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Know about Dev Space in SAP Business Application Studio


Dear SAPLearners, in this blog post we will learn about Dev Space in SAP Business Application Studio.

SAP Business Application Studio is a next generation development environment for building cloud native applications in SAP Cloud Platform cloud foundry environment. Below is the introductory video of the BAS.

Dev Space

At the heart of the Business Application Studio is the Dev Space. Unlike in SAP Web IDE Full Stack where we can develop all types of application in a single workspace, but in BAS each dev space is created based on the application type and is optimized for a specific development scenario.

On SAP BAS home screen, you can create, delete, start, and stop dev spaces. 

Dev Space in SAP Business Application Studio

SAP Cloud Platform trial version allows you to create only 2 dev spaces and 1 running at any point of time, these restrictions are not applicable in production accounts.

Development Scenarios

As each dev space is created with a specific to development scenario, SAP Business Application Studio supports 4 development scenarios(at the time of writing this blog post), more will come in future such as SAP HANA Dev Space.

Below are 4 development scenarios

  1. SAP Fiori
  2. SAP Cloud Business Applications(CAP)
  3. Mobile Development Kit
  4. SAP Cloud Platform Workflow

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Each Dev Space in SAP BAS contains tools categorized as SAP Predefined Extensions and Additional SAP Extensions. SAP Predefined Extensions are added by default when you create a new Dev Space. 

SAP Predefined Extensions

Below is the list of SAP Predefined Extensions.

1. Basic Tools

Allows you to optimize your web development workflow. The extension includes capabilities such as a code editor, file management capabilities, split view and window management, preferences and settings.

2. Fiori Freestyle Tools

Allows to optimize your Fiori-based development. This extension provides Fiori templates with the following tools:
• Grunt CLI
• abap-deploy CLI

3. MTA Tools

Allows you to perform operations such as build, deployment, and validation on multi-target applications. The following tools will be installed as part of the extension:
• Cloud Foundry environment CLI
• Cloud Foundry environment deployment plugin
• Cloud MTA Build Tool
• MTA module runner (VSCode extension)

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4. SAP Fiori tools

Allows you to simplify the development of SAP Fiori elements applications by providing extensions that can help you create applications, visualize navigation, automatically generate code, and more.
The following extensions will be installed:
• Fiori elements Yeoman Generator
• Application Modeler
• Guided Development
• Service Modeler
• XML Annotation Language Server

5. Basic UI5 Template

Allows you to create a basic SAPUI5 application, using the Yeoman generator.

6. UI5 Free Style Templates

Allows you to create an SAP Fiori worklist and master details applications, using the Yeoman generator.

7. SAPUI5 Layout Editor

Allows you to visually develop your XML view

8. CDS Tools

Allows you to develop applications based on CDS using the CDS command line and tools. It includes enhanced code editors and database management capabilities. The following tool will be installed as part of the extension:
• CDS Command Line Tools v1.4.3

9. Fiori Application

Allows you to create a fiori application, using the Yeoman generator.

10. Java Tools

Allows you to develop and run Java applications. It includes debugging capabilities, enhanced code editors and spring-boot tools. The following tools will be installed as part of the extension:
• SapMachine V 11
• Maven V 3.6.1
• Tomcat V 9.0.33

11. Mobile Services App Development Tools

Mobile Services App Development Tools enable developers to build end to end mobile applications. From modeling and generating OData services, creating mobile native apps from metadata with MDK to building content for SAP Mobile Cards.

Additional SAP Extensions

Further to enhance the Dev Space you can include tools from Additional SAP Extensions. Below is the list of Additional SAP Extensions

1. CDS Graphical Modeler

This tool allows you to design SAP core data services models. The extension includes the CDS Editor to visually design SAP CDS models. Model artifacts include entities, types, unstructured types, enums, arrayed types, events, associations and compositions, projects and services, which accelerate SAP cloud business application development.

2. Launchpad Module

Allows you to add a launchpad to your multi-target application.

3. SAP Work Zone Development Tools

This tool allows to build UI Integration cards, which are user interface elements that present new means to provide application information to the end user in a unified way. This editor allows user to create new cards or build cards from available samples, edit card properties and preview the changes. Finally, users can bundle and deploy the cards into different systems.

4. Workflow Management

Allows you to create workflow applications with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow.

Most importantly, Dev Spaces created in SAP Business Application Studio are isolated and there is no nexus between them. But you can use Git repositories to share the project code between the spaces.

Likewise, you can export and import dev space content. Dev space content can be downloaded if the dev space state is either RUNNING or ERROR.

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Congrats!! you have successfully learned about Dev Space in SAP Business Application Studio.

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