SAP Security Due Diligence Service – 2 ways for a successful Business Transformation


SAP provides a wide range of security products and services to help protect your data and business. SAP Security Due Diligence Service is premium service available in SAP Store for customers to receive detailed responses to the questions about the security evaluation.

SAP Security Due Diligence Service

SAP Security Due Diligence Service

Customers receive superior security insights from the SAP Security Due Diligence service compared to those obtained from conducting self-directed research. Gain advantages from a comprehensive human review and a subsequent meeting to discuss the subsequent steps in any security build-out you undertake.

SAP Security is critical for keeping your data safe and your business running smoothly. SAP Global Security has introduced two options to assist customers with their security evaluations

1. SAP Security Due Diligence Self-Service

SAP Security Due Diligence Self Service is a section that discusses how to properly secure your SAP system. The self-service provides tips on how to properly configure your system, how to secure your data, and how to keep your system up-to-date. This self-service is a great resource for anyone who wants to ensure that their SAP system is secure.

The following are the main key features and benefits of Self Service:

Content aligned to Unified Framework

An organization’s data is its lifeblood. To keep it healthy, you need to regularly cleanse, deduplicate and classify your data according to the latest security and data protection standards. This can be a daunting task, but with a unified control framework in place, you can streamline the process and ensure that your data is always up-to-date and compliant.

Powerful Prediction and Translation

In the world of online customer service, it’s important to be able to provide accurate and helpful responses to questions as quickly as possible. Drill down, machine learning and translation services can help you do just that by providing top responses based on question match. Automatic retraining and content management also help by utilizing community feedback to keep your responses accurate and up-to-date.

Support of Multiple Questionnaire Formats

It is possible to respond to extensive questionnaire in the format that was provided (password protected, nested rows, conditional columns), and the results can be compared to earlier versions from the same organisation.

Productivity and Scalability

Self-service can help field, partner, and customer teams address the growing volume of security questionnaires. It can help them answer more questionnaires in less time and leverage accurate content. Self-service can help teams work together to improve security and compliance posture while reducing the overall cost of questionnaire response.

Automation and Prediction

The AI/ML algorithms and up to date answer library allow users to complete more than 70% of their questionnaire on their own without assistance. This saves an incredible amount of time, which can be used for other tasks or simply taking a break. The software is also constantly learning, so the more it’s used, the more accurate it becomes. This is a huge advantage over traditional methods of data collection, which can be quite error-prone. Overall, this service is revolutionizing the way evaluation is conducted and has the potential to drastically improve the quality and efficiency of security.

2. SAP Security Due Diligence Full-Service

SAP Security Due Diligence Full-Service is the newly introduced to assist organizations to address their growing compliance and data privacy standards.

The following are the main key features and benefits of Full Service:

Expert Security Support

SAP security architects are responsible for the security of an organization’s SAP systems. They work with domain experts to identify and assess security risks, and complete security questionnaires accurately. They also follow up with domain experts to clarify questions and answers. By doing so, they help ensure that organizations can protect their SAP systems from potential threats.

Faster Turnaround Times

Third-party risk management (TPRM) is the process of identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks that can arise when working with external parties. TPRM has become increasingly important in recent years as organizations have come to rely more and more on third-party relationships to help them achieve their business objectives.

One of the key elements of TPRM is the development and implementation of a questionnaire that can be used to assess the risks associated with a particular third party. These questionnaires can be quite lengthy and time-consuming to complete, and often require research into multiple sources in order to get accurate answers.

However, there are now software solutions available that can help streamline the process of completing these questionnaires. These solutions can significantly speed up the process and allow organizations to get the information they need in a timely manner.

Focused Security Responses

Get access to security insights and high-quality content that goes above and beyond standard guidance. This includes receiving “white glove” service, having expert content reviewed, and having a customer feedback loop.

Support of Large Questionnaires

The service includes support for large questionnaires answered in the format received and comparison to prior versions from the same organization. This allows for accurate comparisons to be made and for organizations to improve their questionnaire. The service is easy to use and provides valuable insights.

Support of Multiple Security Frameworks

The goal of a unified control framework is to have a set of security and data protection standards that are applicable across industries and regions. This would allow organizations to have a more consistent approach to security and data protection, making it easier to manage and protect sensitive information. A unified control framework would also make it easier to identify gaps in security and data protection controls, as well as ensure that controls are adequate for the specific industry or region.

Support of Multiple Languages​

Automated translations can handle questionnaires written in the vast majority of the world’s major languages.


SAP Security Due Diligence Service provides services to assist organizations keep their SAP systems adhere to growing compliance, data privacy and security standards.