Test your first ODATA Service


After modeling, implementing, and registering the service in SAP Netweaver gateway. Now the service is ready for use we can test the service.

1. To test the service, open /IWFND/GW_CLIENT – SAP Netweaver Gateway Client transaction.


2. Enter the service name and add $metadata at the end and Execute.


3. Metadata of the service will be retrieved and the “HTTP Response will be 200”.


4. Now enter the service name and add Entity Set name. List of sales order will be retrieved in the form of XML format.

5. If you want to retrieve data of one Sales Order #, append the Sales Order# to the service and execute.


To retrieve the data of a single Sales Order# we need to implement the method GetEntity (Read) of the service. Click here


Congrats!! you have successfully learned how to test the OData service using Gateway Client( /IWFND/GW_CLIENT )

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