15 SAP Data Aging TCodes

Below is the full list of SAP Data Aging TCodes.

SAP transaction codes are the key to unlocking the power of SAP system. Each transaction code corresponds to a specific function or set of functions that can be carried out in SAP. Knowing which transaction codes to use is essential for getting the most out of your SAP system.

There are thousands of different transaction codes available in SAP, and each one serves a specific purpose. With the right knowledge and understanding, you can use transaction codes to carry out any task imaginable in SAP.

15 Usefull SAP Data Aging TCodes

SAP Data Aging TCodes

The following table gives an overview of transaction codes useful in SAP Data Aging component (BC-CCM-DAG) module of SAP system

DAAG_RESI_RULETransaction Code for Residence Rules
DAGADMDisplay for Data Aging Administrator
DAGADM_IMGDisplay of Data Aging Administrator
DAGCONFIGWhitelisting Data Aging Objects
DAGLOGDisplay of Data Aging Object Logs
DAGOBJOverview of Data Aging Objects
DAGOBJ_CALLOverview of Data Aging Objects
DAGPTCPartitioning Customizing
DAGPTMManage Partitions
DAGRULCentral Aging Rules Maintenance
DAGRUNOverview of Data Aging Runs
DAG_DELIVER_GROUPSMaintain Application Delivered Grps
DAG_MOVE_PTMove HANA Partitions to Dynamic Tier
DAG_RH_MAINTAINMaintaing Restriction Handler Custm.
DAG_UNDOOverview of Data Aging Runs

Other SAP CCMS TCodes