SAP FI Bank Accounting Tables


What is SAP FI Bank Accounting?

SAP FI Bank Accounting(FI-BL) component is responsible for accounting transactions with banks. It handles bank master data, Bank Chains known as Multi-Stage Payment Methods, Checks Management, Bills of Exchange Management, and Payment Transactions including the creation and processing of incoming and outgoing payments. For a comprehensive list of SAP FI Accounting Tables continue reading

The main component of SAP FI Bank Accounting is FI-BL and below are the sub-components

  • FI-BL (Bank Accounting)
  • FI-BL-MD (Master Data)
  • FI-BL-MD-BK (Bank Master Data)
  • FI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
  • FI-BL-PT-AP (Automatic Payments)
  • FI-BL-PT-BS-EL (Electronic Bank Statement)

Important Tables in SAP FI Bank Accounting

TableDescriptionFunctional Area
ACRELATIONRelationships in AccountingFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
BSEGCDocument: Data on Payment Card PaymentsFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
BUSPROC_FCT_FIEBFIEB: Function Modules for Business ProcessFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
CCENQPayment cards: Primary table for lock object EFCCENQFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
DFPAY_DYN_SELPayment Medium Format: Dynamic Selections for VariantFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
DFPAY_XRELPayment Medium Format: Selection variant MaintenanceFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
DFPAYGPayment date: GroupingFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
DFPAYHTNote to Payee and Payment Advice Note TextsFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
DFPAYMENT_KEY_IDContains ID for Payment Data KeyFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
DFPAYVPayment Medium: Selection VariantsFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
DFPAYV_VARIVariantFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
DFPM_AUTHPayment medium: Authorization Check Origin ActiveFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
F111GGlobal Settings: Payment Program for Payment RequestsFI-BL-PT-AP (Automatic Payments)
F111PARAM_MODIFYNote whether RF_F111_PARAMETERS_MODIFY_ONCE has already runFI-BL-PT-AP (Automatic Payments)
FDZACash Management line items in payment requestsFI-BL-PT-AP (Automatic Payments)
FEB_ACCNT_SAVESaving of Posting Lines for Postprocessing (Account Assign.)FI-BL-PT-BS-EL (Electronic Bank Statement)
FEB_ACTAcct Assignment TemplatesFI-BL-PT-BS-EL (Electronic Bank Statement)
FEB_ACTTDescriptions of Account Assignment TemplatesFI-BL-PT-BS-EL (Electronic Bank Statement)
FEB_AVIR_EXTDAdvice Note Subitem Enhancement (Bank Statement Postproc.)FI-BL-PT-BS-EL (Electronic Bank Statement)
FEB_FILEPATHClient-Dependent Definition of Logical File PathsFI-BL-PT-BS-EL (Electronic Bank Statement)
FEB_FILEPATHTDescription of Logical File PathsFI-BL-PT-BS-EL (Electronic Bank Statement)
FEB_IMP_FORMATBank Statement Formats for Automatic ImportFI-BL-PT-BS-EL (Electronic Bank Statement)
FEB_IMP_FORMATTFormat DescriptionFI-BL-PT-BS-EL (Electronic Bank Statement)
FEB_IMP_POSTPosting Parameters for Electronic Bank StatementFI-BL-PT-BS-EL (Electronic Bank Statement)
FEB_IMP_SELOPTSelection Options of Posting ParametersFI-BL-PT-BS-EL (Electronic Bank Statement)
FEB_IMP_SOURCEInformation about Import for Electronic Bank StatementFI-BL-PT-BS-EL (Electronic Bank Statement)
FEB_IMP_STRUCTFormat-Specific Parameter StructuresFI-BL-PT-BS-EL (Electronic Bank Statement)
FEB_IMP_TRANPATHTransfer Paths for Logical Bank Statement FilesFI-BL-PT-BS-EL (Electronic Bank Statement)
FEB_IMP_TRANSTransfer of Logical Bank Statement FilesFI-BL-PT-BS-EL (Electronic Bank Statement)
FEB_ITEM_SAVESaving of Posting Items for Postprocessing (On Account)FI-BL-PT-BS-EL (Electronic Bank Statement)
FEB_OI_ALGAlgorithms for finding Open ItemsFI-BL-PT-BS-EL (Electronic Bank Statement)
FEB_OI_ALG_POpen Item Algorithm ParametersFI-BL-PT-BS-EL (Electronic Bank Statement)
FEB_OI_ALG_P_TOpen Item Algorithm ParametersFI-BL-PT-BS-EL (Electronic Bank Statement)
FEB_OI_ALG_PDOpen Item Algorithm Fixed Value DefinitionFI-BL-PT-BS-EL (Electronic Bank Statement)
FEB_OI_ALG_PD_TOpen Item Algo fixed value parameter textFI-BL-PT-BS-EL (Electronic Bank Statement)
FEB_OI_ALG_PVOpen Item Algorithm Parameter ValuesFI-BL-PT-BS-EL (Electronic Bank Statement)
FEB_OI_ALG_PV_TOpen Item Algorithm Parameter Values TextFI-BL-PT-BS-EL (Electronic Bank Statement)
FEB_OI_ALG_TAlgorithms for finding Open Items TextFI-BL-PT-BS-EL (Electronic Bank Statement)
