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VE06: INTRASTAT: Paper Form – Belgien

VE06 is a standard SAP tcode used to perform INTRASTAT: Paper Form – Belgien task in SAP ERP (or) S/4HANA system.

Package Application development R/3 foreign trade (VEI)
Technical Component Basic Functions (SD-FT-PRO)


The SAP tcode VE06 is available within SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA On-premise and SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud systems depending on the version and release level.

SAP S/4HANA Version Available?
1909 Yes
2020 Yes
2021 Yes
2022 Yes
2023 Yes

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The following is the list of SAP transaction codes related to VE06.

SAP TCode Description
0VX0 Maintain Selection Variants – Japan
0VX1 Maintain Selection Variants MITI
0VX2 Selection variants – Customs decl JP
0VX3 Selection variants – Customs decl JP
ARKO KOBRA: Archiving
CAAT Foreign Trade Atrium
EN99 General Foreign Trade Processing
ENCO Printing / Communication
ENFO Foreign Trade/Customs: Init. Screen
ENGK Legal control
ENGR Periodic Declarations
ENLO Documentary Payments
ENPA FT: Enjoy: Period-end Closings
ENPR Preference Handling
ENSL Cockpit: Sanctioned Party List
ENSV Foreign Trade Data Maintenance
ENZD Customs Objects: Documentation/Info.
FTEX Exp.bill.doc.analysis
FTGR Import Gds Receipt Analysis
FTIM Import Order Analysis
FTUS Foreign Trade: Maintain User Data
KOSL Incompleteness FT Data BOM
LEAN Request long-term Sup.Decl. (suppl.)
LEER Create long-term VenDecl. (customer)
LEMA Dun long-term suppl. decl.(supplier)
MOKA CAP: Calculation Restitution
MOKS CAP: Calculation Simulation
OVE9 Completion check
S_ALR_87100821 Obsolete
VA94 Load Commodity Codes for Japan
VA94X Load Commodity Codes for Japan
VA95 Merge Commodity Code/Import Code No.
VAM4 Merge: Japan – Commodity Code
VCUAC Display Anti-dumping – Qty-dependent
VCUAE Display Anti-dumping – Weight-depend
VCUDC Display 3rd Country – Qty-dependent
VCUDE Display 3rd Country – Weight-depend.
VCUP1 Display Preference – Qty-dependent
VCUP2 Display Preference – Weight-depend.
VCUPC Display Pharma.Prod. – Qty-dependent
VCUPF Display Pharma.Prod. – Weight-depen.
VCUZ1 Display Ceiling – Quantity-dependent
VCUZ2 Display Ceiling – Weight-dependent
VCUZC Display Quota – Quantity-dependent
VCUZE Display Quota – Weight-dependent
VCUZP Display Ceilings – Percentage
VE01 Select Dispatches, Customer Returns
VE02 INTRASTAT: Create Form – Germany
VE03 INTRASTAT: Create File – Germany
VE04 EXTRASTAT: Data selection for export
VE05 EXTRASTAT: Create File – Germany
VE07 Create INTRASTAT Form for France
VE08 Create INTRASTAT File for Italy
VE09 Create INTRASTAT file for Belgium
VE10 Create INTRASTAT file for Holland
VE11 Create INTRASTAT file for Spain
VE12 Create INTRASTAT form for Holland
VE13 KOBRA data selection: export Germany
VE14 Create KOBRA file for Germany
VE16 Create INTRASTAT form for Austria
VE17 Create INTRASTAT form for Sweden
VE18 SED data selection for USA exporters
VE19 Create SED form for USA
VE20 Create AERP file for USA
VE21 VAR: Selection of bill. docs Switz.
VE22 Create VAR form for Switzerland
VE23 V.A.R.: File – Switzerland
VE24 Comm. Code Number Information (old)
VE24X Commodity Code Information
VE25 SED: Selection: USA Carriers
VE26 Number of CAP Products List
VE27 HMF: Selection – USA
VE28 Name of Market Organization
VE29 Assigned Documents for Each License
VE30 Existing licenses
VE31 Blocked SD Documents
VE32 INTRASTAT: Paper Form – Ireland
VE33 INTRASTAT: Paper Form – U.K.
