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SAP TCode /ACCGO/DOCTYP_1 – Maintain Settlement Document Types

/ACCGO/DOCTYP_1 is a standard SAP tcode used to perform Maintain Settlement Document Types task in SAP ERP (or) S/4HANA system.This blog post provides key technical details about /ACCGO/DOCTYP_1 tcode, including its availability across SAP S/4HANA versions and related tcodes.

Package ACCGO: Package for all DDIC and Common Objects (/ACCGO/COMMON)
Technical Component SAP Agricultural Contract Management (LO-AGR)


The SAP tcode /ACCGO/DOCTYP_1 is available within SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA On-premise and SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud systems depending on the version and release level.

SAP S/4HANA Version Available?
1909 Yes
2020 Yes
2021 Yes
2022 Yes
2023 Yes

The following is the list of SAP transaction codes related to /ACCGO/DOCTYP_1.

SAP TCode SAP TCode Description
/ACCGO/04000067 IMG Activity
/ACCGO/05000001 IMG Activity
/ACCGO/33000009 IMG Activity
/ACCGO/33000027 SO Item Category Determination
/ACCGO/ACTV_SWITCH Activate Switch
/ACCGO/APPL_LOG_DISP Display Application Log
/ACCGO/APP_SPOT Contract Application Spot Monitor
/ACCGO/ASGN_PRFCTYPE Assign Profiles to Contract Types
/ACCGO/AS_MD_STS View for assigment of master to stat
/ACCGO/BACKDATED Backdated Master Data Changes
/ACCGO/CAKHDR_CORR Correction report
/ACCGO/CAK_TYP Maintain Contract Types
/ACCGO/CANL_PR Cancellation Price Factor
/ACCGO/CAS_STL_MAPEX Maintain Cond. Types for Settlement
/ACCGO/CAS_STL_MAPOP Maintain Cond. Types for Optionality
/ACCGO/CAS_STL_SPLIT Maintain Split Criteria for Stl. Grp
/ACCGO/CAT2ITM Maintain Item type Categories
/ACCGO/CHNG_LOG_DISP Contract Change Log Report
/ACCGO/CMG_STOR Maintain Storage Program Types
/ACCGO/COMMON_UI Configure Common UI Settings
/ACCGO/CONVERT_UOM Conversion of UoM Quantity
/ACCGO/CUST_MAINTAIN IMG Agricultural Contract Management
/ACCGO/CUST_OPTN Maintain Optionality Categories
/ACCGO/CUST_PA_TYPE Maintain Pricing Aspect Types
/ACCGO/CUST_PCT_CAT Maintain Condition Type Categories
/ACCGO/CUST_VP_SPOT Maintain Valuation Points in Spot/AO
/ACCGO/CUS_PRASP Maintain Pricing Aspect Types
/ACCGO/DDIC DDIC Attribute Check Report
/ACCGO/DOCTYP Maintain Settlement Document Types
/ACCGO/DOCTYPD Configure Settlement Document Types
/ACCGO/DOCTYP_2 Maintain Settlement Document Types
/ACCGO/DPQS_SCH_TEXT Maintain Schedule Text in Logon Lang
/ACCGO/EXPVBD Determine VBD type
/ACCGO/EXP_CUS Expense Recoverable/Consumption stra
/ACCGO/FR_EVENT Freight Event Customizing
/ACCGO/FR_MIDP Config. Incoterm Loc. for Freight
/ACCGO/GRPCAT Maintain Group Categories
/ACCGO/INVT Invoicing Term Maintenance
/ACCGO/INVTRM CAS: Settlement Invoicing Term Cust
/ACCGO/LDC_CUST Maintain LDC Relevant TSW Locations
/ACCGO/MAINTAIN_OPT Maintain Optionality Categories
/ACCGO/MAINT_CALC_RL Maintain Calculation Rules
/ACCGO/MAINT_COST Cost Maintenance
/ACCGO/MAINT_CURR Maintain External Currency
/ACCGO/MAINT_DERV_RL Maintain Derived Rules
/ACCGO/MAINT_MATNR Mass Maintenance of Material Report
/ACCGO/MAINT_MEOT Maintain Mode and Means of Transport
/ACCGO/MAINT_OPT_CAT Maintain Optionality Categories
/ACCGO/MAINT_PARAMS Maintain Calculation Rule Parameters
/ACCGO/MAINT_QTYPRFS Maintain Quantity Types and Profiles
/ACCGO/MAINT_SHD Shadow Items Maintenance Report
/ACCGO/MAINT_STAT View for Maintaining Status
/ACCGO/MAINT_TABASGN Maintain UI for Commodity Contract
/ACCGO/MAINT_TABLIST Maintain UI for Commodity Contract
/ACCGO/MVT_TYP Configure Movement Types
/ACCGO/MVT_TYPE Configure Movement Types
/ACCGO/NEG_STRL Maintain Negative Storage Locations
/ACCGO/OPT_CUS Maintain Optionality Categories
/ACCGO/PRIAPT Maintain Pricing Approaches
/ACCGO/PRNUMRANGE Edit Number Range for Pricing Aspect
/ACCGO/PROCESS_TRACE Maintain Trace Application Processes
/ACCGO/QREP_DTSTDB Maintain DataSets for Qrep
/ACCGO/REASON_CODE Maintain Reason Codes
/ACCGO/SHD_UTILITY Shadow/Assignment Utility Report
/ACCGO/SRRVBD Service Revenue Recognition VBD type
/ACCGO/STLC Contract Settlement Customization
/ACCGO/STLINVT Configuring the Invoicing Term
/ACCGO/STLR Maintain Reason Codes
/ACCGO/STLSET Maintain Settlement General Settings
/ACCGO/STLTAB Maintain Settlement Tab Settings
/ACCGO/STL_NS_PGM Auto Generation of Non-Std Settlment
/ACCGO/STL_RC Maintain Cancellation Reasons
/ACCGO/SUBPROC Maintain Sub Process after cancel.
/ACCGO/THRESH MM/SD/Pre-Payment Threshold
/ACCGO/TOLRTYP_MAINT Maintain Tolerance Types
/ACCGO/TSW_CUS Maintain TSW Locations
/ACCGO/T_LN_FILL Maintain Central Filling
/ACCGO/UND_VENDOR Maintain Undefined Vendor
/ACCGO/VALPNT Maintain Valuation Points