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SAP TCode /ATL/KP19 – Transfer defered cheque to regular

/ATL/KP19 is a standard SAP tcode used to perform Transfer defered cheque to regular task in SAP ERP (or) S/4HANA system.This blog post provides key technical details about SAP TCode /ATL/KP19, including its availability across SAP S/4HANA versions and related tcodes.

Program /ATL/KP07REP
Package cashier system (/ATL/CASHIR)
Technical Component Financials Israel (FI-LOC-FI-IL)


The SAP tcode /ATL/KP19 is available within SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA On-premise and SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud systems depending on the version and release level.

SAP S/4HANA Version Available?
1909 Yes
2020 Yes
2021 Yes
2022 Yes
2023 Yes

The following is the list of SAP transaction codes related to /ATL/KP19.

SAP TCode SAP TCode Description
/ATL/KP02 Return pmnt to customer
/ATL/KP03 Return cheque from bank
/ATL/KP04 General cashier table
/ATL/KP05 Allowed pmnt metods for transfer
/ATL/KP06 Subject table for cashier
/ATL/KP07 Cashier Balances Report
/ATL/KP08 Declaring cashier amounts
/ATL/KP09 Cheque report
/ATL/KP10 Credit Card report
/ATL/KP11 Table of credit card companies
/ATL/KP12 Cashier physical location table
/ATL/KP13 Table of credit types
/ATL/KP14 Table of credit cards deal types
/ATL/KP15 Print incoming payment receipt
/ATL/KP16 Addition info to house bank table
/ATL/KP17 Transfer of cash payments
/ATL/KP18 Bank deposit of cash payments
/ATL/KP20 Cashing defered cheque
/ATL/KP22 Create files to the bank
/ATL/KP23 Transfer of payment
/ATL/KP24 Bank Deposit of defered cheque
/ATL/KP25 Deposit of Credit Card
/ATL/KP26 Report of transfer/bank deposit pmnt
/ATL/KP27 Update reference of bank deposit pmt
/ATL/KP28 Incoming payment entry
/ATL/KP30 Manual maintenance
/ATL/KP31 Create restrick account table
/ATL/KP32 Update restrick account table
/ATL/KP33 Cheque control against acc. restrict
/ATL/KP34 Delete restrick account table
/ATL/KP35 Chasier System Parameters
/ATL/KP36 Cashier payment methods table
/ATL/KP38 Cashier statement
/ATL/KP39 Cashier Balances and transactions
/ATL/KP40 Table of incoming pymt entry type
/ATL/KP41 Bank deposit of cheque payment
/ATL/KP42 Cashier Transactions Report
/ATL/KP43 Restore a receipt
/ATL/KP44 Reverse bank deposit cheque payment
/ATL/KP45 Request & Answer files
/ATL/KP46 Request & Answer files structures
/ATL/KP47 Credit card interface messages
/ATL/KP48 Credit card interface log
/ATL/KP49 SHVA currency type