VE34 INTRASTAT: Paper Form – Belgien
VE35 Number of Market Organization
VE36 Group for CAP Products
VE37 INTRASTAT: File – France
VE38 INTRASTAT: Selection Simulation – EU
VE39 EXTRASTAT: Selection Simulation
VE40 KOBRA: Selection Simulation
VE41 VAR: Selection of bill. docs Switz.
VE42 INTRASTAT: File – Denmark
VE43 SED: Selection Exp. USA Simulation
VE44 SED: Select Carrier USA Simulation
VE45 INTRASTAT: Paper Form – Greece
VE46 INTRASTAT: File – Finland
VE48 Customs Quota Code
VE49 Code for Pharmaceutical Products
VE50 Legal Regulation
VE51 Legal Regulation/License Type
VE52 Country/Legal Regulations
VE53 Export Situation for a Country
VE54 Preference Determination: Collective
VE55 Preference Determination: Individual
VE56 Check Export Control for Consistency
VE57 Country Classification
VE58 Product Classification
VE59 Legal Regulations/Country Grouping
VE60 Exp.Ctrl Class Legal Reg.
VE61 Legal Regulations/Embargo Group
VE62 Material Group Legal Reg.
VE63 Customs Areas
VE64 Commodity Code/Customs Areas
VE65 Preference Reg./Percentage Rates
VE66 Preference Procedure
VE67 Aggregate Supplier Declarations
VE68 Request Supplier Declarations
VE69 Incompletion log
VE70 Place of manufacture
VE71 Preference: Determine Customs Area
VE72 Export – Billing Documents
VE73 Goods Catalog: Create Document
VE74 Goods Catalog: Create Diskette
VE75 Preference Code
VE76 Anti-dumping Code
VE77 Preference: Tariff Alternation
VE78 Plant Parameters for Supplier Decl.
VE79 Quota Code Determination
VE80 Assign Chapter to Section
VE81 Check Report: General FT Data
VE81X Incompleteness: FT Material Data
VE82 Check Report: Export Control Data
VE82X Incompleteness: Export Control Data
VE83 Check Report: Preference Data
VE83X Incompleteness: Preference Material
VE84 Monitoring: Purchasing Info Records
VE85 Change Statistical Value – Import
VE86 Display Statistical Value – Import
VE87 Change Stat.Value – Subcontracting
VE88 Change Statistical Value – Export
VE89 Display Statistical Value – Export
VE90 Change preference values
VE91 Display Preference Values
VE92 Create INTRASTAT tape Luxembourg
VE94 Load Commodity Code for EU Countries
VE94X Load Commodity Code for EU Countries
VE95 Create INTRASTAT papers: Portugal
VE96 EXTRASTAT Data Select.: Init. Screen
VE97 Create EXTRASTAT tape: Netherlands
VE98 Sales Invoice Values per Period
VE99 Create Document – Austria
VEA1 FT – Create commodity code import
VEA2 FT: Create commodity code export
VEA3 EXTRASTAT: File Version France
VEA4 EXTRASTAT: File Version France
VEA5 EXTRASTAT: File Version France
VEB1 Period-end Closings: Control
VEB2 DtA: Special Rule Countries/Regions
VEB5 Calculate Assemblies Individually
VEB6 Calculate Assemblies Collectively
VEB9 Customer Exits: Print Control
VECS Legal Control: Special Char. Code
VECZ INTRASTAT: File – Czech Republic
VED1 Print Parameters for Export Docs
VED2 Form Data Control
VEFU Foreign Trade: Add INTRASTAT Data
VEFUX FT-GOV: Change transaction INTRASTAT
VEHU INTRASTAT: File – Hungary
VEI1 Display IDoc Import
VEI2 Display IDoc Export
VEI3 Display Stat.Value – Subcontracting
VEI4 Merge: Remaining Commodity Codes
VEI5 Create value limit subcontracting
VEI6 EDI: IDoc List – Import Basis
VEIV Foreign Trade: Add EXTRASTAT Data
VEKAB Exp.Cont.(KOBRA)Data Maint.B Records
VEKAC Exp.Cont.(KOBRA)Data Maint.C Records
VEKU For. Trade: Change KOBRA Documents
VEM4 Merge: EU – Commodity Code
VEPR Customs log
VEPT INTRASTAT: File – Portugal
VEU4 Load Commodity Code-Other Countries
VEU4X Load Commodity Code-Other Countries
VEXU Foreign Trade: Add EXTRASTAT Data
VEXUX FT-GOV: Change transaction EXTRASTAT
VFAE Archive EXTRASTAT Documents
VFAI Archive INTRASTAT Documents
VI08 Display FT data in purchasing doc.
