SAP BAS December 2020 Updates


In this blog post, we will learn about what’s new in SAP BAS December 2020 updates.

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SAP Business Application Studio (BAS) is a cloud service that provides desktop-like experience for efficient development of business applications for the SAP Intelligent Enterprise. SAP is continuously working to add new additional features and improvements on a regular basis.

Summary of SAP BAS December 2020 updates

Here we will go-over the new features added in December 2020.

1️⃣ SAP HANA Tools

SAP Business Application Studio now have SAP HANA Tools to support SAP HANA native development.

A new Dev Space of type SAP HANA Native Application is added to support necessary tools to build and deploy native SAP HANA applications or analytical models. 

The Dev Space contains a set of editors to support the creation of SAP HANA database artifacts such as calculation views, tables, SQLScript procedures, and more, as well as tools to provide an end-to-end development flow from project creation to deployment in SAP Business Technology Platform.

SAP HANA Native Development and SAP Business Application Studio

To learn further about SAP HANA native development in SAP Business Application Studio click here.

2️⃣ A new SAP BAS Welcome page

SAP Business Application Studio in short BAS has a brand new welcome page to improve developer productivity. The welcome page has shortcuts to create a project from a template, Clone the project from Git, and Open Files and Folders.

You can open the Welcome page again from the command palette (Cntrl+Shift+P), in-case you closed it. Launch the command palette using the navigation menu View ➝ Find Command and then search for “Welcome“.

2020 December SAP Business Application Studio Updates 1

It also has Key-board shortcuts and the important links to documentation and What’s new features.

2020 December SAP Business Application Studio Updates 2 1

3️⃣ VS Code extensions

SAP Business Application Studio is a powerful and modular driven development environment to efficiently develop, test, build and run the business application for the intelligent enterprise.

It embraces the Microsoft Visual Code design principles and extensions to enhance developer productivity. By using the new Extensions View you can add extensions from the Open VSX Registry.

SAP Business Application Studio Extensions

Click here to know more about the extensions in SAP Business Application Studio.

4️⃣ Run Generators from SAP BAS Command Palette

You can run the application wizard (or) template generators directly from command palette.

Launch the command palette

2020 December SAP Business Application Studio Updates 3

Choose Run Generators

2020 December SAP Business Application Studio Updates 4

Select the template name in the command palette to trigger the relevant wizard

2020 December SAP Business Application Studio Updates 5

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