SAP BTP Enterprise Agreement – Know It All


SAP BTP is the ultimate foundation for intelligent enterprises across different phases of build, extend and integrate. SAP BTP Enterprise Agreement is the new consumption-based model offers customers support innovation and increase adoption through flexibility and modernization of services. It’s an evolution of the existing Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement(CPEA) commercial model.

What is SAP BTP Enterprise Agreement?

SAP BTP Enterprise Agreement is the new true commercial model offered by SAP which streamlines the range of available services allowing addition of new SAP BTP services like SAP Analytics Cloud (BI + Planning) to the consumption-based model. Billing for the services included in SAP BTPEA are based on usage. Similar to CPEA commercial model, a prepaid investment is made to buy cloud credits and based on usage of services the corresponding total monthly cost is deducted from the cloud credits balance.

Key Benefits

Value Optimization: Customers can maximize their investment in innovation by only paying for the services they use. This ensures a strong return on investment and prevents unnecessary spending.

Flexibility: BTPEA enables customers to explore new use cases without the limitations of fixed licenses. They can choose exactly the services they need, fostering experimentation and rapid development.

Modernization: The cloud-native nature of BTPEA provides agility and adaptability, allowing businesses to evolve and respond to changing market conditions.

Simplicity: A single SKU eliminates the need for complex bill of materials (BoM) definitions, streamlining the process and simplifying management.

Access: BTPEA grants access to all BTP services, including future innovations. This ensures customers stay ahead of the curve and have access to the latest technologies.

Free Tier: The availability of free-tier services provides a low-barrier entry point for exploration and experimentation, making BTP accessible to all.

The consumption model allows access to all eligible available services with improved flexibility and provides agility to adapt to changes throughout the enterprise digital transformation. It also includes new deprecation policy ensuring long-term support for key strategic services.

SAP BTPEA Available Services

Following is the list of available services in SAP BTP Enterprise Agreement. Please note that not all services from CPEA are available in SAP BTPEA. You can find the list of services available under SAP BTPEA can be found in the SAP Discovery Center.

ABAP Environment
Advanced Event Mesh
Cloud Foundry Runtime
Cloud Logging Service 
Credential Store
Custom Domain
Document Information Extraction
Event Broker
Forms Service by Adobe
Identity Authentication
SAP Integration Suite
Job Scheduling Service
Kyma Runtime
Master Data Governance, cloud edition
SAP Analytics Cloud (BI + Planning) (Newly added)
SAP Build Apps
SAP Build Code
SAP Build Process Automation
SAP Build Work Zone, advanced edition
SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition
SAP Datasphere
SAP Translation Hub
UI5 flexibility for key users
Alert Notification 
Automation Pilot
SAP Business Application Studio
Business Entity Recognition
Cloud Transport Management
Continuous Integration & Delivery
Data Attribute Recommendation
Data Privacy Integration
Document Management Service, Application Option
Document Management Service, Integration Option
Mobile Services
Object Store
Personalized Recommendation
PostgreSQL, hyperscaler option
Print Service
Private Link Service
Redis, hyperscaler option
SAP AI Launchpad
SAP HANA spatial services

Existing customers with CPEA contracts can continue and have option to upgrade to SAP BTPEA during contract renewals.


SAP BTP Enterprise Agreement is the preferred commercial model offering a flexible, cost-effective and innovative approach for customers seeking to maximize their cloud potential. Overall it align with SAP’s overall Commit to Consume strategy/