SAP Business Workflow TCodes

SAP Business Workflow (BC-BMT-WFM) provides different transaction codes and tools for defining and analyzing workflows as well as for monitoring operation.

RSWELOGDDelete Event Trace
RSWEQSRVProcess Event Queue
RSWEWWDHSOSHOWDisplay Work Item Deadline Monitorng
RSWF_EXECUTE_ACTIONSUpgrade Workflow Database
RSWF_NOTIF_JOBDisplay background job notifications
RSWF_PUSH_NOTSend Fiori Push Notifications
RSWF_RESTART_WFRestart Erroneous Workflows
RSWF_SYSTEM_ACTIONSActivate Workflow Scenarios
RSWF_SYSTEM_CLEANUPCleanup Temporary Database Tables
RSWF_SYS_SCHEDULERWorkflow System Job Scheduler
RSWF_SYS_TEMPORARYRetry Temporary Errors
RSWWCLEARDelete Outdated Database Entries
RSWWCONDEvaluate Conditions on Work Items
RSWWCOND_MONMonitoring – Rule Monitoring
RSWWDHEXTrigger Deadline Actions
RSWWRUNCNTGenerate Local DDIC Structures
RSWWWIMExecute Asynchronous Actions
SBPT_WBWizard Builder
SOJ2SAP Objects: Display Methods
SOJ3SAP Objects: Display Return Values
SW10Delivery Verification
SWB3Maintain Start Conditions
SWB4Display Start Conditions
SWB_CONDMaintain Workflow Start Conditions
SWB_COND_DISPLAYDisplay Workflow Start Conditions
SWB_PROCUREMENTMaintain B2B Start Conditions
SWDAAlphanumeric Workflow Builder
SWDBCreate workflow
SWDCWorkflow Definition Administration
SWDC_DEFINITIONWorkflow Builder Administration
SWDC_INTERNALWorkflow Definition: Administration
SWDC_RUNTIMEMaintain Administrator for Runtime
SWDDWorkflow Builder
SWDD_ACTIVATEActivate Workflow/Scenario
SWDD_CONFIGWorkflow Configuration
SWDD_DISPLAYWorkflow Builder in Display Mode
SWDD_REPLICATEReplicate from Transport Version
SWDD_SCENARIOFlexible Workflow: Scenario Editor
SWDD_SCENARIO_DISPScenario Editor in Display Mode
SWDIWorkflow Builder (Selection)
SWDMWorkflow Object Repository
SWDNNumber Range Maint.: SWD_WDID
SWDPShow Graphical Workflow Log
SWDSWorkflow Builder (Selection)
SWE2Display/Maint. Event Type Linkages
SWE3Display Instance Linkages
SWE4Status Change Event Trace
SWE5Checks for Event Linkages
SWEADEvent Queue Administration
SWECEvent Linkage for Change Documents
SWEDDisplay Document to Object Type
SWEHR1Object Type to HR Infotype
SWEHR2Event – Infotype Operation (SAP)
SWEHR3Event-Infotype Operation (Customer)
SWEINSTDisplay Instance Linkages
SWELDisplay Event Trace
SWELSSwitch Event Trace On/Off
SWEMConfigure Event Trace
SWEQADMEvent Queue Administration
SWEQADM_1Maintain Event Queue Administrator
SWEQBROWSEREvent Queue Browser
SWEQDELDelete Event Queue
SWETYPVDisplay/Maint. Event Type Linkages
SWE_CD_TSTTest Environ. for Change Documents
SWE_SET_DELEGATIONCreate Delegation in BOR
