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SAP TCode 0FILA110_1 – Value Determ. Check Sequences/Steps

0FILA110_1 is a standard SAP tcode used to perform Value Determ. Check Sequences/Steps task in SAP ERP (or) S/4HANA system.This blog post provides key technical details about SAP TCode 0FILA110_1, including its availability across SAP S/4HANA versions and related tcodes.

Package Lease Accounting General Functions (FI_LA_GF)
Technical Component Lease Accounting (FI-LA)


The SAP tcode 0FILA110_1 is available within SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA On-premise and SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud systems depending on the version and release level.

SAP S/4HANA Version Available?
1909 Yes
2020 Yes
2021 Yes
2022 Yes
2023 Yes

The following is the list of SAP transaction codes related to 0FILA110_1.

SAP TCode SAP TCode Description
0FIEHGF001_01 Define Handling Methods
0FIEHGF002_01 Retrieval of Object Data
0FILA Customizing LAE Initial Screen
0FILA000R_1 Define Reasons for Change
0FILA001CE_1 Change Processes Rest. NEWL
0FILA001CE_2 Define Adjustment Processes
0FILA001CE_3 Change Processes Rest. UPGR
0FILA001CE_4 Change Processes Rest. ROLL
0FILA001CE_5 Change Process Rest. BLEX
0FILA001CE_6 Change Process Rest. CONT
0FILA001CE_7 Change Processes Rest. RNEW
0FILA001S_1 Subprocesses
0FILA001_2 Define Adjustment Processes
0FILA003CF_1 Assign Pmnt Schedule to $CASHPREV
0FILA003MV_1 Value Determ. Using Value Determin.
0FILA003M_1 Value IDs for Later Use
0FILA003_1 Value Determ. Using Formula Interp.
0FILA003_10 Value Determ. Using Value Determin.
0FILA003_11 Determine Accrual Postings Balance
0FILA003_13 Value Determination Using Transfer
0FILA003_14 Net Book Value at Retirement
0FILA003_15 Overview of Defined Value IDs
0FILA003_16 Value Determ. Using Value Determin.
0FILA003_2 Value Determ. by Assign.Constants
0FILA003_3 Value Determination By Value Support
0FILA003_4 Value Determ. Using Value Determin.
0FILA003_5 Value Determ. Using Value Determin.
0FILA003_6 Value Determ. Using Value Determin.
0FILA003_7 Value ID of Inbound Predecessor
0FILA003_8 Value Determination Using Method
0FILA003_9 Value Determination By Derivation
0FILA004_1 Assignment of Trans. to Trans. Types
0FILA005_1 Assign Structure for Acct Assignmt
0FILA006_1 Assign Company Code/Grouping Key
0FILA007CF_1 Definition of Payment Schedules
0FILA007C_1 Add Value ID to Basis Payment Sched.
0FILA007VC_1 Value Determination by Calculation
0FILA007_1 Value Transfer from Condition Types
0FILA008G_1 Definition of CoCd Grouping Key
0FILA008_1 Assign Company Code/Grouping Key
0FILA00970 Specifications – Post Retirement
0FILA009F_1 Dates for Postings
0FILA009F_2 Data for Payment Schedule Definition
0FILA009V_1 Value Transfer from Contract Item
0FILA009V_2 Value Transfer from Material Master
0FILA009V_3 Value Transfer from Classification
0FILA009V_4 Value Transfer from Customer Master
0FILA009V_6 Value Transfer from LAE_CRM_CLASS
0FILA009_1 Data for Pmnt Schedule Def. frm IDs
0FILA009_10 Fill Basis Struct. for Fin.Class.
0FILA009_11 Fill Basis Struct. for Validations
0FILA009_12 Fill Bas.Struct.for Deriv. UseflLife
0FILA009_13 Specifications- Post Acquisition
0FILA009_15 Specifications for Posting APC Adj.
0FILA009_16 General Info for Asset Transactions