VI08X Display FT data in purchasing doc.
VI09 Change FT Data in Purchasing Doc.
VI09X Change FT Data in Purchasing Doc.
VI10 Display FT Data in Billing Document
VI10X Display FT Data in Billing Document
VI14 Change FT Data in Billing Document
VI14X Change FT Data in Billing Document
VI17 Display FT Data in Inbound Delivery
VI17X Display FT Data in Inbound Delivery
VI18 Display Anti-dumping
VI19 Display Third-country Customs Duties
VI20 Display Customs Quota
VI21 Display Pharmaceutical Products
VI22 Display Customs Exemption
VI23 Display Preferential Customs Duties
VI24 Code Number Information – Import
VI24X Import Code No. Information
VI25 Display Gross Price – Customs
VI26 Display Surcharge/Discount – Customs
VI27 Display Freight – Customs
VI28 EDI: Customs ID Number – Supplier
VI29 Incompletion – Foreign Trade Data
VI30 Declara. to Authorities: Exclusion
VI31 Code Determin. – Pharmaceut.Products
VI32 Code Determination – Anti-dumping
VI33 Customs Exemption
VI34 Preferential Customs Duty Rate
VI35 Third-country Customs Duty Rate
VI37 Import Simulation Control
VI38 Determination of Verification Docs
VI39 Authority for Verification Docs
VI40 Preference Type
VI41 Verification Document Type
VI43 Definition of Section
VI44 Assign Chapter to Section
VI45 Export –> Import Conversion
VI46 Conversion: Mode of Transport
VI47 Conversion of Business Transact.Type
VI48 Conversion of Customs Offices
VI49 Foreign Trade Data Control in Doc.
VI50 Conversion: Import/Export Procedure
VI51 Define Payment Guarantee Procedure
VI52 Define Form of Payment Guarantee
VI53 Change FT Data in Inbound Delivery
VI53X Change FT Data in Inbound Delivery
VI54 Customs Approval Numbers
VI55 Approval Number per Plant
VI56 EDI: Customs ID Number – Customer
VI57 Legal Control – Order Header
VI58 Legal Control – Order Item
VI59 Legal Control – Delivery Header
VI60 Legal Control – Delivery Item
VI61 Conversion – Reference Country
VI62 Conversion – Reference Country
VI63 Assign Delivery Item Categories
VI64 Display FT Data in Outbound Delivery
VI64X Display FT Data in Outbound Delivery
VI65 Maintain Market Organizations
VI66 Maintain No. of Market Organization
VI67 Maintain CAP Products List Nos
VI68 Control Commodity Code/Code Number
VI69 Maintain CAP Products Group
VI70 Default Values – Stock Transp. Order
VI71 Change Preference Values
VI72 Display Insurance – Customs
VI73 Maintain Supplier Declaration
VI73N Maintain Supplier Declaration
VI74 Display Supplier Declaration
VI74N Display Supplier Declaration
VI75 Suppl. Declarations – Dunning notice
VI76 Mode of Transport – Office of Exit
VI77 Change FT Data in Outbound Delivery
VI77X Change FT Data in Outbound Delivery
VI78 Foreign Trade: Country Data
VI79 Display FT Data in Goods Receipt
VI79X Display FT Data in Goods Receipt
VI80 Change FT Data in Goods Receipt
VI80X Change FT Data in Goods Receipt
VI81 Check Report: CAP Products
VI81X Check Report: CAP Products
VI82 Check General Customer Master Data
VI82X Incompleteness: FT Customer Data
VI83 Check Customer Master/Legal Control
VI83X Incompleteness:Customer Control Data
VI84 Doc.Payments: Check Customer Master
VI84X Billing Doc.Incompleteness Customer
VI85 Incompleteness: Foreign Trade Suppl.
VI86 Incompleteness: Cross-plant
VI87 Foreign Trade: Header Data Proposal
VI88 Input Table for Preference Determin.
