Debugging popup screen in SAP ABAP



In this tutorial we will know debugging popup screen in sap abap.Usually to debug the code in ABAP you can place a Session or External Break-point in the code but to debug a popup it is quite difficult unless you know the code behind the Popup screen.

This comes in handy whey your are debugging functional transaction codes.So let us know how to debug  a popup screen in abap.

First, you need to copy the below piece of code and save as text file .TXT on your desktop.


When you find the popup screen and you want to debug that, you just need to drag the text file on to your popup screen. That’s it debugging will be switched on

Popup Debugger
Popup Debugger

If you save the same code as “.sap” extension. you see an icon which resembles like SAP GUI icon like below.


Popup Debugger
Popup Debugger

Enjoy popup debugging.