0FILA009_17 Specifications- Set Deprec. Terms
0FILA009_19 Fill IDAT Structure for Control
0FILA009_2 Fill Basis Struct. for Substitution
0FILA009_20 Fill IDAT Structure for Control
0FILA009_21 Change Specifications- Deprec. Terms
0FILA009_22 Fill Structure for Changing Asset
0FILA009_23 Fill Structure Using Value IDs
0FILA009_24 Fill Structure Using Value IDs
0FILA009_3 Fill Basis Struct. for Derivation
0FILA009_4 Fill Structure for Creating Asset
0FILA009_5 Specifications- Set Deprec. Terms
0FILA009_6 Specifications- Post Acquisition
0FILA009_7 Specifications- Post Retirement
0FILA009_8 Assign Structure for Acct Assignmt
0FILA009_9 Fill Basis Struct. for Valid.Determ.
0FILA011_1 Option IDs
0FILA110_2 Validation Check Sequences/Steps
0FILA110_3 Classification Check Sequences/Steps
0FILAACCRULE_1 Acct Principles for Classif. in CRM
0FILAALOG_01 Process list
0FILACHECK_01 Process list
0FILACHECK_02 List of Subprocesses
0FILACHECK_03 Where-Used List for Methods
0FILACHECK_04 Value IDs Customizing
0FILACHECK_05 Method Customizing
0FILACOMPSET LAE: Specify Application Component
0FILACREATE_01 Generate Table Entries
0FILAHELP_01 Control List of FILAE-MSGNOs Used
0FILAHELP_02 Where-Used List Error Numbers in LAE
0FILAHELP_03 Where-Used List Error Nos. in FIAA
0FILAHELP_04 List of Parameter Transactions
0FILAIMG Customizing LAE Initial Screen
0FILAIMG_ADJ Jump to IMG for Customer Customizing
0FILAIMG_CLASS Jump to IMG for Financing Classif.
0FILAIMG_CUST Jump to IMG for Customer Customizing
0FILAIMG_SYST Jump to IMG for System Customizing
0FILAIRCM_1 Assign Company Code/Grouping Key
0FILALAYOUT Tabstrip Explorer/Adjustments
0FILALAYOUTADMN Tabstrip Explorer/Adjustments
0FILALC002_2 Definition of Financing Classes
0FILALDB000_01 Struct. of Selection Cond.-Component
0FILALDB000_02 Assign Val.IDs to Fields of Log. DB
0FILALDB000_03 Struct. of Selection Conditions-Hdr
0FILALDB001_01 Specify Determination of Data Basis
0FILALDB001_02 Specify Determination of Data Basis
0FILANDURDET Determine Asset Useful Life
0FILASTRUC_ACCDET Leasing: Acct Determ. for Accrual
0FILASTRUC_DATES Param. Classification Financing
0FILASTRUC_LDB_ITEMS Struc. Adjustment Flds of Log. DB
0FILASTRUC_LVS_PARAM Validation Parameter
0FILASTRUC_NDURDET Determine Asset Normal Useful Life
0FILASTRUC_POINF Struc. Enhancement for Substitution
0FILASTRUC_VALSUP Struc. Enhancement for Substitution
0FILASTRUC_VSRDET Struc. Adj. Valid./Subs. Determ.
0FILAVSRDEF Derivation of Check Sequences
0FILAVSRDEF_CLAS Derivation of Check Sequences
0FILAVSRDEF_VALI Derivation of Check Sequences
0FILAVSRDEF_VALU Derivation of Check Sequences
0FILA_CALL_FM Customizing LAE Initial Screen
0FIOTP001_1 Acct Determ. Document Grouping
0FIOTPKOFIDEF Maintain Account Determination
FILAADMN Process Processing Initial Screen
FILACHECK List Available Help Programs
FILACUS List Available Help Programs
FILAEXAM Lease: Process Analysis
FILAEXAMX Deprecated
FILASTRUC_LVS_PARAM Validation Parameter
FILASYST Jump to IMG for System Customizing
FILAVSRDEF Substitution/Validation Determinat.
FILAVSRDEF_CLASS Check Sequences f. Financ. Classif.
FILAVSRDEF_CRMC Check Sequences f. Pricing Classif.
FILAVSRDEF_VALID Validation Determination
FILAVSRDEF_VALUE Determ. f. Val.Determ. Substitution
S_PLN_16000126 Call Customizing with Transaction
S_XB7_96000248 Deprecated
S_XB7_96000249 Deprecated