Top 20 AMDP Interview Questions and Answers


Dear SAPLearners, in this blog post we will discuss about most commonly asked interview questions on ABAP Managed Database Procedure (AMDP).

1. What is ABAP Managed Database Procedure?

ABAP Managed Database Procedure (AMDP) is a class-based framework for managing and calling database procedures (or) stored procedures in ABAP.

2. What is an AMDP Class?

A global class which contains marker tag interface IF_AMDP_MARKER_XXX, where XXX means database like IF_AMDP_MARKER_HDB for SAP HANA database.

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3. What is the transaction code to check the missing authorizations for AMDP execution?


4. Can we create/edit AMDP in SAP GUI using transaction SE24?

No, ABAP Managed Database Procedures (AMDP) are created and managed using Eclipse-based ABAP Development Tools(ADT).

5. How to check if database support AMDP procedures?

We can the database support by using the constant CALL_AMDP_METHOD of the class CL_ABAP_DBFEATURES.

6. Which one you choose AMDP or Open SQL? If the task can be achieved by both.

If the task can be achieved by both it is recommended to use Open SQL or ABAP CDS.

7. How many types of AMDP methods exists?

There are two types AMDP methods,

  • AMDP Procedures which are implemented with addition BY_DATABASE_PROCEDURE and
  • AMDP Function which is implements with addition BY_DATABASE_FUNCTION

8. Can a constructor in the class implemented as AMDP method?

No, Constructors cannot be implemented as AMDP methods.

9. How to call ABAP procedure in an ABAP program?

An AMDP procedure implementation method is called from an ABAP program in the same as normal SE24 ABAP class method calling.

10. If your database does not support AMDP what are the alternatives?

In database system which does not support AMDP, we can use Open SQL or Native SQL to implement the same functionality.

11. Does AMDPs support automatic client handling?

No, AMDP does not support automatic client handling, when accessing database tables in AMDP method client ID must be specified explicitly.

12. Can we implement exception handling for AMDP procedure methods?

Yes, exception handling is supported for AMDP procedure methods. Some of the exceptions are


13. Does AMDP function implementations support exception handling?

No exceptions can be declared for AMDP function implementations.

14. Can we enhance AMDP standard methods?

No, AMDP method does not support implicit enhancement options.

15. Can we use COMMIT and ROLLBACK statements in an AMDP method?

No, COMMIT and ROLLBACK statements are not permitted.

16. How can we return data from AMDP method?

We can return data from AMDP method using CHANGING parameters.

17. Are CHANGING parameters are pass by value (or) pass by reference?

The parameters must be declared using VALUE for pass by value. Pass by reference is not permitted.

18. Can we return data from AMDP method using RETURNING parameters?

No, return values can not be declared as RETURNING

19. Is it possible to identify an AMDP method by declaration section of the method?

An AMDP method cannot be identified as an AMDP method in the declaration section of the class but only in the implementation section.

20. Can AMDP method be declared as static method in the AMDP class?

Yes AMDP methods are declared in an AMDP class like a regular static method (or) instance method.

21. Can AMDP class contains regular methods?

An AMDP class can contain both regular methods and AMDP methods.


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