Different step types in SAP Workflow


After having your system ready for workflows Basic customizing settings and had been introduce yourself to how to build your first workflow its the time to look at different step types in SAP workflow. We design the workflow in design builder SWDD. There are different steps available and they are

Send Mail : We can use this step to send emails to the users about the status of the business process or alert them when they are late in performing the actions and so on. Lets see how we can use it in real time scenario. When ever you have created a Purchase requisition/Sales Order in the system with high amount we have send an email to managers and inform them about the orders. In this case we can include the step to send an email. Try it yourself.


Condition :  h-00100030000_image001 We can use this step to check the whether a field value is true or false.It is similar like IF..ELSE..ENDIF in abap. There are two outcomes for this step True and False. You can design the workflow based on it.Try it yourself.


Multiple Condition :  h-00100020000_image001 We can use this step to check multiple conditions at 1 time. This is similar to CASE.. WHEN ..ENDCASE and SWITCH statements. By using Condition step you can just validate only 1 condition but to contrary this we have Multiple Condition step to validate multiple conditions.     Try it yourself.


Container Operation : h-00100060000_image001 We can use this step to change the value in containers at any point of time in the workflow by using arithmetic operations like add, subtract, multiply and division. You can also use this step to append data to multiline containers or assign a value to the container.



Loop (Until) : h-00100010000_image001 We can use this step to execute the some set of  actions multiple times based on condition.If condition is True you can continue and if it is False it jumps out of the loop and continue with the other steps in workflow. Steps inside the until loop will process for at least one time before the loop gets terminated.


Fork : h-00100040000_image001 h-00100040000_image002 We can use this step to implement the parallel processing inside the workflow. You can also use this Fork in such a case like not all branches have to be processed.You can specify the number of parallel branches required.


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