SWF3Workflow Wizard Explorer
SWF4Workflow Wizard Repository
SWFCWorkflow Customizing per Component
SWFPOWLWIDisplay/Execute Work Item
SWFSLSAMaintain Deadline Monitoring
SWFSLSCSchedule Deadline-Monitoring Job
SWFSLSTDisplay Deadline-Monitoring Trace
SWFSTEPACTIONDEACTDeactivation Action on Work Items
SWFVISUVisualization Metadata (SAP)
SWFVMD1Visualization Metadata (Customer)
SWF_ADM_SUSPENDRestart Suspended Workflows
SWF_ADM_SWWWIDHRestart Suspended Deadlines
SWF_APPL_DISPLAYWorkflow: Application Log
SWF_CNT_MAINTENANCEDiagnosis and Container Comparison
SWF_CNT_MIG_DISPLAYDisplay Migration Classes
SWF_CNT_MIG_EDITRegistration Migration Classes
SWF_CNT_STR_DISPLAYDisplay Local Structures
SWF_CNT_STR_EDITEdit Local Structures
SWF_CNT_STR_GENWorkflow: Generation of Structures
SWF_CPPV_DESTMaintain CPPV Integrat. Destinations
SWF_CPPV_DEST_DISPDisplay CPPV Integrat. Destinations
SWF_CRL1Correlation Editor
SWF_DEADL_CONFMaintain Deadline Configuration
SWF_DEADL_CONF_DISPDisplay Deadline Configuration
SWF_DEBUGGERWorkflow Debugger
SWF_ENABLE_TRACEActivate Standard Trace
SWF_EXECUTE_ACTIONSWorkflow Automatic Updates
SWF_FLEX_I18N_TRANSLWorkflow Content Translation
SWF_FLEX_I18N_TR_WEBWorkflow Content Translation
SWF_FLEX_SCENARIOWorkflow: Screnario Builder
SWF_FOOTPRINTDatabase Footprint Workflow Tables
SWF_GMPAdministrator Overview
SWF_HELPERSBusiness Workflow Utilities
SWF_HELPERS_ADMBusiness Workflow Utilities – Admin
SWF_HELPERS_DISPBusiness Workflow Utilities Display
SWF_IAM_SE16Display Workflow Table Content
SWF_JOBREPO_SLG1Job Repository Application Logs
SWF_JOBREPO_SLG1_DSPDisplay Job Repository Logs
SWF_JOB_LOGSShow Workflow Job Logs (SM37)
SWF_JOB_LOGS_DISPShow Workflow Job Logs (SM37)
SWF_LOG_ADMAdministration for Log Profiles
SWF_MANAGE_DAEMONWorkflow: Manage Daemons
SWF_OBJ_EXECExecute Object Method
SWF_OBJ_EXEC_BOExecute Object Method (SWOOBJID)
SWF_OBJ_EXEC_CLExecute Object Method (SIBFLPORB)
SWF_PROCESS_ADMINScenario Administration
SWF_PROCESS_VIEWScenario Administration
SWF_PUSH_NOTIF1Business Workflow Push Notification
SWF_PUSH_NOTIF_CUSTBWF Push Notification Customizing
SWF_RESTART_CANCELRestart Suspended Cancel
SWF_RESTART_SUSPENDRestart Suspended Callbacks
SWF_RFC_DESTConfigure RFC Destination
SWF_SETUP_LOGShows technical setup logs
SWF_SLG1Workflow: Application Logs
SWF_STACK_TRACEWorkflow Stack Trace
SWF_SYSJOBS_SLG1Workflow System Job Application Logs
SWF_SYSJOBS_SLG1_DSPDisplay Workflow Job Logs
SWF_SYSTEM_STATUSWorkflow System Status
SWF_TRCWorkflow Trace Display
SWF_TRC_ALLWorkflow Trace: Display All Comp.
SWF_TRC_DEMOWorkflow Trace: Display DEMO-K.
