Friday, May 24, 2024

SAP TCode 0VT6 – Maintain free capacity sel. variants

0VT6 is a standard SAP tcode used to perform Maintain free capacity sel. variants task in SAP ERP (or) S/4HANA system.This blog post provides key technical details about SAP TCode 0VT6, including its availability across SAP S/4HANA versions and related tcodes.

Package SD R/3 customizing transport processing (VTRC)
Technical Component Transportation (LE-TRA)


The SAP tcode 0VT6 is available within SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA On-premise and SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud systems depending on the version and release level.

SAP S/4HANA Version Available?
1909 Yes
2020 Yes
2021 Yes
2022 Yes
2023 Yes

The following is the list of SAP transaction codes related to 0VT6.

SAP TCode SAP TCode Description
0VRF Definition of Route Determination
0VT0 Maintain Selection Variants
0VT1 Maintain PersInChargOfShip SelectVar
0VT2 Maintain Tranport.Process. SelectVar
0VT3 Maintain Selection Var. Registration
0VT4 Maintain Selection Variant Registr.
0VT5 Maintain utilization select.variants
0VT7 Maintain Selection Variant F4 Help
0VT9 Maintain Selection Variant F4 Help
0VTA Customizing Shipping Types
0VTB Customizing Modes of Transport
0VTC Route definition
0VTCFP Set Freight Planning for Fwdg Agents
0VTCR Define routes
0VTD Def. of Transp. Connection Point
0VTE Multiple Maintenance Route Stages
0VTG Cumulation of Materials in TPS
0VTGC Cumulation of Matl (Freight Plng)
0VTH Insert Material Cumulation to TPS
0VTI Copy Material Cumulation to TPS
0VTK Customizing Transport Types
0VTKT Assign deadlines to shipment types
0VTL Activity Profiles for Shipment Types
0VTP Tr.Planning Pos.ext. Planning System
0VTR Route limits ext. Transport. Planng
0VTRC Route Limitation f. Freight Planning
0VTS Copy TPS Route Restrictions
0VTT Create TPS Route Restrictions
0VTW Special Processing Indicator
OMTX Define non-SAP system
OVRT Customizing: Routes
OVTL C RV Del. item cats: Transp. relev.
OVTR C SD Delivery Type: Transport.Relev.
OVTS C SD Reason for Shipment Block
OVTVT_CA Maintain Planning for Fwdg Agents
OVXT Transportation planning points
V/21 View V_TVSA_NAC
V/22 View V_TVTY_NAC
V/23 View V_TVST_KOM
V/24 View V_TVTK_NAC
V/25 View V_TVFK_NAC
V/26 View V_TVKK_NAC
V/69 View V_TVAP_NAC
V/71 View V_TVLK_NAC
V/73 View V_TVLP_NAC
V/77 Output -ConditTable- Create Transprt
V/78 Output -CondTable- Change Transport
V/79 Output -CondTable- Display Transport
V/80 Access Sequence (Transport)
V/81 View V_TNAPR Appl V7
V/82 Maintain condition type Appl. V7
V/84 Output Determination Transport
VN07 Maintain number range for shipments
VNE7 View V_TVLK_NLA (Ship.Notification)
VORF Route Definition (Up To Rel. 4.0B)
VORT Archiving Control for Shipments
VV71 Create Output: Transportation
VV72 Change Output: Transportation
VV73 Display Output: Transportation