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SAP TCode S_ALR_87006413 – IMG Activity: OANF_BILD

S_ALR_87006413 is a standard SAP tcode used to perform IMG Activity: OANF_BILD task in SAP ERP (or) S/4HANA system.This blog post provides key technical details about SAP TCode S_ALR_87006413, including its availability across SAP S/4HANA versions and related tcodes.

Package IM appropr.reqs.(master data, planning, preinvestment anal.) (AIR)
Technical Component Appropriation Requests (IM-FA-IA)


The SAP tcode S_ALR_87006413 is available within SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA On-premise and SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud systems depending on the version and release level.

SAP S/4HANA Version Available?
1909 Yes
2020 Yes
2021 Yes
2022 Yes
2023 Yes

The following is the list of SAP transaction codes related to S_ALR_87006413.

SAP TCode SAP TCode Description
IMA0 Appropriation Requests
IMA1 Create appropriation request
IMA11 Individual Processing
IMA12 Individual Processing (Planner)
IMA13 Individual Processing (Web Trans.)
IMA1N Create Appropriation Request
IMA2 Change appropriation request
IMA20 Ongoing settings for app. request
IMA2N Change Appropriation Request
IMA3 Display appropriation request
IMA3N Display Appropriation Request
IMA4 Delete appropriation request
IMA4N Delete Appropriation Request
IMA6 Copy version assignmt to measure
IMAI CI Management Info System
IMAM Mass maintenance of approp.requests
IMAMB Automatic Mass Change
IMAMP Blanket Change to Plan Values
IMAN Number range maintenance: IMAK
IMAP Change plan for appropriation req.
IMAPL Overview Planning (Planner)
IMAPL2 Overview Planning
IMAPL3 Overview Planning (Easy Web)
IMAQ Display plan for appropriation req.
IMAR Plan investment portion of app.req.
IMAS Display plan: Appropriation request
IMAV Change plan revenues
IMAW Display plan revenues
IMD0 App.req: Execute report
IMD1 App.req: Create report
IMD2 App.req: Change report
IMD3 App.req: Display report
IMD4 App.req: Create form
IMD5 App.req: Change form
IMD6 App.req: Display form
IMD8 App.req: Client copy report
IMD9 App.req: Client copy form
IMDB App.req: Execute report in backgrnd
IMDC App. req: Currency translation key
IMDK App.req: Calculated key figures
IMDM App.req: Test monitor report
IMDO App. req: Transport reports
IMDP App. req: Transport forms
IMDT App. req: Translate drilldown
IMDV App. req: Global variables
IMDX App. req: Reorganization reports
IMDY App. req: Reorganization report data
IMDZ App. req: Reorganization of forms
IML1 Define Long Text Templates
IML1W Define Long Text Templates – Word
IMLX Define Long Text Templates
IMLXW Define Long Text Templates – Word
IMR4 App.Req. w/o Distrib., w/o Variants
IMR5 App.Req. w/ Distrib., w/o Variants
IMR6 App.Req. w/o Distrib., w/ Variants
IMR7 App. Request w/ Distrib. w/ Variants
IMR_PREINV Recalculate preinv. analysis figures
IM_ARCR Archiving of Approp. Requests
IM_ARDE Delete Archived App. Requests
IM_ARMA Admin. of App. Request Archives
IM_LKZS Set Deletion Indicator
OIF1 Partner schema for app. request
OIF2 Maint. of plan profile f. app.req.
OIF3 Maint.- plan profile app.r. cash flw
OIT7 Approp. Request Report Selection
OITL Field selection for app. request
OITM1 User name for user field 1
OITM10 User name for user field 10
OITM11 User name for user field 11
OITM12 User name for user field 12
OITM13 User name for user field 12
OITM14 User name for user field 12
OITM2 User name for user field 2
OITM3 User name for user field 3
OITM4 User name for user field 4
OITM5 User name for user field 5
OITM6 User name for user field 6
OITM7 User name for user field 7
OITM8 User name for user field 8
OITM9 User name for user field 9
OITN Assign workflow tasks
OITO Master Data Tab
S_ALR_87006278 IMG Activity: OANF_WIRT_DAT
S_ALR_87006284 IMG Activity: OANF_GEN_STUF
S_ALR_87006292 IMG Activity: OANF_GEN_WORK
S_ALR_87006299 IMG Activity: OANF_BERICHT
S_ALR_87006304 IMG Activity: OANF_IMDV
S_ALR_87006309 IMG Activity: OANF_ZINS
S_ALR_87006311 IMG Activity: OANF_EDITION1
S_ALR_87006316 IMG Activity: OANF_PLAN
S_ALR_87006320 IMG Activity: SIMG_KOPLAN1
S_ALR_87006323 IMG Activity: OANF_CASH_PLAN
S_ALR_87006326 IMG Activity: OANF_KOPLA2
S_ALR_87006331 IMG Activity: OANF_IMD4
S_ALR_87006336 IMG Activity: OANF_INF_CMOD
S_ALR_87006341 IMG Activity: ORIP_IMEQ_ANF
S_ALR_87006345 IMG Activity: ORIP_IMER_ANF
S_ALR_87006355 IMG Activity: ORIP_IMEY_ANF
S_ALR_87006359 IMG Activity: OANF_IMDT
S_ALR_87006363 IMG Activity: OANF_IMD1
S_ALR_87006368 IMG Activity: OANF_IMDO
S_ALR_87006371 IMG Activity: OANF_IMDP
S_ALR_87006375 IMG Activity: OANF_IMDZ
S_ALR_87006379 IMG Activity: OANF_IMDX
S_ALR_87006382 IMG Activity: OANF_STATUS
S_ALR_87006385 IMG Activity: OANF_UMWELT
S_ALR_87006389 IMG Activity: OANF_GROSS
S_ALR_87006392 IMG Activity: OANF_PRIO
S_ALR_87006394 IMG Activity: OANF_PARTNER
S_ALR_87006395 IMG Activity: OANF_STAT_BER
S_ALR_87006397 IMG Activity: OANF_ANF_ART
S_ALR_87006400 IMG Activity: OANF_NUMMERN
S_ALR_87006403 IMG Activity: OANF_STATUS4
S_ALR_87006405 IMG Activity: OANF_FELD
S_ALR_87006408 IMG Activity: OANF_EDITION
S_ALR_87006411 IMG Activity: OANF_LANGTEXT
S_ALR_87006416 IMG Activity: OANF_USER
S_ALR_87006419 IMG Activity: OANF_BEWERT
S_ALR_87006425 IMG Activity: OANF_USER_KURZ
V_TAIF1L View Maintenance: V_TAIF1L
V_TAIF1V View Maintenance: V_TAIF1V
V_TAIF1_03 View Maintenance: V_TAIF1_03
V_TAIF1_04 View Maintenance: V_TAIF1_04
V_TPAR Definition of Partner Roles
V_TPAUM View Maintenance: V_TPAUM