Basic customizing settings in Workflows


Before we start developing the custom workflows or using the standard workflows in the existing system. We need to do basic workflow configuration settings in the system.

1. Go to SWU3 tcode to do customizing settings.


2. Click on the “Perform Automatic customizing” button to customize.


3. Basic customizing settings will be done automatically. You can still manually customize by expanding the nodes and executing the action under them.

4. To verify the customizing settings, click on “Start Verification Workflow“.


5. You will be prompted with the below pop-up and Click OK. A new workflow item will be seen in your Inbox(SBWP) like below.


6. Double click the work item in the Inbox and after that, you will be seeing this screen. On this screen click on “Execute background step immediately“.


7. Go back to your workflow inbox you will be seeing emails saying that the configuration is correct.


By this, we completed the sap basic workflow configuration to run it properly. Now you can start building custom workflows and configure/test the existing standard workflow in the system

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