Using Search Helps in SAP Netweaver Gateway


Hello everyone, in this Netweaver Gateway tutorial we will learn how to expose search helps as OData service in SAP Netweaver Gateway.

Search helps are very well used in SAP ECC system to provide input help(F4 help) to screen fields. So lets get started.

Supported System Version

SAP NetWeaver Gateway Release 2.0 Support Package 09 and Netweaver Version 7.40

Business Example

You have a Search Help exists in your ABAP system and you want use this search helps as data source to create OData service in SAP Netweaver Gateway system.

How to use Search helps as Data Source in SAP Netweaver Gateway?

In this section, we will see a step-by-step guided procedure to import Search Helps as a Data Source in SAP Netweaver Gateway system.

1. Go to SAP Netweaver Gateway Service Builder – SEGW transaction.

2. Create a project in the service builder by hitting Create button in the application toolbar, name it as ZDEMO_SEARCH_HELP.

1302 Create Project in SEGW3. Once project is created in the builder expand the project. Right Click on Data Model → Import → Search Help.

1302 Import Search Help4.Enter the Entity Name, Data Dictionary Search Help you want to use as Data Source.Select Create Default Entity Set check box to create entity set.Select Query and Read to create a automatic mapping for both these operations. Hit Next to go to next step.

1302 Step 1 of 3 Import from Search Help5. Select the Data Source parameter that need to be imported and hit Next button.

1302 Step 2 of 3 Import from Search Help6. Choose the key the field from the list of properties of entity name and hit Finish button.

1302 Step 3 of 3 Import from Search Help7. Search Help parameters are imported and mapped successfully.

8. Save and generate the service.After generating the service register the service in /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE transaction to make the service ready for testing.

9. Test the service in SAP Netweaver Gateway Client /IWFND/GW_CLIENT by providing the below URI /sap/opu/odata/sap/ZDEMO_SEARCH_HELP_SRV/HEpmPrSet.

1302 Search Help OData Service Output

You have successfully used Data Dictionary Search Help as data source and built the OData service in SAP Netweaver Gateway. There are some constraints on using the search helps in SAP Netweaver Gateway.

Know Constraints

  1. Collective search helps are not supported. Only Elementary search helps are supported.
  2. If the search helps a Search Help Exit, then this will be not executed.
  3. Search Help data source can retrieve maximum of 9999 entries only.

Stay tuned to us for more SAP Netweaver Gateway tutorials.Please feel free to comment and let us know your feedback.

Thank you. 🙂