ABAP Development Tools require Java 11 version (2021)


Dear SAPLearners, in this blog we will learn about ABAP Development Tools(ADT) require Java 11 and configurations needed to make your ADT in Eclipse works fine.

Java 11 is mandatory for ADT in February 2021

The Eclipse project announced its plan to make Java 11 (JVM) version as a mandatory requirement for Eclipse 2020-09 and higher versions. So what’s in to for SAP ABAP or ABAP in Cloud or HANA developers???

This means, ABAP Development Tools(ADT) will also require Java 11 before installing new versions of ADT.

Lets looks at the which ADT version need which Java version.

Eclipse 2020-03Eclipse 2020-06Eclipse 2020-09Eclipse 2020-12Eclipse 2021-03
ADT 3.12 (August 2020)Java 8 or Java 11Java 8 or Java 11Java 11
ADT 3.14 (November 2020)Java 8 or Java 11Java 11
ADT 3.16 (February 2021)Java 11Java 11Java 11

From the above table, we can clearly see that ABAP Development Tools(ADT) will require at least Eclipse 2020-09 and Java 11.

You can download and install Java 11 from Oracle JDK Downloads or you can download the SAP maintained Java 11 version called SapMachine from here.

ADT and Eclipse.ini file

You can download the latest and previous supported version of eclipse based ABAP Development Tools from here.

After downloading both ADT and Java 11, if you run the eclipse you will see following error message:

Version 1.8.0_261 of the JVM is not suitable for this product. Version: 11 or greater is required

Follow below steps to fix the above error message

Open eclipse.ini file

You can find the eclipse.ini file in Eclipse installation folder.Specify JVM in eclipse ini file Step1

Add below 2 lines which points to Java 11 version in eclipse.ini file like below

Specify JVM in eclipse ini file Step2

Eclipse startup is controlled by the options in eclipse.ini file. What we did is specifying the which JVM version to pick when Eclipse starts. You can read more about eclipse.ini file here.


Congrats!! you have successfully learnt about ABAP Development Tools(ADT) in Eclipse require of Java 11 starting from 2021 February and necessary configurations need to specify JVM in eclipse.ini file.

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