20 OData Interview Questions and Answers


Dear SAPLearners, below are the top 20 OData interview questions and answers

Q1. What is the name of the protocol that is supported by SAP Gateway?

A2. OData

Q2. The service metadata document contains following information

A1. Structure of an OData Service
A2. The Service Operation exposed
A3. The known links between resources
A4. All the above

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Q3. Which of following HTTP commands and their operations are correct?

A1. PUT – Allows to update the whole entity
A2. POST – Allows to create an entity
A3. PATCH – Allows to partially update the entity
A4. All the above

Q4. You can group multiple operations into a single HTTP request by using?

A1. OData Grouping
A2. OData Batching
A3. OData Collection
A4. OData Clustering

Q5. Which of following query options can be used to limit the size of the result set?

A1. $filter
A2. $orderby
A3. $select
A4. $expand

Q6. Which of following query option can be used to limit the size of the result set by limiting the number of columns?

A1. $expand
A2. $filter
A3. $select
A4. $top

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Q7. Arrange the following phases in the development of OData services in the correct order?

(A) Data Model Definition
(B) Project Creation
(C) Service Maintenance
(D) Service Implementation

A1. A, B, C, and D
A2. B, A, D, and C
A3. D, B, A, and C
A4. D, B, C and A

Q8. What is the name of the tool that is used to implement OData services for SAP Gateway?

A1. Eclipse ABAP Development Tool
A2. SAP Gateway Service Builder
A3. SAP Gateway Client
A4. SAP Gateway Editor

Q9. Which of the below transaction is used to check the error logs in SAP Gateway hub system?


Q10. Which of the following tasks can be performed using transaction /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE?

A1. Assign/remove additional system alias
A2. Define the data model of an OData service
A3. Add/remove services from the hub
A4. Implement the data provider extension class

Q11. Which of the following query options will retrieve the number of entries that the list contains?

A1. $count
A2. $top
A3. $inlinecount=allpages
A4. $select

Q12. The wizard for creating an entity type based on a search help performs two steps. What are these steps?

A1. Data model definition
A2. Service maintenance
A3. Service implementation
A4. Service activation

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Q13. When generating a service by using redefinition, which of the following options are available?

A1. Redefine a BW query service
A2. Redefine an RFC function module
A3. Redefine an existing SAP Gateway service
A4. Redefine a search help

Q14. What are different ways to create a Gateway service based on a CDS view?

A1. Code mapping
A2. Project redefinition
A3. Data reference
A4. @OData.publish

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Q15. Which development tool is needed when using the odata.publish:true annotation for CDS view?

A1. Eclipse
A2. SE80

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Q15. ABAP CDS views are supported from which of the following releases?

A1. SAP Netweaver 7.51
A2. SAP Netweaver 7.40
A3. SAP Netweaver 7.0 with SAP Gateway 2.0 SP08
A4. SAP Netweaver 7.50

Q15. SAP Gateway hub supports multiple back-end systems through routing and multiple origin composition?

A1. True
A2. False

Q16. In routing scenario, the SAP system alias that points to specific back-end system is selected by using following as a filter?

A1. User role
A2. User profile parameter
A3. Modify the SAP standard implementation
A4. Implementing a BAdI

Q17. $expand is used to retrieve multiple entities that are connected through?

A1. Identical property names
A2. Function Imports
A3. Navigation properties
A4. Connectors

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Q18. SAP Gateway support online scenarios and does not support offline scenarios?

A1. True
A2. False

Q19. The Function Import functionality is implemented via mapping by using the RFC/BOR generator?

A1. True
A2. False

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Q20. OData does not support the handling of binary data?

A1. True
A2. False

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