How to create ABAP Cloud Project


Dear SAPLearners, in this blog post we will learn on How to create ABAP Cloud Project using ABAP Development Tools which eclipse based.


Before you start, make sure you have

Step-by-Step Procedure

1. Open ABAP Development Tools (ADT).

2. In Eclipse IDE, navigate to Help -> New Software

ABAP in Cloud project Step1

3. On Available Software window, enter URL in Work with field and hit Enter. Choose all development tools available like below and hit Next.

ABAP in Cloud project Step2

4. On Install Details window, hit Next

ABAP in Cloud project Step3

5. On Review Licenses window, accept the license agreements and hit Finish to start the installation.

ABAP in Cloud project Step4

6. After successfully installation, restart the Eclipse IDE.

7. Choose New -> ABAP Cloud Project

ABAP in Cloud project Step5

8. On System Connection window, choose SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry Environment as service instance connection option and hit Next.

ABAP in Cloud project Step6

9. On Connection Settings window, provide all necessary information like below and hit Next

API Endpointautomatically populates based on region
Emailemail id of SAP Cloud Platform
Passwordpassword of SAP Cloud Platform
ABAP in Cloud project Step7

10. On Service Instance Details window, provide the details by using the drop-down list boxes.

ABAP in Cloud project Step8

11. On Service Instance Logon window, provide SAP Cloud Platform credentials and hit Logon.

ABAP in Cloud project Step9

12. You will successfully authenticated and automatically redirected to the next page.

ABAP in Cloud project Step10

13. ABAP Connection System details are displayed like below.

ABAP in Cloud project Step11

14. Finally, a new ABAP Cloud Project is created.

ABAP in Cloud project Step12

Congrats!! you have successfully created ABAP Cloud Project using ABAP Development Tools on SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry.

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