Frequently asked Interview Questions in Forms in ABAP

Contributed By Vijay Vaddy

Hello everyone, below are some frequently asked Interview Questions in Forms(Smart forms and SAP Scripts) in ABAP.

1. What are smart forms?
2. What are the types of windows in smart forms?
3. Where do write code in smart forms?
4. How do we debug Smart Forms?
5. How many tables can I use in a smart form.
6. Why smart form is client independent?
7. What is a page window?
8. How do convert smart forms to pdf what are the parameters?
9. What are events in smart form?
10. What is the use of the copies window?
11. How to get background pictures in smart forms?
12. What is the use of the export parameter function module of smart forms?
13. When do you go for a table or template?
14. How to configure a smart form in a transaction?
15. What is the use of SSF_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME?
16. Difference between table and template
17. What is the significance of ‘INCLUDE Text ‘.
18. How does form interface work
19. Where do we configure output options for FI DOCUMENTS?
20. How can I get the particular sales order form from the transaction?
21. Difference between smart forms and script?
22. How to transport script from one client to other clients?
23. What is the standard program to download a script?
24. Function module for converting smart form to pdf?
25. How to debug sap scripts?
26. Why sap scripts are client dependent and smart forms are client independent.
27. Can we write the code/program inside the sap script?
28. How will u create sap scripts & smart forms in multiple languages?
29. How to execute sap script & smart forms in the Background?
30. How to do total & subtotal in scripts & forms?