VI89 Customs Law Description
VI90 Fill Foreign Components in BOMs
VI91 Display Foreign Components in BOMs
VI92 Preference: Alternative Comm. Code
VI93 Foreign Trade: Import Control
VI94 Load Import Code Nos – EU Countries
VI94X Load Import Code Nos – EU Countries
VI95 Def.Val.f.Foreign Trade Header Data
VI96 Customer Exits: Default Values
VI97 Define Control Codes
VI98 Select Intercompany Billing Receipts
VI99 Select MM Dispatches – OBSOLETE
VIB1 Send IDoc Output
VIB2 Call Print Program From VI10/VI14
VIB3 Foreign Trade Output Status
VIB4 Print Transaction: Initial Procg
VIB5 Print Transaction: Repeat Procg
VIB6 Print Transaction: Error in Procg
VIB7 Send IDoc Output – Initial Procg
VIB8 Send IDoc Output – Repeat Procg
VIB9 Send IDoc Output – Error in Procg
VIBA Send IDoc Output-AES-Initial Procg
VIBB Send IDoc Output-AES-Repeat Procg
VIBC Send IDoc Output-AES-Error in Procg
VIBD Printing: Analysis form data audit
VIBN Monitor messages
VIE4 Incompleteness Periodic Declarations
VIEX FT: Journal Export Actual
VII4 Merge: Rest – Import Code Number
VII5 Import control in the material doc.
VIIM FT: Op. Cockpit: Purchase order
VIJ1 Journal Import
VIJ2 Journal Export
VILG FT: Country Group Definition
VILI FT: Export Deliveries Journal
VIM4 Merge: EU – Import Code Number
VIMM Decl. Recpts/Disptch Min. Oil Prod.
VIPL Display Customs Duty for Ceiling
VIR1 Import Reorg. – Incompleteness
VIR2 Export Reorg. – Incompleteness
VIS3 Check program: Cross-plant
VISW Service: Information: Keywords
VIU4 Load Import Code No.-Other Countries
VIU4X Load Import Code No.-Other Countries
VIUL Foreign Trade: Data Upload
VIWAX Display FT Data in Goods Issue
VIWBX Change FT Data in Goods Issue
VIWE FT: Op. Cockpit: Goods Receipt
VIZB Import Proc: Means of Transport
VIZN Import Proc: Type of Goods ID Seal
VIZP Import Processing: Package Type
VOEX Incompleteness: Billing Document
VOIM Incompleteness: Purchase Order
VOLI Incompleteness: Delivery
VOWE Incompleteness: Goods Receipt
VP94 Load Import Code No. for Japan
VP94X Load Import Code No. for Japan
VPAR Archiving Preference Logs
VPM4 Merge: Japan – Import Code Number
VPREF Archiving Customs Log
VRLI FT: Reorg. T609S Delivery
VRWE FT: Reorg. T609S Goods Receipt
VX00 Export Control
VX01 Create license (old)
VX01N Create license
VX01X Create control record (new)
VX02 Change license (old)
VX02N Change license
VX02X Change control record (new)
VX03 Display license (old)
VX03N Display license
VX03X Display control record (new)
VX04N Maintain license
VX05 Customers for License
VX06 Export Control Classes for License
VX07 Simulation: License Check
VX08 Simulation: Boycott List Check
VX09 Simulation: Embargo Check
VX0C Foreign Trade: Customizing Menu
VX10 Countries of Destination for License
VX11 Create Financial Document
VX11N Create financial document
VX11X Create Financial Document
VX12 Change Financial Document
VX12N Change Financial Document
VX12X Change Financial Document
VX13 Display Financial Document
VX13N Display financial document
VX13X Display Financial Document
VX14N Maintain financial documents
VX16 BAFA diskette: Selection
VX17 Create BAFA diskette
VX22 Change license data (old)
VX22N Change License Data
VX23 Display license data (old)
VX23N Display license data
VX24N Maintain control data
VX30 Legal Control: Export Ctrl Class
VX49 Doc.Paym.Guarantee: Fin.Doc.Types
VX50 Doc.Paym.Guarantee: Fin.Doc.Types
VX51 Doc.Paym.Guarantee: Bank Function
VX52 Doc.Paym.Guarantee: Field Ctrl ID
VX53 Doc.Paym.Guarantee: Fin.Doc.Type ID
VX54 Doc.Paym.Guar.: Fld Ctrl-Bank Funct.
