26 SAP Background Processing TCodes

Below is the list of SAP Background Processing TCodes.

SAP transaction codes are the key to unlocking the power of SAP system. Each transaction code corresponds to a specific function or set of functions that can be carried out in SAP. Knowing which transaction codes to use is essential for getting the most out of your SAP system.

There are thousands of different transaction codes available in SAP, and each one serves a specific purpose. With the right knowledge and understanding, you can use transaction codes to carry out any task imaginable in SAP.

SAP Background Processing TCodes

The purpose of this page is to provide important transaction codes related to Background Processing (BC-CCM-BTC) and Technical Job Repository (BC-CCM-BTC-JR).

CRITCall the Criteria Manager
ESDLExternal Scheduler Application
EXTSDLAdminister the External Scheduler
RZ01Job Scheduling Monitor
SBITBAPI Test Environment
SBTATest background processing
SM36Schedule Background Job
SM36WIZJob definition wizard
SM37Overview of job selection
SM37BSimple version of job selection
SM37CFlexible version of job selection
SM37DISPJob Selection (display only)
SM39Job Analysis
SM49Execute external OS commands
SM61Backgroup control objects monitor
SM61BNew control object management
SM62Event History and Background Events
SM63Display/Maintain Operating Mode Sets
SM64Manage Background Processing Events
SM65Background Processing Analysis Tool
SM69Maintain External OS Commands
SMXDisplay Own Jobs
SMXXDisplay Own Jobs
SJOBREPOJob Repository
SJOBREPO_STEPUSERSJOBREPO Defaultstepuser Maintenance

Other SAP CCMS TCodes