25 TOP SAP FICO Interview Questions



Below are some important SAP FICO interview questions for beginners and professionals. Some of these questions are asked in Top MNC companies.

1. What is the difference between the Company and Company code ?
2. What is Business Area ?
3. Define credit control area ?
The credit control area checks the credit limit for the customers.

4. What is Functional area ?

5. What is consolidation Business Area ?

6. What is Financial Management Area ?

7. What is Fiscal Year variant ?

8. How many types Fiscal Year variants ?

9. What is Posting Period Variant ?
It controls the open and closing periods. One posting period can be assigned no.of company codes.

10. What is Fiscal Year Variant and Posting Period Variant ?
Fiscal year variant does not specify which periods open and which period close, Simply continue the how many special periods and how many normal periods.
In posting period variant its specify which period is open and which period is not open, which period for company code.

11. What is Field Status Group ?
This allows you to work with the same field status group in any number of company codes. It is mandatory Field in G/L creation. You use this field define which fields are displayed when you post the business transactions to a G/L account.

12. At what level Field Status Group is configured ?
G/L Master Record, Customer/Vendor, Account Group and Posting Key.

13. What is Chart of Accounts ?
It is a list of all G/L accounts used by one or more company codes.

14. How many types of Chart of Accounts ?
There are 3 type of Chart of Accounts 1.Operational Chart of Accounts 2.Group Chart of Accounts and 3.Country Chart of Accounts.


15. What is Operational Chart of Accounts ?
These chart of accounts which is used day to day business process. FA and controlling both use this chart of accounts.

16. What is Group Chart of Accounts ?
The Group chart of accounts contains the G/L accounts that are used by the corporate group.It is used for consolidation of company codes.It is an optional to assign the Company code.

17. What is Country Chart of Accounts ?
It is used for logal specific requirement at each country. Legal book of accounts is different in country wise, we will submit the reports in country wise. So we can assign the Country Specific Chart of Accounts in OB62.

18. What does the screen of COA(Chart of Accounts) contains ?
Chart of Accounts ID,
Maintaining Language,
Length of the G/L account Number
Controlling Integration
Group Chart of Accounts
Block Indicator

19. What do you mean by Account Group ?
Account group determines which field can you configure on the G/L Master Record.It controls the number ranges of the G/L account.Account group helps you define layout for the group by suppressing fields or specify the fields as optional, required, display. When you create a G/L account you must specify the Account Group.

 20. What is Retained Earnings Account ?
At the end of the Fiscal Year, the system carry forward the balances of Profit & Loss account to the Retain Earnings account. You can define one or more P&L statement account types for Chart of Accounts and assign them to Retain Earnings Account.

21. Difference between Internal and External Number ranges ?
Internal number ranges are defined by the system automatically based on the configuration. The Number must be only numeric. External number ranges will be given manually by the end user, it may contains Alpha Numeric.

22.Difference between Account Group and Field Status Group ?
Account Group controls the Field Status of Master record. Field Status group controls the Field Status document line items.

23. What is Variant Principles ?
Fiscal Year Variant
Posting period Variant
Field Status Variant

24. What are the most important control functions of Document Types ?
Document Header, Account Type and Document Number ranges.

25. In G/L master which fields are mandatory ?
Account Currency and Field Status Group.

26. What are the Account Types in SAP ?
S → G/L Account
K → Vendor
D → Customer
A → Asset
M → Material
V → Contract Account

27. What is tolerance Group ?
Tolerance Group used to define permissible limits to employees or users to enter the document/Payment/Receipts and to allow Cash discount and to accept differences in under/over Payments/Receipts.

28. What is Posting Period ?
Posting Period is a period of time in which you are posting a transaction.It may be a month or week.