How to install abapGit Eclipse plugin for ABAP CI/CD


Dear SAPLearners, in this blog post we will learn on how to install abapGit Eclipse plugin for ABAP CI/CD.

What is abapGit?

abapGit is an open-source git client for ABAP. It serializes source code and data dictionary elements to plain text, so that they can be persisted in a git repository. It also enables for ABAP Continuous Integration(CI) and Continuous Development(CD). For more information click here


Before you start, make sure you have

Step-by-Step Procedure

1. Launch Eclipse with ADT installed.

2. In Eclipse, choose Help > Install New Software in the menu bar.

3. On Available Software window, add the URL and hit enter to display the available software’s. Choose abapGit for ABAP Development Tools (ADT) and click on Next.

4. Click Next.

5. On Review Licenses window, accept the license and click Finish.

6. After successful installation, you can view abapGit Repositories window from the menu bar Window > Show View > Other.

7. The abapGit Repositories window will display like below, in which you can see

  • List of repositories linked to the ABAP project.
  • Link a abap repository to the ABAP project.


Congrats!! you have successfully learnt the steps to install abapGit Eclipse plugin.

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