What is OData and REST in SAP Netweaver Gateway


SAP Netweaver Gateway provides REST based and open interface that implements simple access to SAP systems via OData protocol.

With SAP Netweaver Gateway any one can i.e. any user interface(UI) can access the data through OData protocol.

Is this the only one that can communicate to other systems in SAP portfolio? the answer in NO. We have SAP PI system to exchange information between different systems and especially between a company and 3rd parties.

But the main difference between SAP PI and SAP Netweaver Gateway is in their usage.

SAP Netweaver PI is to communicate the information between system-to-system, but SAP Netweaver Gateway is system-to-user.

Lets look at what is OData and REST mean actually.

What is OData?

OData is REST based protocol to access and update the data. OData is build on Atom Publishing Protocol(AtomPub), XML and JSON.

This make the protocol easy to understand and use.

In short OData is an Online Database Connectivity(ODBC) for the web. It offers a simple and uniform way of sharing the data on protocol level which in turn enables broad integration across different products and platforms.

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What is REST?

The full form of REST is REpresentational State Transfer. REST is not a kind of protocol, it is a architectural style.It builds on HTTP.

An architecture is a REST based when it complied these constraints

  • Client Server architecture
  • Statelessness
  • Cache-ability
  • Layered system
  • Uniform Interface
  • Code on demand

Let put this simple, to access list of sales orders in SAP we can access through an URI(Unified Resource Identifier) and if we want to get the data of particular sales order data we just need to change the URI and add the sales order # to URI.

Congrats!! you have successfully learned about what is OData and REST and how it works Please stay tuned to us for more SAP Netweaver Gateway tutorials.

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