAFixed Asset Master: Year-Dependent Attributes for ValuationFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
FAAT_PLAN_VALUESPlanned Depreciations and RevaluationsFI-AA (Asset Accounting)
FAAT_UOFixed Asset: Usage ObjectFI-AA (Asset Accounting)
FAAT_UO_PERIODFixed Asset: Period Units of Usage ObjectFI-AA (Asset Accounting)
FAAT_UO_TOTALFixed Asset: Total Units of Usage ObjectFI-AA (Asset Accounting)
FAAT_YDDAYear-Dependent Attributes for DepreciationFI-AA (Asset Accounting)
J_1AAA1Definition of revaluationFI-AA-SVA-HI (Handling of Inflation)
J_1AAA2Revaluation KeyFI-AA-SVA-HI (Handling of Inflation)
J_1AAA2MMethods fore period control of transactionsFI-AA-SVA-HI (Handling of Inflation)
J_1AAA2MTPeriod control methods descriptionFI-AA-SVA-HI (Handling of Inflation)
J_1AAA2TInflation Adjustment AA - Revaluation Key TextFI-AA-SVA-HI (Handling of Inflation)
J_1AAA5Transaction types excluded from revaluationFI-AA-SVA-HI (Handling of Inflation)
J_1AAA5ATransaction Types exluded from RV-adjustmentFI-AA-SVA-HI (Handling of Inflation)
J_1AAFORMPAssignment of document Form to movement reason AA waybillsFI-AA-AA-TR-TP (Transfer Postings)
J_1AAOLDTAInflation Adjustment AA - Historic transact. period BalancesFI-AA-SVA-HI (Handling of Inflation)
J_1AAT089Revaluation area assignmentFI-AA-SVA-HI (Handling of Inflation)
J_1AAWAYBLWay Bills for asset movementsFI-AA-AA-TR-TP (Transfer Postings)
J_1APROLOGLog table for Inflation Adjustment ProgramsFI-AA-SVA-HI (Handling of Inflation)
SMFIAASpec. FI-AA Data in Monitor (see Schedman_specific_fiaa)FI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T080AStructure definition work list suffixFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T082Field group authorization assetsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T082AField string asset master record maintenanceFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T082AVIEW0Entity Table for Asset ViewsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T082AVIEW0TText Tables for Asset ViewsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T082AVIEW1View Authorization for Asset Master Data FieldsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T082AVIEW2View Authorization for Asset Depreciation Area FieldsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T082AVIEWBView Authorization for Depreciation AreasFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T082AVIEWTRANSGAssignment of Transaction Group to Asset ViewFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T082BField groups assets definitionFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T082EDescription asset viewsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T082FField groups asset dataFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T082GField strings for screen selection asset master data.FI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T082HField string name: Asset master data maintenanceFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T082ICreate takeover rules from transfer for master dataFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T082JCreate takeover rules from transfer for master data: areasFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T082LSummary of logical field groupsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T082MDescription for logical field groupsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T082SDynpro control of the viewsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T082TNames For Field GroupsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T083LLeasing typesFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T083SLeasing types-DescriptionFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T083TDescription of leasing cycleFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T084Incorrect assetsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T084ARestart information for legacy asset data transferFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T085Investment support measuresFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T085PInvestment support: Default and check tableFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T085SDescription of individual investment support measuresFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T085ZCapital investment grants with time-dependent percentagesFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T086Sort version ReportingFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T086ACall up of AM reports per transaction functionFI-AA-IS (Information System)
T086TNames for Reporting Sort VersionsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T087Evaluation groupsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T087GEvaluation group 8 placesFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T087IReason for investmentFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T087JTextFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T087KReason for investment protecting the environmentFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T087LText table for reasons for environmental investmentsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T087STest table for evaluation group 8 placesFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T087TDescription of Evaluation GroupsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T087UAsset group number / asset groupFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T087VText table asset group number / asset groupFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T088Selection Table for Italian Asset RegisterFI-AA-IS (Information System)
