Important SAP Financial Accounting Tables


SAP S/4HANA Finance provides optimization of financial accounting processes and provides operational finance experts with the information they require to drive efficiency and compliance. The SAP Financial Accounting (FI) data is managed and represented in different tables.

What is SAP Financial Accounting?

The Financial Accounting (FI) application component satisfies all of an organization’s financial accounting department’s worldwide needs. It is integrated with other modules such as Logistics(LO), Human Resources (HR) and Controlling (CO).

It manages and represents all accounting data. The document principle is used to record all corporate transactions, resulting in a complete audit trail from the financial statements to the individual documents.

Automatic updates ensure data flow between Financial Accounting and the other SAP System components. Within Financial Accounting, data is available in real time. Subledger postings always result in a comparable entry in the general ledger and preparation of operational data to aid in the organization’s strategic decision-making.

SAP Financial Accounting Sub-compoents

Financial Accounting consists of the following sub-components:

  • General Ledger (FI-GL)
  • Accounts Payable (FI-AP)
  • Accounts Receivable (FI-AR)
  • Bank Accounting (FI-BL)
  • Asset Accounting (FI-AA)
  • Funds Management (FI-FM)
  • Travel Management (FI-TV)
  • Special Purpose Ledger (FI-SL)

SAP Financial Accounting Tables

SAP Financial Accounting Tables
# Table Description
1 ACCRAC Assignment of Acr./Def. G/L Account to Accruals Account
2 ACCRBD Accruals/Deferrals Master Data – Basic Data
3 ACCRCUST Accrual/Deferral Profile
4 ACCRCUST_TXT Accruals/Deferrals Customizing Text
5 ACCRFI Accruals/Deferrals Master Data FI/CO Account Assignment
6 ACCRPOST Accrual/deferral postings
7 ACCTCR Compressed Data from FI/CO Document – Currencies
8 ACCTHD Compressed Data from FI/CO Document – Header
9 ACCTIT Compressed Data from FI/CO Document
10 AGKO Cleared Accounts
11 AVIC Advice Communication
12 AVIK Payment Advice Header
13 AVIP Payment Advice Line Item
14 AVIR Payment Advice Subitem
15 AVIT Advice Header: User-Definable Text
16 BFIT_A FI Subsequent BA/PC Adjustment: G/L Account Items
17 BFIT_A0 FI Subseq.BA/PC Adjustmnt: Zero Bal.Postings for Bus.Area
18 BFO_A_RA Versions for Resetting Cleared Items
19 BFOD_A FI Subsequent BA/PC Adjustment: Customer Items
20 BFOD_AB FI Subseq.BA/PC Adjustmnt: Valuatn Diffrnce in Customer OIs
21 BFOK_A FI subsequent BA/PC adjustment: Vendor items
22 BFOK_AB FI subseq.BA/PC adjustmnt: Valuatn difference in vendor OIs
23 BKDF Document Header Supplement for Recurring Entry
24 BKORM Accounting Correspondence Requests
25 BKORR Accounting correspondence requests
26 BKPF Accounting Document Header
27 BSAD_BAK Accounting: Secondary index for customers (cleared items)
28 BSAD_BCK Accounting: Secondary index for customers (cleared items)
29 BSAK_BAK Accounting: Secondary Index for Vendors (Cleared Items)
30 BSAK_BCK Accounting: Secondary index for vendors (cleared items)
31 BSAS_BAK Accounting: Secondary index for G/L accounts (cleared items)
32 BSAS_BCK Accounting: Secondary index for G/L accounts (cleared items)
33 BSBM Document Valuation Fields
34 BSBMT Text for Valuation Adjustment or Deductible per Item
35 BSBW Document Valuation Fields
36 BSE_CLR Additional Data for Document Segment: Clearing Information
37 BSE_CLR_ASGMT Doc. Segment Add. Data: Clearing Info with Acct Assignment
38 BSE_CLR_RDIFF Realized foreign currency differences in additional currency
