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VYAF0: Define General Invoicing Runtime

VYAF0 is a standard SAP tcode used to perform Define General Invoicing Runtime task in SAP ERP (or) S/4HANA system.

Package FS-CD: Collections/Disbursements Functionality (ISCDFUN)
Technical Component Collections/Disbursements (FS-CD)


The SAP tcode VYAF0 is available within SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA On-premise and SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud systems depending on the version and release level.

SAP S/4HANA Version Available?
1909 Yes
2020 Yes
2021 Yes
2022 Yes
2023 Yes

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The following is the list of SAP transaction codes related to VYAF0.

SAP TCode Description
FQV093 RFC Destination
FQV094 Derivation Ext. Product & Rev. Type
FQV095 Derivation HVORG/TVORG for Tax Line
FQV096 Tax-Rel. Insurance Object Categories
FSCDEXPIRY1 Create Expiry Notes
FVVOZ Balance Interest Calc. Ins. Object
GSFNR Document Display for a GSFNR
S_KK4_08000096 S_KK4_08000096
S_KK4_08000468 IMG Activity: _ISISFICA_COINHVTV
S_KK4_08000477 IMG Activity: _ISISFICA_V_TKKV007D
S_KK4_08000478 IMG Activity: _ISISFICA_V_TKKV007E
S_KK4_08000479 IMG Activity: _ISISFICA_V_TKKV007C
S_KK4_08000480 IMG Activity: _ISISFICA_VYTAX1
S_KK4_08000481 IMG Activity: _ISISFICA_VYAC23
S_KK4_08000482 IMG Activity: _ISISFICA_VYAS43
S_KK4_08000484 IMG Activity: _ISISFICA_ARCHCOIN
S_KK4_08000501 IMG Activity: _ISISFICA_BROK_FQKPT
S_KK4_08000511 IMG Activity: _ISISFICA_VY_V131
S_KK4_08000512 IMG Activity: _ISISFICA_VY_V132
TFSCD_ACTIVATE_OPORD Classification Key and Direct Input
TOM0 Clearing
UY6O Cust. posting area V100
UY7O Cust. posting area 1110
UYM8 Display Transfer Doc Data (new)
VAH1 Display Invoicing Items
VAUGL_INFO Forward Clearing Information
VAZE Credit Splitting (Multiple Payts)
VCFCL Clarif.Processing: Money Laundering
VITATAX Correction Run for Italian Taxes
VKK1 IS-IS/PP Ins. Solution Customizing
VKKM Contract A/R + A/P
VKKMNEW Contract A/R + A/P
VKTT Test Partners DI/RFC
VPVA Dunning Proposal Insurance
VPVB Dunning Activities
VPVC Activities End Dunning Procedure
VRAA Maintain Coinsurer Specifications
VRAB Transactions Postings Coins. Shares
VRCN Posting Coinsurance Shares
VRCNHIST Coinsurance History
VSC05 Tax Specifications
VSIP Contract Selection
VVATAX1 Archive Italian Tax Reporting
VVATAX2 AS Activate Italian Tax Reporting
VVKK_CLEARING_CHECK Activate Test: Money Laundering Law
VVO1 Manage Contracts With AcctBalIntCalc
VVOC Create Ins. Obj. Int. Bal. Letter
VVOH Bal. Int. Calc. History Ins. Obj.
VVOSUM Summarization for Bal. Int. Calc.
VVOSUMA Bal. Int. Calc.: Summarization
VVOZ Balance Interest Calc. Ins. Object
VVOZACT AcctBalIntCalcCurrChange: Activities
VVOZACTDEF Currency Change: Define Activities
VVOZCURR Permitted Currency Change
VVOZCURRSW CurrChangeContractsAcctBalIntCalc.
VVOZINS_OBEGR Number Range Maintenance: VVOZINSEXT
VVVORG Customize Transactions
VXC1 Activation of Future Changes
VXF1 Retransfer Posting Data
VXH1 Transfer to general ledger
VY01 Maintain account function modules
VY04 Start Excel with test data
VY05 List documents
VY08 String search in source code
VY13 DME processing
VY21 List RFC errors
VY22 Maintain account function modules
VY23 Maintain account function modules
VY40 Delete contract data
VY41 Delete dunning history w/VVKKMHIST
VY6A Clearing Customiz.: Deadline variant
VY6B Clearing Customizing: Ordinality
VY6C Clearing Customizing: Sort. variants
VY6D Clearing Customiz: Min amt variants
VY6E Clearing Customizing: Variants
VY6F Clearing Customizing: Item cats
VY6G Clearing Customiz: DocType->ItmCat
VY6H Acct Det. Reconc. Acct
