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ME34K: Maintain Contract Supplement

ME34K is a standard SAP tcode used to perform Maintain Contract Supplement task in SAP ERP (or) S/4HANA system.

Program SAPMM06E
Package Purchasing (ME)
Technical Component Purchasing (MM-PUR)


The SAP tcode ME34K is available within SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA On-premise and SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud systems depending on the version and release level.

SAP S/4HANA Version Available?
1909 Yes
2020 Yes
2021 Yes
2022 Yes
2023 Yes

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The following is the list of SAP transaction codes related to ME34K.

SAP TCode Description
100 Messages: Disp. CondTab: Pur. Order
ME01 Maintain Source List
ME03 Display Source List
ME04 Changes to Source List
ME05 Generate Source List
ME06 Analyze Source List
ME07 Reorganize Source List
ME08 Send Source List
ME0M Source List for Material
ME11 Create Purchasing Info Record
ME12 Change Purchasing Info Record
ME13 Display Purchasing Info Record
ME14 Changes to Purchasing Info Record
ME15 Mark Purch. Info Rec. for Deletion
ME16 Purchasing Info Recs. for Deletion
ME17 Archive Info Records
ME18 Send Purchasing Info Record
ME1A Archived Purchasing Info Records
ME1B Redetermine Info Record Price
ME1E Quotation Price History
ME1L Info Records per Supplier
ME1M Info Records per Material
ME1P Purchase Order Price History
ME1W Info Records per Material Group
ME1X Buyer’s Negotiat. Sheet for Supplier
ME1Y Buyer’s Negotiat. Sheet for Material
ME21 Create Purchase Order
ME21N Create Purchase Order
ME22 Change Purchase Order
ME22N Change Purchase Order
ME23 Display Purchase Order
ME23N Display Purchase Order
ME24 Maintain Purchase Order Supplement
ME25 Create PO with Source Determination
ME26 Display PO Supplement (IR)
ME27 Create Stock Transport Order
ME28 Release Purchase Order
ME29N Release purchase order
ME2A Monitor Confirmations
ME2B POs by Requirement Tracking Number
ME2C Purchase Orders by Material Group
ME2DP Down-Payment Monitoring for PO
ME2J Purchase Orders for Project
ME2K Purch. Orders by Account Assignment
ME2L Purchase Orders by Supplier
ME2M Purchase Orders by Material
ME2N Purchase Orders by PO Number
ME2O SC Stock Monitoring (Supplier)
ME2V Goods Receipt Forecast
ME2W Purchase Orders for Supplying Plant
ME308 Send Contracts with Conditions
ME31 Create Outline Agreement
ME31K Create Contract
ME31L Create Scheduling Agreement
ME32 Change Outline Agreement
ME32K Change Contract
ME32L Change Scheduling Agreement
ME33 Display Outline Agreement
ME33K Display Contract
ME33L Display Scheduling Agreement
ME34 Maintain Outl. Agreement Supplement
ME34L Maintain Sched. Agreement Supplement
ME35 Release Outline Agreement
ME35K Release Contract
ME35L Release Scheduling Agreement
ME36 Display Agreement Supplement (IR)
ME37 Create Transport Scheduling Agmt.
ME38 Maintain Sched. Agreement Schedule
ME39 Display Sched. Agmt. Schedule (TEST)
ME3A Transm. Release Documentation Record
ME3B Outl. Agreements for Requirement No.
ME3C Outline Agreements for Material Grp
ME3J Outline Agreements for Project
ME3K Outl. Agreements for Act. Assignment
ME3L Outline Agreements per Supplier
ME3M Outline Agreements by Material
ME3N Outline Agreements by Agreement No.
ME3P Recalculate Contract Price
ME3R Recalculate Sched. Agreement Price
ME41 Create Request For Quotation
ME42 Change Request For Quotation
ME43 Display Request For Quotation
ME44 Maintain RFQ Supplement
ME45 Release RFQ
ME47 Create Quotation
ME48 Display Quotation
ME49 Price Comparison List
ME4B RFQs by Requirement Tracking Number
ME4C RFQs by Material Group
ME4L RFQs by Supplier
ME4M RFQs by Material
ME4N RFQs by RFQ Number
ME4S RFQs by Collective Number
ME51 Create Purchase Requisition
ME52 Change Purchase Requisition
ME53 Display Purchase Requisition
ME54 Release Purchase Requisition
ME55 Collective Release of Purchase Reqs.
ME56 Assign Source to Purch. Requisition
ME57 Assign and Process Requisitions
ME58 Ordering: Assigned Requisitions
ME59 Automatic Generation of POs
ME59N Automatic generation of POs
ME5A Purchase Requisitions: List Display
ME5F Release Reminder: Purch. Requisition
ME5J Purchase Requisitions for Project
ME5K Requisitions by Account Assignment
ME5R Archived Purchase Requisitions
ME5W Resubmission of Purch. Requisitions
ME80 Purchasing Reporting
ME80A Purchasing Reporting: RFQs
ME80AN General Analyses (A)
ME80F Purchasing Reporting: POs
