SAP E-Mobility Intelligent Charging Experience


SAP E-mobility is intelligent, sustainable cloud based SAP BTP application for operating charging infrastructure at scale and drive towards sustainability.

Electric cars (EVs) seem to be becoming more and more popular. According to the Electric Vehicle World Sales Database, EV sales increased significantly in 2021 across all areas with 3 to 8 times faster than the market for light vehicles. According to a BCG, more than half of vehicles sold worldwide by 2026 will be electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicles Sales Statistics
BCG – Electric Vehicles Sales Statistics

With increase in sales of electric vehicles, there is huge demand to support and maintain reliable charging infrastructure. To address these problems, SAP introduced SAP E-Mobility solution by creating a widespread network of charging stations while also giving chart-point suppliers a simple, intelligent, and automated charging experience.

What is SAP E-Mobility?

SAP E-Mobility is a standardized, cloud-based system that gives charge point operators everything they need to operate their business effectively and successfully. It is general available to customer in November 2021 as subscription service, powered by SAP Business Technology Platform.

A single platform to create, operate, and manage electric vehicle charging networks with integration of other software solutions such as billing, expense reimbursement, and invoicing. It enables businesses to interact with partners and stakeholders along the mobility value chain in the cloud, allowing for the creation of collaborative business models and operations.

SAP E-Mobility is targeted at companies where mobility is the core business, such as logistics companies managing large vehicle fleets or mobility-as-a-service providers such as public transit, municipalities, and private ground transportation”

Ulrich Scholl, VP SAP SE

It is a charging platform that helps connected vehicle owners to charge their electric vehicles safely and conveniently. It will power the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles at charging stations around the world, in addition to providing a platform for various connected vehicle services.

6 key features of SAP E-Mobility

It offers optimal, effective, and cost-effective charging capabilities and operations. The following are main key features

  • Charge point device management
  • Bi-directional communication with vendor-independent charging infrastructure
  • Monitoring of charging infrastructure and charging sessions
  • OCPP-based standard for electric vehicle supply equipment
  • SAP Concur integration for expense reimbursement
  • Provides great customer and driver focus experience.

Supported Charging Scenarios

SAP E-Mobility supports following end-to-end cross-industry scenarios:

  • Charge at Home
  • Charge at Work
  • Charge at Public

Charge at Home

Helps employees to charge their vehicles at home safely and efficiently. Enables integration with SAP Concur for accurate reimbursing charging costs.

Charge at Work

Helps employees to charge their vehicles at work safely using Fixed-Power Load Management. Enables integration with SAP S/4HANA Cloud for cost accounting of charging at the workplace. You can maximize the amount of vehicles that can be charged on your parking by utilizing dynamic load management.

Charge at Public

Helps general citizens to charge their vehicles at Public places using network of charging stations. Enables integration with SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP BRIM for invoicing and billing of subscribers.

Technical Prerequisites

You must purchase SAP E-Mobility subscription from the SAP Store if you want to set up SAP E-Mobility in your landscape. The following SAP BTP services are also required along with the subscription

  • Audit Log Service
  • Audit View Service
  • Personal Data Manager Service

New Features in SAP E-Mobility

The following are new features introduced in June 2022

  • Dynamic Load Management – Helps in increasing the occupancy rate of vehicles across the site.
  • Fixed-Power Load Management – Enables to adjust connector’s power delivery to charge safely and efficiently.
  • Scheduled Load Management – Create and carry out charging plans to lower energy expenses and free up power for other assets.


It will be a central part of the new SAP vehicle portfolio, and will be marketed as a new business unit within the SAP Automotive segment. SAP E-Mobility is a partner for SAP customers and partners in the automotive industry and is the only mobility platform that connects electric vehicles and charging stations.