Frequently asked Interview Questions in Reports in ABAP


Contributed By Vijay Vaddy

Below are the frequently asked interview questions in Reports in ABAP


1. Difference between end of page and end of list?
3. What are the events in reports classical reports and how to trigger tell me the flow?
4. How to make a field editable in alv?
5. How to make field in color in alv?
6. How to save record in data base using edit alv?
7. FM’s in ALV ?
9. Types of function modules?
10. What are Control breaks statements in abap?
11. Explain at selection screen and at selection screen on field?
12. Explain any alv interactive report you did?
13. How do u call a program in a program?
14. How to do editable ALV’s
15. How we capture the data of particular customer in ALV report & how to call the customer transaction (XK01) along with displaying the data of the record selected?
16. How to call the transaction from report?
17. When the INITIALIZATION event trigger in report?
18. When the TOP-OF-PAGE event will trigger if there is no END-OF-SELECTION event?
19. What are prerequisites for writing control break statements?
20. How do you check the performance of the program?
21. When AT-NEW statement triggers give me an example?
22. Dynamic selection screen?

23. Purpose of START-OF-SELECTION event?
24. What if END-OF-SELECTION is not used?
25. Display some fields of selection screen based on the radio button selection?
26. Pre requisites for FOR ALL ENTRIES?
27. When is the TOP-OF-PAGE event triggered?
28. What is the implication of passing SY-REPID value to I_CALL_BACK_PROGRAM  in the FM REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY?
29. How to upload a logo in reports?
30. What is the difference between SY-TABIX and SY-INDEX?
31. What is the difference between COLLECT and SUM?
32. What is the difference between SE38 and SE80?
33. How to display radio buttons in single row in executable program?
34. Default event triggred in executable program?
35. What are the events in interactive report ?
36. Difference between classical , interactive and alv reports?
37. Difference between SELECT-OPTIONS and RANGES?
38. How will u print footers in alv report?
39. How will u edit fields from output list of alv?
40. Which transaction code can i use to analyze the performance of ABAP program?
41. Why can’t we create an ABAP program without using Y or Z?
42. What the difference is between COLLECT and APPEND?