3 Ways to debug BRFplus based output forms in S/4HANA


Dear SAPLearners in the blog post we will learn on how to debug BRFplus based output forms in S/4 HANA.

BRFplus Output Forms

SAP introduced BRFplus based output management for SAP S/4 HANA, which is based on business rules and conditions. It comes with many benefits such as, it is fully integrated with SAP Fiori Apps and new email support which delivers templates, multiple recipients and many other features.

Debug BRFplus Based Output Forms in SAP S/4HANA

Having said about new output management for S/4HANA, let’s look at how to debug the output forms configured based on BRF+ for troubleshooting issues

1. Using Function Module

A new function module is used to process all output types configured based on BRF+ conditions.To debug the forms,  you have to set a break-point inside the function module APOC_OR_ISSUE_OUTPUT

Debug Output forms for S4HANA 1

If the break-point is not triggered, there may be a scenario where the output condition item is failed with an error message.

2. Using transaction SBGRFCMON

To troubleshoot such scenarios use bgRFC monitoring transaction SBGRFCMON. Search for all inbound queues with the name OM_QBGRFFC_INBOUND_DEST.

Debug Output forms for S4HANA 2

3. Using transaction SLG1

We also have another alternative way to troubleshoot new output type issues using SLG1 transaction logs.

Debug Output forms for S4HANA 3

Use object type as OUTPUT_CONTROL and analyze the issues.


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