Different types of task in SAP Workflow


In this tutorial we will try understand what are different types of task in SAP Workflow.

Basically there are two categories of task

  1. Single-step Task
  2. Multistep Task

Types of Tasks are

Task TypeTask CategoryPrefixCross ClientClient SpecificValidity period
Standard TaskSingle StepTSXNo/Unrestricted validity period
Customer TaskSingle StepTXValidity period exists
Workflow TemplateMulti-StepWSXNo/Unrestricted validity period
Workflow TaskMulti-StepWFXValidity period exists

Task Groups : We create Task Group to collect tasks or simply a repository of tasks.

Within SAP Workflow we create only cross client, single-step task (Standard Task) and multistep task(Workflow Templates).

Definition of a Task : Task is an activity that can execute independently or within in workflow.Activity can be SAP system transaction code like ME54N,QM02 etc.. and this activity is performed by the users/agents. The agents for a particular task can be determined using rules.

Transaction code related to Tasks are PFTC, PFTC_INS, PFTC_DIS, PFTC_CHG and PFTC_DEL.