FEB_PARMT_POSTPosting Parameters for PostprocessingFI-BL-PT-BS-EL (Electronic Bank Statement)
FEB_REPRO_AVCOSTAverage Cost to Reprocess an Incoming PaymentFI-BL-PT-BS-EL (Electronic Bank Statement)
FEB_REPRO_RRCReprocessing Reason CodeFI-BL-PT-BS-EL (Electronic Bank Statement)
FEB_REPRO_RRCTReprocessing Reason TextFI-BL-PT-BS-EL (Electronic Bank Statement)
FEB_TATYPTransactionFI-BL-PT-BS-EL (Electronic Bank Statement)
FEB_TATYP_CTransaction - Customer AdjustmentFI-BL-PT-BS-EL (Electronic Bank Statement)
FEB_TATYP_TTransaction TextFI-BL-PT-BS-EL (Electronic Bank Statement)
FEB_TATYP_TCTransaction Text - Customer AdjustmentFI-BL-PT-BS-EL (Electronic Bank Statement)
FEBIPPosting Parameters for PostprocessingFI-BL-PT-BS-EL (Electronic Bank Statement)
FEBKO_TRANSFERTransferred Bank StatementsFI-BL-PT-BS-EL (Electronic Bank Statement)
FEBRE_ORIGOriginal Ref. Record for an Elec. Bank Statement Line ItemFI-BL-PT-BS-EL (Electronic Bank Statement)
FIBL_CLRG_RGSTRYRegistry for bank ledger clearing serviceFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
FIBL_RPCODEMaster Data for Repetitive CodeFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
FIBL_RPCODE_GRELAssign Repetitive Codes/GroupsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
FIBL_RPCODE_GROUGroups of Repetitive CodesFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
FIBL_RPCODE_GRTXGroup Names of Repetitive CodeFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
FIBL_RPCODE_TDEFDefault Values for Repetitive CodesFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
FIEB_BUSPROBusiness Processes in ApplicationsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
FIEB_BUSPROTNames of Application Business ProcessesFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
FIEB_OID_LOCKUsed to Lock any Given Objects Using Their OIDFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
FIEB_PASSWORDPasswords (stored in encrypted form)FI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
FIEB_STATUSFIEB: Status Management, Save StatusFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
FIEB_STATUS_LOCKDummy to Block Status According to Non-Primary Key FieldsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
FIEB_STATUSVStatus Values for Internet MessagesFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
FIEB_STATUSVTNames of Status Values for Internet MessagesFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
FIEBCHKFFIEB: File Name of Last Check-OutFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
FIEBCHKOFIEB: Check-Out Data on a Physical DocumentFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
FIEBCONT1FIEB: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export)FI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
FIEBLOIOFIEB: Instances of Logical DocumentsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
FIEBLOIOTFIEB: Descriptions of Logical DocumentsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
FIEBLOPRFIEB: Attribute Values of Logical DocumentsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
FIEBLOREFIEB: Outgoing Relationships of Logical DocumentsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
FIEBLORIFIEB: Incoming Relationships of Physical DocumentsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
FIEBPHFFIEB: Physical document filesFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
FIEBPHHRFIEB: Outgoing Hyperlinks From Physical DocumentsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
FIEBPHIOFIEB: Instances of Physical DocumentsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
FIEBPHNMFIEB: Use of Target Anchors in Physical DocumentsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
FIEBPHPRFIEB: Physical document attributesFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
FIEBPHREFIEB: Outgoing Relationships of Physical DocumentsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
FIEBPHRIFIEB: Incoming Relationships of Physical DocumentsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
FIEBREFIEB: Instances of RelationshipsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
FIEBREPRFIEB: Attributes of RelationshipsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
FPS_BLOCKPayment and Dunning Block for Each Payment Service ProviderFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
GENERAL_EB_FIEBGeneral Customizing Table for Electronic BankingFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
HBNK_LOGADR_FIEBAssignment of House Bank to Logical AddressFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
LOGADR_ATTR_FIEBAttributes of Logical AddressesFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
