3 SAP BTP Pricing Models


SAP BTP pricing models; the Subscription model and Consumption model with CPEA and Pay-As-You-Go options for customer. In this blog post we will discuss more on these pricing options which helps you choose the best pricing models suited for your requirements.

What is SAP BTP?

SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) to build, extend and integrate business applications in the cloud. It provides a platform to build intelligent, mobile-ready applications to digitalize & modernize business processes. SAP BTP provides the technology layer that enables the enterprise to become an INTELLIGENT enterprise.

It consists of 4 main pillars and they are as follows

  1. Database & Data Management
  2. Analytics
  3. Application Development and Integration
  4. Intelligent Technologies
SAP BTP Pillars
4 Pillars of SAP BTP

SAP BTP constitutes Services that can be consumed to create intelligent business applications. Each service has to be purchased based on the choice of commercials licensing models.

SAP Discovery Center is free of cost, a self-service tool to check out the different services available in SAP BTP before purchasing.

SAP BTP Pricing Models

There are two main SAP BTP pricing models that SAP offers for enterprises:

SAP BTP Pricing Models

1. Subscription Model

The subscription model is A la carte model. In the subscription model, you are allowed to use only the subscribed services which you need

  • Pay at a fixed cost, regardless of consumption of the services.
  • Pay in advance when the contract starts and renews at the end of the contract period.
  • The contract period typically is 1 to 3 years.
  • Pay whether you use it or not.
  • All additional services with extra cost.

Subscribing to individual services sometimes end-up in paying more, so the subscription model also offers packages that consist of related services.

2. Consumption Model

The consumption model is available in two flavors.

  1. CPEA (Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement)
  2. Pay-As-You-Go

The consumption model allows access to all eligible available services without quotas.

  • Pay only for what you use.
  • Provides complete flexibility to all services based on business requirements.
  • Active or De-active service at any point in time.
SAP BTP Consumption based Commercial Model

Now that you know about different commercial models available in SAP BTP. Let’s look at some important key points for both the licensing models.

  • Availability of services is specific to the commercial model. To check the availability of the service you can use SAP Discovery Center.
  • You can switch between the two commercial models
  • Each SAP BTP Global account is tied to one commercial model.

Price List Overview

Pricing for each SAP BTP service for these commercial models is available in SAP Discovery Centre here.

SAP BTP Pricing Estimator Tool

You can also find the current and historical prices of each SAP BTP service for the CPEA licensing model here.

Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement Price List

Monitoring Usage

SAP BTP Cockpit offers to monitor and track usage of services at both Global Account and Sub Account levels.

Based on the commercial model, if the commercial model is subscription-based, we can monitor usage. If it is consumption-based, we can monitor both usage and consumption about costs and cloud credits.

Note: Usage Analytics was deprecated and replaced with Costs and Usage in SAP BTP Cockpit. We high recommend customers to understand this new monitoring and tracking features.

SAP BTP Global Account Usage Analytics

To view the Usage Analytics of the global account, log in to SAP BTP and choose the Usage Analytics section from the left navigation area.

SAP BTP Global Account Usage Analytics

The global account’s Usage Analytics provides information about usage in two views.

  1. Service Usage
  2. Directory/Subaccount Usage

1. Service Usage

This section displayed usage according to service. You can apply filters to view the usage based on Environment, Service, Directory/Subaccount, Space( in case of SAP BTP Cloud Foundry Environment ). The Period filter is only applied to the chart 📊display.

SAP BTP Global Account Usage Analytics Service Usage

2. Directory/Subaccount Usage

This section displayed usage according to service. You can apply filters to view the usage based on Directory/Subaccount and Space. The Period filter only applied to the chart 📊 display.

SAP BTP Global Account Usage Analytics Subaccount Usage

SAP BTP Subaccount Usage Analytics

SAP BTP subaccount usage analytics provides usage for the services and the applications deployed to the subaccount. Log in to the SAP BTP cockpit and select Usage Analytics from the left navigation area to monitor and track the usage.

SAP BTP Sub Account Usage Analytics

It also displays usage data in two views.

  1. Services
  2. Space

Under the Service section, you can view the usage for each service plan for the selected Capability, Service and Metric.

SAP BTP Sub Account Usage Analytics Service

On the other hand, the Spaces section displays the usage of each service plan per space and is only applicable if the Cloud Foundry environment is enabled.

SAP BTP Sub Account Usage Analytics Space


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