SWF_TRC_DISPLAYWorkflow Trace: Display
SWF_TRC_SELWorkflow Trace: Display with Selectn
SWF_UNIT_CONFConfiguration Unit Execution
SWF_UNIT_MONITORINGMonitoring of Unit Execution
SWF_USER_ATTRMaintain workflow user attributes
SWF_USER_ATTR_CUSTWorkflow user attributes customizing
SWF_USER_ATTR_DEFWorkflow User Attributes Definition
SWF_USER_ATTR_DISPWorkflow User Attributes Definition
SWF_UTL_ALVGeneric ALV Display
SWH_ADM1Work Item Upgrade: Definition GUID
SWH_PROCESS_INFODemo for Process Info System
SWI1Work Item Retrieval
SWI11Where-Used List for Tasks
SWI13Task Profile
SWI14Workflows for Object Type
SWI1_CONDCheck Conditions for Work Items
SWI1_RULEExecute Rules for Work Items
SWI2_ADM1Work Items Without Agents
SWI2_ADM1_CLOUDWork Items Without Agents
SWI2_ADM2Work Items with Deleted Users
SWI2_DEADWork Items with Monitored Deadlines
SWI2_DIAGDiagnosis of Workflows with Errors
SWI2_DURAWork Items by Processing Duration
SWI2_FREQWork Items per Task
SWI3Workflow Outbox
SWI30Unlock Workflows
SWI5Workload Analysis
SWI5NWorkload Analysis
SWI6Workflows for Object
SWIAAdministration Work Items
SWIADM1Display Work Items without Agents
SWIADM2Display Work Items w. deleted Agents
SWIEUnlock Work Item
SWI_ADM_CLOUDWorkflow Administration
SWI_DIA_TASKDialog Tasks Statistics
SWI_HC_CLOUDWorkflows with Issues
SWI_PR_CLOUDWorkflows in Status Error
SWJ1Browser for Schedule Conditions
SWL1Settings Dynamic Columns
SWL1_EXTSettings for type spec dyn columns
SWLCCheck Tasks for Agents
SWLDWorkbench for Workflow 4.0
SWLD_INPLACE1Demo Embedded Inbox
SWLD_INPLACE2Demo Embedded Inbox (Professional)
SWLODisplay work items for objects
SWLPCopy a Plan Version
SWLVMaintain Work Item Views
SWNADMINAdministration of Notifications
SWNCONFIGConfiguration Notifications
SWNNOTIFDELDelete Notifications
SWNWIEXWF Notification: Edit Work Item
SWPARuntime System Customizing
SWPCContinue Workflow after System Down
SWPRRestart Erroneous Workflows
SWP_CHANGE_MAXNODESChange Maximum Number of Nodes
SWRPDummy for IAC Workflow Status
SWR_WEBSERVERWeb Server Customizing
SWT0Configure workflow trace
SWTFILTERAdministration: Trace Activation
SWTREORGReorganization Trace for Requests
SWTREQAnalyze Workflow Trace for Requests
SWU0Simulate event
SWU1User RFC Monitor
SWU10Delete Workflow Trace Files
SWU2Workflow RFC Monitor
SWU3Automatic Workflow Customizing
SWU3_OLDConsistency check: Customizing
SWU4Consistency Test for Standard Task
SWU5Consistency Test for Customer Task
SWU6Consistency Test for Workflow Task
SWU7Consistency Test for Workflow Templ.
SWU8Workflow Trace: On/Off
SWU9Display Workflow Trace
SWUAStart Verification Workflow
SWUBMaintain Workflow RFC Destination
SWUCCustomizing decision task
SWUC_01SAP Task Customizing
SWUDWorkflow Diagnosis
SWUETrigger an event
SWUGGenerate Workflow Start Transaction
SWUIStart Workflow
SWUI_BENCHMARKStart Performance Workflows
SWUI_DEMOStart Demo Workflows
SWUI_SINGLEStart Workflow (Parameter)
SWUI_STARTStart Workflow (Task Group)
SWUI_VERIFYStart Test Workflows
SWUI_WFUNITStart Unit Workflows
SWUKMapping form type – mail address
SWULCustomizing: Process Administrator
SWUNNumber Range Maintenance: FORMABSENC
SWUOCHECKTest Report for Workflow Documents
SWUO_DELDeletion Report for Workflow Docs
SWUPSwitch SAPforms Trace On/Off
SWURSend mails for work items
SWUSStart Workflow
SWUS_WITH_REFERENCEWorkflow: Start with Reference
SWUTNamespace for Form Transactions
SWUUSAPforms: Diagnosis
SWUVSend E-Mail Notifications
SWUWNumber Range Maint.: SWW_WIID
SWUXSAPforms Administration
SWUYWorkflow-Message Linkage
SWU_CONT_PERSISTENCEAdministrate Container Persistence
SWU_EWBTEWizard for Event Linkage (BTE)
SWU_EWCDWizard for Event Linkage (Chg. Doc.)