LOGADR_PHAD_FIEBPhysical Address for a Logical AddressFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
OFX_BP_MSGS_FIEBCustomizing of OFX Message Sets for Business ProcessesFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
OFX_LA_MSGS_FIEBMessage Sets per Business ProcessFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
OFX_VERSION_FIEBAttributes for a DTD Version of OFXFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
PAYRPayment Medium FileFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
PAYR_XBANC_HRTemporary Storage in FI for Cashed HR ChecksFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
PAYRQPayment RequestsFI-BL-PT-AP (Automatic Payments)
PAYRQCPAYRQ Enhancement (Change and Posting Data)FI-BL-PT-AP (Automatic Payments)
PAYRQPPAYRQ Enhancement (Cross-Country Bank Account Transfers)FI-BL-PT-AP (Automatic Payments)
PAYRQTReference Texts for Payment RequestFI-BL-PT-AP (Automatic Payments)
PCECPrenumbered ChecksFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
REGUH_WFAMaintenance of Proposal Run: Workflow Package per AccountFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
REGUH_WFRMaintenance of Proposal Run: Workflow Rules per Proposal RunFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
REGUH_WFSMaintenance of Proposal Run: Workflow Sts per Work PackageFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
REGUHMPayment Data for Cross-Payment Run Payment MediumFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
REGUP_COREProcessed Items from Payment ProgramFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
REGUTTemSe - Administration DataFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
REGUTAPaying Company Codes for DME FilesFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
REGUVMPayment Data for Cross-Payment Run Payment MediumFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
REGUVM_HDecision for Cross-Payment-Run Payment Media (BAdI)FI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
SMFIBLSpec. FI-BL Data in MonitorFI-BL-PT-AP (Automatic Payments)
T012House BanksFI-BL-MD (Master Data)
T012DParameters for DMEs and foreign pmnt transactionsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
T012EEDI-compatible house banks and payment methodsFI-BL-MD (Master Data)
T012KHouse Bank AccountsFI-BL-MD (Master Data)
T012THouse Bank Account NamesFI-BL-MD (Master Data)
T015LSCB RatiosFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
T015VApplication Area for Instructions in Payment TransactionsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
T015VTLong text for application areasFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
T015WInstruction keysFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
T015W0Allocate application areas to instruction fieldsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
T015W1InstructionsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
T015W1TInstructions (explanatory text)FI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
T015WTExplanation of Instruction KeyFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
T018VAcct Transfer: Determine Receiving Bank's Clearing AccountFI-BL-PT-AP (Automatic Payments)
T036RPayment Request LevelsFI-BL-PT-AP (Automatic Payments)
T042BDetails on the company codes that must payFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
T042ECompany Code-Specific Specifications for Payment MethodsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
T042EAPayment method capability for ALE distributionFI-BL-PT-AP (Automatic Payments)
T042ECTLetter for Payment Correspondence (PDF)FI-BL (Bank Accounting)
T042FPayment method supplementsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
T042FIDPayment medium formats: File ID modifiersFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
T042HText table for additional payment methodsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
T042QPermitted Destination Lands for Payment MethodFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
T042TText modules for payment formsFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
T042WPermitted currency keys for payment methodFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
T042WFMaintenance of Prop. Run: Activate Workflow per Company CodeFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
T042WFRMaintenance of Proposal Run: Workflow RulesFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
T042YAccount Determination for Bank to Bank PaymentsFI-BL-PT-AP (Automatic Payments)
T042YPAccount Determination for HR PaymentsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
