SAP Workflow Error Analysis TCodes

Below are the SAP Workflow error analysis transaction codes to troubleshoot workflow errors.

SWF_FOOTPRINTDatabase Footprint Workflow Tables
SWI1Work Item Retrieval
SWI11Where-Used List for Tasks
SWI13Task Profile
SWI14Workflows for Object Type
SWI1_CONDCheck Conditions for Work Items
SWI1_RULEExecute Rules for Work Items
SWI2_ADM1Work Items Without Agents
SWI2_ADM1_CLOUDWork Items Without Agents
SWI2_ADM2Work Items with Deleted Users
SWI2_DEADWork Items with Monitored Deadlines
SWI2_DIAGDiagnosis of Workflows with Errors
SWI2_DURAWork Items by Processing Duration
SWI2_FREQWork Items per Task
SWI3Workflow Outbox
SWI30Unlock Workflows
SWI5Workload Analysis
SWI5NWorkload Analysis
SWI6Workflows for Object
SWIAAdministration Work Items
SWIADM1Display Work Items without Agents
SWIADM2Display Work Items w. deleted Agents
SWIEUnlock Work Item
SWI_ADM_CLOUDWorkflow Administration
SWI_DIA_TASKDialog Tasks Statistics
SWI_HC_CLOUDWorkflows with Issues
SWI_PR_CLOUDWorkflows in Status Error
SWRPDummy for IAC Workflow Status