SAP Work Zone an efficient digital experience 2022


SAP Work Zone is a flexible and collaborative digital workplace service that connects individuals to information, business processes, and data to get work done quickly and efficiently. It is cloud solution based on SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP).

Employee and Organizations Problem

In today’s digital enterprise world, business information is spread across different systems. The majority of employees of organizations are continuously switching from one application to another to get their day-to-day work done. This effects the productivity, efficiency and satisfaction of employees.

So, there is need for a harmonized work place to access all business information in one place. Employees want not only to have all relevant business information and data from the systems in one location, but also to be able to communicate with and collaborate with other users on that information.

To address these problems in an organization, SAP introduce SAP Work Zone

What is SAP Work Zone?

SAP BTP Work Zone offers business application users a simple, modern, and unified user experience that intelligently presents application data and streamlines business processes to boost employee engagement and productivity. It’s a single point of entry that users can use from any device.

SAP Work Zone

Benefits of SAP Work Zone

  • A unified intelligent work experience is delivered through a simple, modern, and consistent user interface.
  • Access to business applications and third-party content is unified.
  • It can be accessed using a web browser, a dedicated mobile app, or mobile devices with a responsive web interface.
  • SAP BTP services allow you to customize SAP Work Zone to meet your specific business objectives.
  • Self-service and employee-focused.

Check out the SAP official demo here.

SAP Work Zone is a cloud solution and suite of products available under SAP BTP Extension Suite – Digital Experience pillar and brings all UI/UX services under one roof. It integrates with number of different business services available on SAP Business Technology Platform, such as:

  • SAP Launchpad Service
  • SAP Mobile Service
  • SAP One inbox
  • SAP Workflow Management
  • SAP Conversational AI

SAP Work Zone offers out-box integration with standard SAP Fiori apps both from on-premise and cloud.

SAP BTP SAP Work Zone vs Portal Service

SAP BTP Cloud Portal is used to create role-based, free-style, multi-channel portals for your employees, customers, and partners to access business apps and content. It simplifies the access to business data, so that your staff can safely complete their everyday responsibilities from any device.

Initially, SAP provided the cloud portal service through its SAP data center known as NEO environment. SAP has announced Portal/Launchpad capabilities for SAP BTP Multi-Cloud / Cloud Foundry (CF) environments that use several IaaS providers. Please keep in mind that not all NEO portal features are available in the Cloud Foundry environment.

Below are some of the restriction of Cloud Portal service in SAP BTP Cloud Foundry environment, in addition please refer to the known restrictions in the documentation.

  • Asset Management
  • Web Content editor tool
  • Custom (Web Content) Widget Templates
  • Convert Application to a Widget
  • Custom development of Site and Page templates
  • Renderers to Display Web Content

Although SAP BTP Work Zone and Cloud Portal services provide a next-generation digital experience, SAP BTP Work Zone is suggested for employee and supplier portals due to ongoing enhancements and SAP’s focus shift on Work Zone.

SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone

SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone is a digital workspace that brings together numerous business critical applications into a single customizable interface. It integrates several SAP systems as well as third-party apps, allowing employees to access whatever they need at work and built on the SAP Business Technology Platform.

SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone is a SAP SuccessFactors solution that provides a bundled experience to fulfill the demands of HR enterprises. It is a superset of SAP BTP Work Zone, with extra features including workflow and mobile services.


SAP Work Zone is a new digital experience offering from SAP helping organizations to increase user productivity and engagement.

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