Enhanced search for OK Code field in SAP GUI 8.0


Searching for transactions and commands just got a whole lot easier with the latest release of SAP GUI 8.0 Patch Level 4. The latest patch level introduces an enhanced search for OK code field, making it faster and simpler to find the transactions and commands you need.

Instead of remembering tcodes or scrolling through long lists, you can now search by transaction name or description right in the command field. The search results will display both matching transaction codes and descriptions, allowing you to select the perfect match. Read on to learn how to enable this exciting new feature and take your SAP GUI experience to the next level.

Enhanced Search for OK code in SAP GUI

Enhanced search for OK Code field in SAP GUI

SAP GUI 8.0 was generally available earlier this year starting from January 27 2023 with new features to streamline the SAP GUI experience.

With Pathlevel 4 release of SAP GUI 8.0, the new enhanced search for OK Code field was introduced. This feature is a optional and need to meet below technical requirements to enable this functionality.

The Enhanced Search feature for command field(OK Code) is not enabled by default in SAP GUI for Windows. It can be activated in the options dialog under Interaction Design > Visualization 2. When enabled, it delivers a combined view of entries from the command history as well as search results matching the entered text. Users can select a transaction code from the results to populate the command field or directly execute the transaction.

Enable Enhanced Search for OK code in SAP GUI

Technical Prerequisites

The enhanced search for OK code field feature requires certain minimum versions on both the SAP GUI and SAP backend in order to function:

  • SAP GUI for Windows – Patch level 4 minimum is required for basic Enhanced Search capabilities. The upcoming patch level with the “See all results” dialog will be the full implementation.
  • SAP_BASIS – The Enhanced Search relies on ABAP functionality that is only available in release 7.55 and higher of the SAP_BASIS component. With older SAP_BASIS releases, the feature will not work.
  • SAP Kernel – Additional kernel extensions are needed. SAP Note 3318625 specifies the minimum required kernel patch level.
  • SAP_BASIS – SAP Note 3318863 provides an ABAP extension needed for the “See all results” dialog.

The Enhanced Search offers three different modes that provide varying levels of automatic searching:

  1. Off – Behavior matches previous versions of SAP GUI, with input history but no search results.
  2. On demand – Only input history is shown by default, but the user can invoke search with CTRL+SHIFT+Q. Allows explicitly triggering search when needed.
  3. On/automatic – Filtered history shown for one character. For 2+ characters, automatic search invoked and results shown. However, certain commands are exempted to prevent interference.

The automatic mode uses logic to distinguish between commands that should not trigger a search and valid transaction codes. For example, “.”, “/o”, and “/n” will not automatically initiate a search, while other transaction codes will after two characters are entered. This intelligent logic aims to provide a seamless user experience.

Keyboard Improvements for Menus

Along with type ahead search feature for OK code field, below additional Keyboard improvements are available for Menus in SAP GUI

  • HOME: Move the selection to the first enabled item on the current menu level
  • END: Move the selection to the last enabled item on the current menu level
  • SPACE: Select the current item
  • SHIFT while SPACE is pressed: Abort the selection process

Planned Improvements

In the initial release in patch level 4, the enhanced search works on the command field but does not yet include a “See all search results” dialog. This dialog will be added in a future patch level update to SAP GUI for Windows 8.00.


Here are the key points about the enhanced search for OK code for transaction codes in SAP GUI for Windows:

  • Introduced in patch level 4 of SAP GUI for Windows 8.00 as an optional feature. Not enabled by default.
  • Allows searching for transaction codes and transaction descriptions in the command field (OK code) field.
  • Requires SAP GUI for Windows patch level 4 minimum.
  • Requires SAP_BASIS release 7.55 minimum on the SAP system.
  • A future patch level will add “See all search results” dialog. SAP Notes 3318863 and 3318625 provide additional ABAP and kernel requirements for the “See all search results” dialog.
  • Three modes: Off (default), On demand (use CTRL+SHIFT+Q to invoke), On/automatically (after 2+ characters entered).
  • Provides combined view of command history and search results. Can execute transactions directly from results.