SAP Office TCodes

F00SAPoffice: Short Message
S00Short Message
SO00SAPoffice: Short Message
SO01SAPoffice: Inbox
SO01XSAPoffice: Inbox
SO02SAPoffice: Outbox
SO02XSAPoffice: Outbox
SO03SAPoffice: Private Folders
SO03XSAPoffice: Private Folders
SO04SAPoffice: Shared Folders
SO04XSAPoffice: Shared Folders
SO05SAPoffice: Private Trash
SO05XSAPoffice: Private Trash
SO06SAPoffice: Substitution on/off
SO07SAPoffice: Resubmission
SO07XSAPoffice: Resubmission
SO12SAPoffice: User Master
SO13SAPoffice: Substitute
SO15SAPoffice: Distribution Lists
SO16SAPoffice: Profile
SO17SAPoffice: Delete Shared Trash
SO18SAPoffice: Shared Trash
SO19SAPoffice: Default Documents
SO20SAPoffice: Private Default Document
SO21Maintain PC Work Directory
SO22SAPoffice: Delete PC Temp. Files
SO23SAPoffice: Distribution Lists
SO24SAPoffice: Maintenance of default PC
SO28Maintain SOGR
SO30Business Workplace: Reorg.
SO31Reorganization (daily)
SO36Create Automatic Forwarding
SO38SAPoffice: Synchr. of Folder Auths.
SO40SAPoffice: Cust. Layout Set MAIL
SO41SAPoffice: Cust. Layout Set TELEFAX
SO42SAPoffice: Cust.Layout Set TELEFAX_K
SO43SAPoffice: Cust.Layout Set TELEFAX_M
SO44SAPoffice: Cust. Layout Set TELEX
SO52Deletes Address from User Master
SO55User consistency check
SOADSAPoffice: External Addresses
SOBN01Personal data
SOCPSAPoffice: External Addresses
SODSSAPoffice: LDAP Browser
SOEXExpress Message
SOFFSAPoffice: Area Menu
SOPEExclude Document Classes
SOSBSend Request Overview (Users)
SOSGSend Request Overview (Groups)
SOSTSAPconnect Send Requests
SOSVSAPconnect Send Requests
SOTDSAPoffice: Maintain Object Types
SOTRTest transaction for API1 (received)
SOUDBCS: User Management
SOY1SAPoffice: Mass Maint. Users
SOY2SAPoffice: Collect Statistics Data
SOY3SAPoffice: Statistics Evaluation
SOY4SAPoffice: Access Overview
SOY5SAPoffice: Inbox Overview
SOY6SAPoffice: Document overview
SOY7SAPoffice: Folder overview
SOY8SAPoffice: Mass Archiving
SOY9SAPoffice: Inbox Reorganization
SOYASAPoffice: Change Folder Owner
S_BCE_68000252IMG Activity: SIMG_OSC1