ME80FN General Analyses (F)
ME80R Purchasing Reporting: Outline Agmts.
ME80RN General Analyses (L,K)
ME81 Analysis of Order Values
ME81N Analysis of Order Values
ME82 Archived Purchasing Documents
ME83 Remove Scheduling Agreement Releases
ME84 Generation of Sched. Agmt. Releases
ME84A Individual Display of SA Release
ME85 Renumber Schedule Lines
ME86 Aggregate Schedule Lines
ME87 Summarize PO History
ME88 Set Agr. Cum. Qty./Reconcil. Date
ME91 Purchasing Docs.: Urging/Reminding
ME91A Urge Submission of Quotations
ME91E Sch. Agmt. Schedules: Urging/Remind.
ME91F Purchase Orders: Urging/Reminders
ME92 Monitor Order Acknowledgment
ME92F Monitor Order Acknowledgment
ME92K Monitor Order Acknowledgment
ME92L Monitor Order Acknowledgment
ME97 Archive Purchase Requisitions
ME98 Archive Purchasing Documents
ME99 Messages from Purchase Orders
ME9A Message Output: RFQs
ME9E Message Output: Sch. Agmt. Schedules
ME9F Message Output: Purchase Orders
ME9K Message Output: Contracts
ME9L Message Output: Sched. Agreements
MEAN Delivery Addresses
MEIS Select Receipts, Returns to Supplier
MEK1 Create Conditions (Purchasing)
MEK2 Change Conditions (Purchasing)
MEK3 Display Conditions (Purchasing)
MEK31 Condition Maintenance: Change
MEK32 Condition Maintenance: Change
MEK33 Condition Maintenance: Change
MEK4 Create Conditions (Purchasing)
MEKA Conditions: General Overview
MEKB Conditions by Contract
MEKC Conditions by Info Record
MEKD Conditions for Material Group
MEKE Conditions for Supplier
MEKF Conditions for Material Type
MEKG Conditions for Condition Group
MEKH Market Price
MEKI Conditions for Incoterms
MEKJ Conditions for Invoicing Party
MEKK Conditions for Supplier Sub-Range
MEKL Price Change: Scheduling Agreements
MEKLE Currency Change: Sched. Agreements
MEKP Price Change: Info Records
MEKPE Currency Change: Info Records
MEKR Price Change: Contracts
MEKRE Currency Change: Contracts
MEKX Transport Condition Types Purchasing
MEKY Trnsp. Calc. Schema: Mkt. Pr. (Pur.)
MEKZ Trnsp. Calculation Schemas (Purch.)
MELB Purch. Transactions by Tracking No.
MEMASSIN Mass-Changing of Purch. Info Records
MEMASSPO Mass Change of Purchase Orders
MEMASSRQ Mass-Changing of Purch. Requisitions
MEPA Order Price Simulation/Price Info
MEPB Price Info/Supplier Negotiations
MEPO Purchase Order
MEQ1 Maintain Quota Arrangement
MEQ3 Display Quota Arrangement
MEQ4 Changes to Quota Arrangement
MEQ6 Analyze Quota Arrangement
MEQ7 Reorganize Quota Arrangement
MEQ8 Monitor Quota Arrangements
MEQB Revise Quota Arrangement
MEQM Quota Arrangement for Material
MEX3 Display Purchasing Document
MKVG Settlement and Condition Groups
MKVZ List of Suppliers: Purchasing
MKVZE Currncy Change: Supplier Master Rec.
ML60CK Release Procedure Checks
MN01 Create Message: RFQ
MN02 Change Message: RFQ
MN03 Display Message: RFQ
MN04 Create Message: PO
MN05 Change Message: PO
MN06 Display Message: PO
MN07 Create Message: Outline Agreement
MN08 Change Message: Outline Agreement
MN09 Display Message: Outline Agreement
MN10 Create Message: Schd. Agmt. Schedule
MN11 Change Message: Schd. Agmt. Schedule
MN12 Displ. Message: Schd. Agmt. Schedule
MN24 Create Message: Shipping Notif.
MN25 Change Message: Shipping Notif.
MN26 Display Message: Shipping Notif.
MP01 Maintain AMPL Records
MP02 Display AMPL Records
M_LA Purchasing: Condition List
M_LB Change Condition List
M_LC Display Condition List
M_LD Execute Condition List
OAMP C MM-PUR Purch. Maint. Blockg. Reas.
OMA6 Condition Table: Listing/Exclusion D
OMA7 Condition Table: Add Index
OMA8 Condition table: Change Index
OMAG View Maintenance
OMESCJ Activate chargeable info records
OMEV Determine Consgt. Valuation Prices
OMFL C MM-PUR Transfer of Info Rec. Data
OMGQCK Release Procedure Checks
OMGQ_CHAR Charact. Maint.: Release Procedure
OMGSCK Release Procedure Checks
OMGT Import Data
OMJO Convert MKOP into Consgt. Info Recs.
OMJP Batch Input: Consignment Info Recs.
OMJQ Deletion Flag: Consg. Price Segments
OMPN C MM-PUR Purchasing Manuf. Part No.
OMQ1 Transfer of Purchase Orders
OMQ2 Transfer of Purchase Order History
OMQ3 Transfer of PO Texts
OMQ4 Create PO Transfer File
OMQ5 Edit PO Transfer File
OMQ6 Create PO Text Transfer File
OMQX Default Asset Class for Mat. Group
OMUP Forecast Schedule: Transm. Profile
OMXX Update Contr. Release Order Docu. MM
OMZN C MM-PUR Reorg. Sched. Agrmnt Extra
S_AL0_96000492 Material Document
S_AL0_96000493 Purchase Order
S_AL0_96000495 Purchase Requisition
S_AL0_96000496 Logistics Invoice Verification