Fixed Value Append in SAP ABAP Domains


In this tutorial, we will learn how to add new fixed values append to SAP standard domains with out modifying it.

Fixed Value Append

This concept is part of the new enhancement framework Netweaver version 7.0

In this example we will take Delivery Status field and add two more fixed values like “D: Shipped” , “E: Not Shipped” with out modifying the standard domain.

Currently we are having three delivery status. Domain for the delivery status field LFSTK is STATV.

Delivery Status

Standard Domain
Standard Domain

Step-by-Step Procedure

1. View the domain STATV in display mode and navigate to Goto → Fixed Value Append

dd12. Enter the Append Name as ZSD_DEL_STAT and click OK. You can choose of your own Z name for this.

dd23. Enter the new delivery statuses as below and activate the Append Name.

dd34. After activating, you can see that new fixed values are visible in standard domain like below.


Now we have added the additional fixed values in domain.Lets see whether we can see these values in the standard screen.


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