T042ZPayment Methods for Automatic PaymentFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
T042ZAAdditional specifications for payment methodFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
T042ZA_FORMATDifferent PMW FormatFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
T042ZA_PREFTYPDifferent PMW FormatFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
T042ZTTexts of Payment Methods for Automatic PaymentFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
TBCHAIN0Definition bank chainsFI-BL-MD-BK (Bank Master Data)
TBCHAIN1Bank chainsFI-BL-MD-BK (Bank Master Data)
TBCHAIN2Bank Chains per Business Partner AccountFI-BL-MD-BK (Bank Master Data)
TBCHAIN21Bank chains per business partner account (allocation)FI-BL-MD-BK (Bank Master Data)
TBCHAINC0Assign Scenario for Bank Chain Determination to ClientFI-BL-MD-BK (Bank Master Data)
TBCHAINE0Definition of the scenarios for bank chain determinationFI-BL-MD-BK (Bank Master Data)
TBCHAINE0TDefinition of scenarios for bank chain determination (texts)FI-BL-MD-BK (Bank Master Data)
TBCHAINE1Character. value of scenarios for determining bank chainFI-BL-MD-BK (Bank Master Data)
TBKDCDay Difference betw. House Bank and Beneficiary Value DatesFI-BL-PT-AP (Automatic Payments)
TBKFKFactory Calendar Identification Using CurrencyFI-BL-PT-AP (Automatic Payments)
TBKPVTime Between Payment Run and Value Date at House BankFI-BL-PT-AP (Automatic Payments)
TCCAAPayment cards: Clearing account/external functionsFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TCCFIPayment cards: Central FI settingsFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TCCLGPayment Cards: Settlement Run LogFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TCCLGTPayment cards: Settlement run log (texts)FI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TCCRCPayment Cards: Check ResultsFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TCCRCTPayment cards: Results of checks (texts)FI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TCJ_BALANCEFI Cash Journal: Totals RecordsFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TCJ_C_JOURNALSCash JournalsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
TCJ_CHECK_STACKSCheck Lists in Cash JournalFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
TCJ_CJ_NAMESCash Journal NamesFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
TCJ_CPDFBCJ: One-Time Account Data of Cash Journal Document ItemsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
TCJ_DOCUMENTSCash Journal Documents (Header Data)FI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
TCJ_MAX_AMOUNTCash Journal: Amount LimitFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
TCJ_NUMB_GROUPNumbering Group for Cash DocumentsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
TCJ_NUMB_GROUPTNumbering Group for Cash Documents (Text)FI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
TCJ_POSITIONSCash Journal Document ItemsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
TCJ_PRINTCash Journal Print ParametersFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
TCJ_TRANS_NAMESCash Journal Business Transaction NamesFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
TCJ_TRANSACTIONSCash Journal Business TransactionsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
TCJ_WTAX_ITEMSWithholding Tax Items for Cash Journal Document ItemsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
TFCUPM042FPayment medium formats: General attributesFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFCUPM042FBPayment medium formats: EventsFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFCUPM042FDPayment Medium Formats: Preassignment of Format ParametersFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFCUPM042FFPayment medium formats: Format parametersFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFCUPM042FGPayment medium formats: Level of detail of payment mediumFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFCUPM042FMPayment medium formats: Reqd fields for format parametersFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFCUPM042FTPayment medium formats: TextsFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFCUPM042FVPayment medium formats: Note to payee fieldsFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFCUPM042FZPayment medium formats: SupplementsFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFCUPM042FZTPayment medium formats: Supplement textFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFIBLAPARPVAROnline Payment: VariantsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