VY6I Revenue acct: acct determination
VY6J Adv. pyt post reasons: acct determ.
VY6K Acct Det. Reconc. Acct
VY6KF Customer-Specific Acct Determination
VY6M Acct det: Automatic clearing
VY6N Cust. posting area V100
VY6O Cust. posting area 1110
VY6P Cust. Bank Clrg / Clarif. Acct – DME
VY6Q Acct Determination: Coll. Invoices
VY6S Transactions For Simulated Items
VY6T Assign Transactions To Interest Keys
VY6U Parameters for Currency Change
VY6V G/L Accounts for Currency Change
VY6W Parameters for Transfer Postings
VY6X Closing Parameters
VY6Y Customizing Acct Default Vals
VY7C Customizing: Dunning amt limits
VY7D Customizing: Dunning charges
VY7F Customizing: Dunning grouping
VY7G Dunning proc. det. posting area:V201
VY7H Det DP Post Area V200 (old in V2.2)
VY7I Det. Posting Area Dep Acct Interest
VY7J Det. Dunning Proc. Postg Area V500
VY7K Acct Det.: Revenue/Contract Acct
VY7L CD Customizing Basic Settings
VY7M Parameters for Open Account Clearing
VY7S Customizing: Dunning block reasons
VY7T Dunn. Determ. Posting Area: V202
VY8A Account Determination
VYAAS Doc. Type for Clearing Oldest Debt
VYAC21 Coinsurance Reporting Archiv.
VYAC22 Maintain General Coins. Runtime
VYAC23 Activate AS for Coinsurance
VYAF Invoicing History Archiving
VYAF1 Define Runtime for Invoicing Types
VYAG0 Archiving Money Laundering Laws
VYAG1 Maintain Money Laundering Runtime
VYAM0 Archiving of Broker Reports
VYAM1 Maintain Gen. Broker Report Runtime
VYAR FS-CD: Posting Data Archiving
VYAS01 Display ISCD Broker Report Info Str.
VYAS21 Activate AS for Broker Report Arch.
VYAS31 Activate AS for invoicing history
VYAS41 Bal. Int. Calc. Hist. Archive
VYAS42 Maintain Gen. AcctBalIntCalcRuntime
VYAS43 Activate AS for Acct Bal. Int. Calc.
VYAUG Clrg Restrictions for Transactions
VYBEZ Item Is Regarded as Cleared, if:
VYBT Field Status Setting for Doc Cat.
VYCA Customizing: Cancel. Reason
VYCB Customizing: Posting reasons
VYCC Customizing: Document type
VYCD Bank Acct Customizing
VYCE Customizing Selection for Clearing
VYCF Customizing: Invoice Types
VYCH Customizing: Notes to the Clerk
VYCM Customizing: Doc Dunning Procedure
VYCO Posting Specs for Coins. Shares
VYCOV004 Create Insurance Invoices
VYCOV008 Create Insurance Quotations
VYCOV018 Create Tax Office Certificates
VYCOV032 Create Balanced Contract Statements
VYCOV033 Create Ins. Balance Notifications
VYCQ Customizing: Doc Type Deter.
VYCR Customizing: Returns Reasons
VYCS Customizing: Line Table TKKVSPAR
VYCU Customizing for Sublines of Bus.
VYCV Customizing: Summarization
VYCW Customizing – Money Laundering Rptg
VYCX Maintain Customer LR Enhancements
VYEV Define External Transactions
VYIE Assign External Transactions
VYIV Define Internal Transactions
VYKO Open Item Accounting Carryforward
VYM10 Contract Dun. Status
VYM7 FI-CA Dunning History Archvg
VYM9 Define Dunning Archiving Runtime
VYSA Reconcil. Progr. for Posting Run
VYSP Parallelized Debit Entry
VYT1 Note to Clerk from Clearing
VYTAX02 List Creation for Tax Report
VYTAX1 Insurance Tax Schedule Specs
VYTAX2 Transaction-Relevant Tax Code
VYTAX3 Main/Subtransaction for Payt on Acct
VYZ0 Customizing: Bank Clearing Accts
VYZ1 Customizing: Payment Frequency
VYZ10 Customizing POKEN -> Payt lock rsn
VYZ2 Customizing: Automatic Payments
VYZ3 Customizing: FMs for Due Dates
VYZ6 Customizing Act. Commission
VYZ9 Start Workflows for Clarif. Cases
VY_TT_1 Transaction for TKKV_T1
VY_V011 Cust. Receivables/Payables
VY_V021 Cust. Revenues/Expenses
VY_V050 Customizing Posting Area V050
VY_V131 Transaction-Relevant Tax Code
VY_V132 Activity Code/Distribution Type Arg.
VY_V133 Classification Determination (Taxes)
V_AUGL_AS Clearing for Oldest Debt