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Hello everyone, in this ABAP in Eclipse(AIE) blog post you will learn how to create, update DDIC Domains through Eclipse ADT tools.

Working with Domains

We all know about ABAP Data dictionary domain and also know how to create them using SE11- Data Dictionary transaction code.ABAP Domains in Eclipse ADT 5Since ABAP 7.5, a form-based editor is available in ABAP Development Tools(ADT) to create,edit and delete domains.

Lets create a domain using the form-based editor in our eclipse-based IDE for ABAP development.

Step-by-step Procedure

1. Launch eclipse-based IDE and a create an ABAP Repository Object under an ABAP project.

ABAP Domains in Eclipse ADT 0Also Read : How to create an ABAP Project in eclipse-based abap editor

2. On New ABAP Repository Object window search for “Dictionary” or “Domain“. Choose Domain under Dictionary folder and hit Next.ABAP Domains in Eclipse ADT 13. On New Domain window provide Package in which domain is saved, Name and Description of the domain. Click Finish.ABAP Domains in Eclipse ADT 2

4. The form-based editor will be displayed like below. Provide values for mandatory fields Data Type and LengthABAP Domains in Eclipse ADT 3The form-based editor have different sections for the following information

  1. Format – technical attributes like data type and length.
  2. Output Characteristics – output semantic attributes like output length, conversion routine and case-sensitive.
  3. Fixed Values – for defining, editing ,sorting and deleting fixed values or intervals
  4. Value Table – define value table

5. Save and Activate the domain.

Standard Domain

ABAP Domains in Eclipse ADT 4Congrats.! you have successfully created a domain in eclipse-based ABAP editor.Stay tuned for more ABAP in Eclipse tutorials.

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