T089One-Time Revaluation on Key DateFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T089TText table for T089 (appreciations)FI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T090Depreciation calculation keysFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T090APeriod control dep. calculationFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T090CExternal depreciation keysFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T090IDepreciation simulation (Reporting)FI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T090LUnit-of-production method of depreciationFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T090MTable for maximum depreciation amountsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T090MIGFI-AA: Calculation Methods Were MigratedFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T090NADepreciation KeysFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T090NATNames of Depreciation KeysFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T090NAZDepreciation Keys - Method AssignmentFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T090NDDeclining-Balance MethodFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T090NDTName for Declining-Balance MethodFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T090NHMaximum Amount MethodFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T090NH_METHMaximum Amount MethodFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T090NHTName for Maximum Amount MethodFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T090NPPeriod Control MethodFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T090NPTName of Period Control MethodFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T090NRBase MethodFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T090NRTBase MethodFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T090NSMultilevel MethodFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T090NSGMulti-Level Method - Start of ValidityFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T090NSKMultilevel MethodFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T090NSTName of Multi-Level MethodsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T090PDep. calc. key percentage recordsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T090RPeriod control rules for transactionsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T090SNames For Internal Calculation KeysFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T090TNames For External Depreciation KeysFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T090UTexts on depreciation simulation versionsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T090VName for period control in transactionsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T090WShort Texts for Depreciation TraceFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T090XSimulation VersionsFI-AA-IS (Information System)
T090YWeighting of depreciation periodsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T090ZPeriod control for transactionsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T091Cut-off value keyFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T091CTranslation methods for Asset AccountingFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T091PCut-off val. percent. ratesFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T091SText for translation methodsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T091TNames for Cut-Off Value KeysFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T092Property classification keyFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T092TDescription of the Property Classification KeyFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T093Real and derived depreciation areasFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T093_ACCOBJAccount Assignment Objects in Asset AccountingFI-AA (Asset Accounting)
T093_ACCOBJTTexts for Account Assignment Objects in Asset AccountingFI-AA (Asset Accounting)
T093_BSN_FUNCERP Business Function for FI-AAFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T093_MAP_ACCMapping Table for Alternative Company CodesFI-AA (Asset Accounting)
T093AReal depreciation areaFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T093BCompany code-related depreciation area specificationsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T093B_RSLCompany Code-Related Depreciation Area SpecificationsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T093CCompany codes in Asset AccountingFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T093C_RSLDefault Values for Depreciation Key in Company CodeFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T093DControl dep. postingFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T093FCheck rules dep. calc. (not used!)FI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T093GCross-System Depreciation AreasFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T093GTTexts for Cross-System Depreciation AreasFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T093HAssignment of FI-AA Line Item SchemaFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T093NNumber assignment alloc. AAFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T093RControl Table for Archiving in Asset AccountingFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T093SValue Field Names for Depreciation AreasFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T093SBSubstitution for Asset Management / Company CodeFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T093TNames for real and derived depreciation areasFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T093UOptions for asset legacy data transferFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T093VValidation for Asset Management / Company CodeFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T093YShortened fiscal yearFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T094Index Figures for Replacement ValuesFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T094AIndex series for replacement valuesFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T094BAllowed base years per index seriesFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T094CIndex ClassFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T094PIndex Figures for Replacement ValuesFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T094SNames for Index ClassesFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T094TIndex series namesFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T095Balance sheet accounts for depreciation areasFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T095_ACITechnical Clearing Account for Integrated Asset AcquisitionFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T095AAccount allocationFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T095A_MAPCustomizing Table for Account Maintenance (Instead of T095)FI-AA (Asset Accounting)