TFIBLFFPVAROnline Payment: VariantsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
TFIBLHBGGroup of House Bank AccountsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
TFIBLHBG1Group of House Bank Accounts: DetailsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
TFIBLHBGTName of the House Bank GroupsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
TFIBLMPAYBLOCKReservation for Cross-Payment Run Payment MediaFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
TFIBLMPAYBLOCKIDRun Identification for Cross-Payment Run Payment MediumFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
TFIBLMPVAROnline Payment: VariantsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
TFIBLOPAYOrigin of Online PaymentsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
TFIBLOPAYSTEPOnline Payments: Determine Process StepsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
TFIBLOPDOCTYPEDocument Types for Online PaymentsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
TFIBLOPVAROnline Payment: Administration of VariantsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
TFIBLORIGINOrigin IndicatorFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
TFIBLORIGINCOrigin SettingsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
TFIBLORIGINDAssignment of Origin to Overriding OriginFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
TFIBLORIGINTMeaning of an Origin IndicatorFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
TFIBLSCREENControl of Output of Screen FieldsFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFIBLSCREEN0Register Programs for Screen ControlFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFIBLSCREEN1Define Contents of Screen GroupsFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFIBLSCREEN1TDefine Contents of Screen GroupsFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFPM042FPayment medium formats: General attributesFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFPM042FBPayment medium formats: EventsFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFPM042FBCPayment medium formats: Customer eventsFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFPM042FCPayment medium formats: Format codepageFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFPM042FDPayment Medium Formats: Preassignment of Format ParametersFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFPM042FDCPayt Medium Formats: Cust. Preassignm. of Format ParametersFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFPM042FFPayment medium formats: Format parametersFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFPM042FFCPayment medium formats: Customer format parametersFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFPM042FGPayment medium formats: Level of detail of payment mediumFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFPM042FGCPayt. medium formats: Cust. level of det. of payment mediumsFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFPM042FLPayment Medium Formats: Information on Lifecycle (SAP)FI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFPM042FMPayment medium formats: Reqd fields for format parametersFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFPM042FMCPayment medium formats: Cust. reqd. fields for format para.FI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFPM042FPBPayment Medium Formats: Modules for Payment Doc. ValidationFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFPM042FSBPayment Medium Formats: Modules for Writing/Sending FilesFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFPM042FTPayment medium formats: TextsFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFPM042FVPayment medium formats: Note to payee fieldsFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFPM042FZPayment medium formats: SupplementsFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFPM042FZTPayment medium formats: Supplement textFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFPM042VAPayment medium: Note to payeeFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFPM042VATPayment medium: Note to payee textsFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFPM042VIPayment medium: Note to payee contentsFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TFPM042VJPayment Media: Content of Note to Payee Lang. IndependentFI-BL (Bank Accounting)
TPRQPBPayment Block when using Payment RequestsFI-BL-PT-AP (Automatic Payments)
TVOIDCheck void reason codesFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)
TVOITCheck void reason code textsFI-BL-PT (Payment Transactions)

Important SAP S/4 HANA Finance Module Tables