How to create Domain in ABAP Cloud ☁️☝️


Dear SAPLearners, in this blog post we will learn how to create ABAP Dictionary Domain in ABAP Cloud environment in SAP Cloud Platform.

I hope every ABAPer is well versed with Domain and Data Elements, i don’t think an introduction required. So lets get directly into steps without any delay


Before you start, make sure you have

Step-by-Step Procedure

In the Project Explorer, select the Package and right click on it. From the context menu select New 👉 Other ABAP Repository Object.

Domain in ABAP Cloud Step 1

2. On New ABAP Repository Object wizard window, enter Dictionary in the search field. Select Domain from the list and click on Next.

Domain in ABAP Cloud Step 2

3. On Create Domain wizard window, provide Name, Description and hit Next.

Domain in ABAP Cloud Step 3

4. On Selection of Tranport Request wizard window, Select an existing transport (or) select Create a new request(..this will create a new transport request ).Choose Finish.

Domain in ABAP Cloud Step 4

5. Now the Domain Editor is opened. Data Type and Length are mandatory fields for a domain to be created. Enter these fields and activate the domain.

Domain in ABAP Cloud Step 5

6. Hurray! 👍 you have successfully created a Domain in SAP ABAP Cloud environment.

Lets explore the Domain Editor and see what other options are available.


Data Typebasic data type of the domain
Lengthinternal length of the domain

Output Characteristics:

Output Lengthenter external length of the domain
Conversion Routineenter conversion route function module name for e.g. CONVERSION_EXIT_ALPHA_INPUT
Case-sensitiveselect if domain content should be case-sensitive

Fixed Values:

Here you can define the fixed values or interval of values. The values entered will be used as value help.

Value Table:

Enter value table as the proposed value for checking the foreign key.

Congrats!! you have successfully learned how to create Domain in ABAP Cloud environment in SAP Cloud Platform.

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