SWU_EWLISWizard for Event Linkage (LIS)
SWU_OBUFReset Runtime Buffer
SWWDHEX_DEBUGDeadline Monitoring per Work Item
SWWERRE_DEBUGError Monitoring per Work Item
SWWHWIM: Delete Work Item History
SWWLWIM: Delete Work Item
SWWL_DEPDelete Dependent Table Entries
SWWL_TOPLEVELDelete Top Level Work Item
SWW_ARCHIVDisplay Workflows from Archive
SWW_BG_MONMonitoring: Background Work Items
SWW_BREAKPOINTWorkflow: Create Breakpoint
SWW_JOB_MONMonitoring: Work Items Using Job
SWW_MOVE_TO_HOTSimulate Work Item from Cold to Hot
SWW_MOVE_TO_HOT_ADMMove Work Item from Cold to Hot Area
SWW_SARAArchive Work Items
SWW_TASK_DAAGCustomize Retention for Data Aging
SWW_WI_MONMonitoring: Background Methods
SWXADEMO: Approve Leave Request
SWXCDEMO: Change Leave Request
SWXDDEMO: Delete Leave Request
SWXFDEMO: Create Notification of Absence
SWXFTBDEMO: Notif. of Absence Toolbox
SWXMLXML Document Selection
SWXSDEMO: Display Leave Request
SWX_MC_CDEMO: Create Marketing Campaign
SWX_MC_DDEMO: Display Marketing Campaign
S_B90_38000009Tasks for Document Integration
S_BCE_68000274IMG Activity: SIMG_WF18SWWD
S_BCE_68000275IMG Activity: SIMG_WF15OOW4
S_BCE_68000276IMG Activity: SIMG_WF_SWL_SYSTEM
S_BCE_68000277IMG Activity: SIMG_WF46SWUT
S_BCE_68000569IMG Activity: SIMG_WF16SWWE
S_BCE_68000570IMG Activity: SIMG_WF31OOCU
S_BCE_68000571IMG Activity: SIMG_WF18SM59
S_BCE_68000572IMG Activity: SIMG_WF19OO91
S_BCE_68000573IMG Activity: SIMG_WF18SWLV
S_BCE_68000574IMG Activity: SIMG_WF172OOW3
S_BCE_68000575IMG Activity: SIMG_WF21OOOE
S_BCE_68000576IMG Activity: SIMG_WF46SWUT
S_BCE_68000577IMG Activity: SIMG_WF_SWL_SYSTEM
S_BCE_68000578IMG Activity: SIMG_WF42SWL1
S_BCE_68000579IMG Activity: SIMG_WF43SWP
S_BCE_68000580IMG Activity: SIMG_WF19SWDC
S_BCE_68000581IMG Activity: SIMG_WF44OOCU
S_BCE_68000582IMG Activity: SIMG_WF50SWT0
S_BCE_68000587IMG Activity: SIMG_WF14OOAP
S_BCE_68000588IMG Activity: SIMG_WF11OOPR
S_BCE_68000589IMG Activity: SIMG_WF0900
S_BCE_68000590IMG Activity: SIMG_WF1140
S_BCE_68000592IMG Activity: SIMG_WF173OOW2
S_BCE_68000593IMG Activity: SIMG_WF45SWUR
S_BCE_68000594IMG Activity: SIMG_WF15OOW1
S_BCE_68000595IMG Activity: SIMG_WF15OOW4
TF_WS453012160001Query About a Flight Booking
TF_WS770001350001Leave request
WF00Workflow: Choose Processes
WF01Workflow: Process
WF02Workflow: Rule Editor
WF03Workflow: Display Process
WF04Workflow: Process in Background
WF05Workflow: Queue
WF06Workflow: Process Type Categories
WF07Workflow: Link Roles
WF08Workflow: Function Module Parameters
WF09Number range: Processes
WFWSMaintain WebFlow Services (WSDL)
WF_CNT_MAINTENANCEDiagnosis + Comparison of Container
WF_CPLWebFlow Service Task Linkages
WF_EXTSRVMaintain WebFlow Services
WF_HANDCUSTCustomizing for Service Handler
WF_STARTStart Workflow
WF_START_EWTStart Workflow (EWT)
WI_EXECUTEExecute Work Item
WI_EXECUTE_EWTExecute Work Item (EWT)
WI_EXE_STARTERStart Work Item Execution