How to find Customer Exits in SAP ABAP


In this tutorial, we will learn what are different ways of finding customer exits for standard transactions in sap ABAP.

Let’s say if you want to identify customer exits available in MM01(Material Master Creation) transaction code. Here we will discuss 2 different approaches to find the customer exists


1. Identify the program name of the tcode MM01 by going to Menu bar → System → Status

Find User Exits Step 1

2. Get the program from the below popup screen.

Find User Exits Step 2

3. In this case the program name is “SAPLMGMM”. Go to tcode SE38 and enter the program name and click on Display. After that navigate to Goto → Properties and find out the package of this program name.

Find User Exits Step 3

4. So the package name is “MGA”. Now go to tcode SMOD, which we usually use to identify the customer exits, navigate to Utilities → Find or You can directly press Cntrl+F on the tcode SMOD.

Find User Exits Step 4

5. After going to the find exist screen enter the package name we got earlier and press F8 or press Execute button.

Find User Exits Step 5

6. You will see the list of exits available in the tcode MM01 like below.

Find User Exits Step 6


1. Repeat the first three steps of Approach-1 to find out the package name of the standard tcode.

2. Go to tcode SE84(Repository Info System) → Enhancements → Customer Exits


3. In the above screen you can enter the package name and press execute, you will get the list of customer exits available.

4. If you don’t know the package name and need to see the list of all Customer Exits in the system, leave all fields blank and press execute.



Congrats!! you have successfully learnerd 2 different ways to find customer exists in SAP ABAP