T095BG/L accounts value adjustmentFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T095CFI-AA Standard Account DeterminationFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T095PReconcil.accts. derived dep. areasFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T095TName for account groupsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T096Chart of depreciationFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T096TChart of depreciation textsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T097Property indicatorFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T097JPFI-AA: Percentage rates for property valuation JapanFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T097TDescription of the Property IndicatorFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T098Basis manual property evaluationFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T098TDescription of the reasons for manual property valuesFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T099Insurance typesFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T099AInsurance companiesFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T099BInsurance premiumsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T099TDescription of Insurance TypesFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T099UInsurance Companies DescriptionFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
T099VInsurance Tariff DescriptionFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TA1MLine Item SchemaFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TA1MTText Table for Line Item SchemaFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TA1MZLine Item SchemaFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TA1TVAsset Transfer VariantFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TA1TVBDetermination of the Asset Transfer MethodFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TA1TVTAsset Transfer VariantFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TAAPM1Assignment for Field Link between FI-AA and PMFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TAAPM1TAssignment for Field Link between FI-AA and PMFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TAAPM2Link from FI-AA to PM: Assignment of FieldsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TABADepreciation posting documentsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TABASLogging of periodic posting runs in FI-AAFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TABBRRules for determining asset value dateFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TABBTNames of the rules for determining the asset value dateFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TABVAVariants for determining asset value dateFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TABVATNames of variants for determining asset value dateFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TABVODetermine asset value date in Asset Accounting transactionsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TABWAsset transaction typesFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TABWATransaction types/dep. areasFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TABWBTransaction types AuC (no longer used)FI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TABWDDefault transaction types for FI-AA posting transactionsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TABWD_FTCFields Used for Table Controls on Asset PostingsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TABWD_VIDEntity Table for Table TABWDFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TABWD_VITText Table for Table TABWD_VIDFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TABWGTransaction type groupsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TABWHName for asset transaction type groupsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TABWIAllowed asset classes per transaction type groupFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TABWKTrans. types for posting prop. values and depreciationFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TABWMAsgnmt. hist. sheet (sub)groups to asset history sheet itemFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TABWNItem Titles in the Asset History SheetFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TABWONames for the asset history sheet versionsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TABWPEntity table for asset history sheet versionsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TABWQAsset hist. sheet groupFI-AA-IS (Information System)
TABWRName of asset hist. sheet groupFI-AA-IS (Information System)
TABWTAsset transaction types textsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TABWUSpecial Treatment of RetirementsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TABWVDefault transaction typesFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TAMLAY0Tab pages in master data: Tab layoutsFI-AA-AA-MA (Asset Maintenance)
TAMLAY0TTab pages in master data: Tab layout descriptionsFI-AA-AA-MA (Asset Maintenance)
TAMLAY1Tab pages in master data: Tab titles of layoutFI-AA-AA-MA (Asset Maintenance)
TAMLAY1TTabs in Master Data: Tab Index TitlesFI-AA-AA-MA (Asset Maintenance)
TAMLAY2Tab pages in master data: Assignment of group boxesFI-AA-AA-MA (Asset Maintenance)
TAMLAYATabs in master data: ApplicationsFI-AA-AA-MA (Asset Maintenance)
TAMLAYATTab pages in master data: Descript. of master data objectsFI-AA-AA-MA (Asset Maintenance)
TAMLAYBTab pages in master data: Group boxesFI-AA-AA-MA (Asset Maintenance)
TAMLAYBTTab pages in master data: Descriptions of group boxesFI-AA-AA-MA (Asset Maintenance)
TCREPCATT-Test Reporting - Check of logical databasesFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TFAA_PC_PProcessesFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TFAA_PC_P_STEPAssignment of Processes -> Process StepsFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TFAA_PC_PSAssignment Process -> SubprocessFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TFAA_PC_PTProcess NamesFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TFAA_PC_SSubprocessesFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TFAA_PC_SMAssignment of Subprocess to Processing Methods/ModulesFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TFAA_PC_STSubprocess NamesFI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TFAA_PC_STEPProcess Steps (Entity Table)FI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TFAA_PC_STEPTProcess Steps (Text Table)FI-AA-AA (Basic Functions)
TFAAC_ACI_DTDetermine document type from operational documentFI-AA (Asset Accounting)
TFAAD_BSN_FUNCValidation of Business Function Switches for FI-AAFI-AA (Asset Accounting)