4 new features in SAP Business Application Studio | Jan 2021


SAP Business Application Studio (BAS) is a new SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) service within the SAP Cloud Foundry that provides a powerful and modern development environment tailored for the efficient development of business applications. This blog post will look at the 4 new features in SAP Business Application Studio released in January 2021.

Below are 4 main new features released.

1. No XSUAA service binding

XSUAA (extended services for UAA) is necessary to authenticate users in the SAP Business Technology Platform previously known as SAP Cloud Platform. The XSUAA is an essential component to deal with when running applications in SAP Business Application Studio.

You need to create and bind the XSUAA service to run the SAP Fiori application. With this new version 2.0.1 of the NPM module @sap/html5-repo-mock, you don’t need to bind the xsuaa service instance in Run Configurations.

Navigate to package.json file, update the version and run “npm install’ command in the terminal to update the node modules.

2. Approuter Configuration Template

A new Approuter Configuration Template is not available to add approuter configuration to an existing project in SAP Business Application Studio. The template adds managed or standalone approuter detail to the “mta.yml” file of the application project.

3. A new Landing Page

You will now see a new Landing page when you open the SAP Business Application Studio for the first time (or) if you haven’t created any Dev Spaces.

The new Landing page has easy accessible links to tutorials, blogs and documentation of SAP Business Application Studio.

and finally most awaited feature…

4. Import ZIP project

We can now happily import the ZIP project from the local file system to SAP Business Application Studio. If you are coming from SAP Web IDE Full Stack, you would know how important this feature is and it is finally available.

5. Cloud Application Programming

The CAP SDK version ‘cds-dk‘ has been updated to version 3.3.3 and you can now install ‘cds-dk‘ versions from the terminal.


Congrats!! you have successfully learned 4 new features in SAP Business Application Studio added in January 2021 updates.

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