VX55 Doc.Paym.Guar.: Export/Import Docs
VX56 Doc. Payment Guarantee: Bank IDs
VX57 Doc.Paym.Guar.: Export Docs Def.
VX58 Doc.Paym.Guar.: Export Docs Assignm.
VX70 Sanctioned Party List: Legal Regul.
VX71 Sanctioned Party List:Departure Ctry
VX72 Sanctioned Party List:Scope of Check
VX73 Sanctioned Party List: Aliases
VX74 Sanctioned Party List: Exclus.Texts
VX75 Sanctioned Party List: List Types
VX76 Sanctioned Party List: References
VX77 Sanctioned Party List: Delimiter
VX78 Sanctioned Party L.: Normalization
VX79 Sanctioned Party List: Phon. Check
VX80 CAP: CAP products list number
VX81 CAP: CAP products group
VX83 CAP: Components Leading Good
VX84 CAP: CAP material components
VX85 CAP: CAP Bill of Material
VX86 Maintain Market Organizations
VX87 Maintain No. of Market Organization
VX94 Declarations to Authorities: Check
VX98 Displ.FT Data in Purch.Doc.-INTERNET
VX99 FT/Customs: General overview
VXA1 Docs Assigned to Financial Documents
VXA2 Existing Financial Documents
VXA3 Financial Documents: Blocked Docs
VXA4 Financial Documents: Simulation
VXA5 Document. Payments: Print Monitoring
VXA7 Documentary Payments: Simulation
VXBC SLS: List of Blocked Customers
VXCZ INTRASTAT: Form – Czech Republic
VXDA SLS: Audit Trail – Customer Master
VXDG Export Control
VXDP Declarations to the Authorities
VXDV List of Expiring SLS Records
VXGK Export Control
VXHU INTRASTAT: Form – Hungary
VXIE Maintain Foreign Trade Data
VXJ0 Foreign Trade: MITI Decl. – Japan
VXJ1 MITI Declarations
VXJ2 Declaration of ImportBill.Docs Japan
VXJ3 Foreign Trade: Import Decl. Japan
VXKA SLS: Audit Trail: Supplier Master
VXKD Declarations to the Authorities
VXL1 Legal Control: SLS – Scenario 1
VXL2 Legal Control: SLS – Scenario 2
VXL3 Legal Control: SLS – Scenario 3
VXL4 Legal Control: SLS – Scenario 4
VXL5 Legal Control: SLS – Scenario 5
VXL6 Legal Control: SLS: Sim.: Customer
VXL7 Legal Control: SLS: Search Terms
VXL8 Legal Control: SLS: Change History
VXL9 Legal Control: SLS: Sim.: Supplier
VXLA Legal Control: SLS – Audit Trail
VXLB Legal Control: SLS: Sim.: Address
VXLC SLS: Supplier Check – Scenario 3
VXLD Legal Control: SLS – List Display
VXLE SLS: Scenario 5 – Supplier Master
VXLP Legal Control: SLS: Keyword: Address
VXLU Legal Control: SLS – Data Service
VXLX Legal Control: SLS: Sim. Customer
VXLY Legal Control: SLS: Sim. Deliv.
VXLZ Sanctioned Party List Screen
VXME Declarations to the Authorities
VXMO Common Agricultural Policy
VXPR Export Control
VXS1 Legal Control: SLS: Create Entry
VXS2 Ges. Kontrolle: SLS: Change Entry
VXS3 Legal Control: SLS: Display Entry
VXSE Declarations to the Authorities
VXSIM Simulate Import
VXSK INTRASTAT: Form – Slovakia
VXSL Foreign Trade: Area Menu SLS
VXSW Mass change material commodity code
WZFT01 FT: Wizard – Declara. to Auth. (MM)
WZFT02 FT: Wizard – Declara. to Auth. (SD)
XAAM Number range maintenance: FR_DRU_AM
XAEU Number range maintenance: FT_DRU_EUR
XAKK Maintain Number Range: RV_AKKRED
XATD Number range maintenance: FT_DRU_T
XATR Number range maintenance: FT_DRU_ATR
XAUS Number range maintenance: RV_EXPORT
XSLS Maintain Number Ranges: RV_SANCPL