39 BSE_OIH Addit. Data for Doc.: ARP Calculation/Payment Information
40 BSEC One-Time Account Data Document Segment
41 BSED Bill of Exchange Fields Document Segment
42 BSEG Accounting Document Segment
43 BSES Document Control Data (Obsolete)
44 BSET Tax Data Document Segment
45 BSIA Archive Index for FI Documents (Outdated! See ARCH_IDX)
46 BSID_BAK Accounting: Secondary Index for Customers
47 BSID_BCK Accounting: Secondary Index for Customers
48 BSIK_BAK Accounting: Secondary index for vendors
49 BSIK_BCK Accounting: Secondary index for vendors
50 BSIM Secondary Index Documents for Material
51 BSIP Index for Vendor Validation of Double Documents
52 BSIS_BAK Accounting: Secondary Index for G/L Accounts
53 BSIS_BCK Accounting: Secondary Index for G/L Accounts
54 BSPL Split Posting Procedures
55 BVOR Intercompany posting procedures
56 BWPOSI Valuations for Open Items
57 BWVER Control Records for the Valuation Program
58 BWVSN Version Management for Changes in the Valuation Program
60 CFCSTWTLST Cloud Financials: Whitelist IMG-Activities
61 CFSWITCH Cloud Financials: Switch table
62 CRMC_BEAVALTYACC IPM: Assignment of Value Types for Accounts in Company Code
63 DTINP Technical Customizing of Data Source Selection DTIN
64 EBKPF Fin.Accntng Doc.Header (of Docs from Extern.Systems)
65 EBSEG Doc.Segment of Fin.Accntng External Documents
66 F107_TASS_A2MT Assignment of Actions to Trans. Types (Automatic Postings)
67 F107_TASS_MT2A Assignment of Transaction Types to Actions (Manual Posting)
68 F107_TPROV Provisions
69 F107_TPROVH Provisions Content
70 F107_TPROVH_T Provisions Content
71 F107_TPROVMETD Provision Calculation Methods
72 F107_TPROVMETH Provision Calculation Methods
73 F107_TPROVMETH_T Texts for Provision Calculation Method
74 FAREA_MODE Determination of Functional Areas for Postings
75 FBICRC_C_APP ICR: Applications
76 FBICRC_C_CONF ICR: Customizing Table for Assign Confirm Dialog
77 FBICRC_C_OV ICR: Overview Chart with Single Company Displayed
78 FBICRC_C_OV_ALL ICR: Overview Chart with Multi Company Displayed
79 FBICRC_C_SR_OBJ ICR: Customizing for Linked Object Type in SR. creation
80 FBICRC_D_MAIL ICR: Mail Information
81 FBICRC_D_TIMER ICR: Timed Trigger Setting
82 FBICRC001A ICRC: Open Items GL Accounts: Documents
83 FBICRC001C ICRC: Open Items GL Accounts: Object Table 2
84 FBICRC001O ICRC: Open Items GL Accounts: Object table 1
85 FBICRC001T ICRC: Open Items GL Accounts: Totals
86 FBICRC002A ICRC: GL Accounts: Documents
87 FBICRC002C ICRC: GL Accounts: Object table 2
88 FBICRC002O ICRC: GL Accounts: Object table 1
89 FBICRC002T ICRC: GL Accounts: Totals
90 FBICRC003A ICRC: Open Items Customers/Vendors: Documents
91 FBICRC003C ICRC: Open Items Customers/Vendors: Object table 2
92 FBICRC003O ICRC: Open Items Customers/Vendors: Object table 1
93 FBICRC003T ICRC: Open Items Customers/Vendors: Totals
94 FBICRC01000 Reconciliation Processes: Attributes
95 FBICRC01010 Reconciliation Processes: Attributes per Company
96 FBICRC01027 Reconciliation: Current Status per Company
97 FBICRC01028 Reconciliation Process 003: Lock Table for Company Pairs
98 FBICRC01030 Reconciliation Processes: Customer Defined Fields
99 FBICRC01035 Reconciliation Processes: Customer Defined Fields
100 FBICRC01040 IC Reconciliation: Current Status per Company
101 FBICRC01045 IC Reconciliation: Lock Table for Company Pairs
102 FBICRC01050 Differences per Company Pair and Display Category
103 FBRA_RES SAPF181: Reset Balance Information: To post
104 FCON_HANAFIELD Field of HANA view for consolidation
105 FCON_HANAFIELD_T Text for Dimension Type
106 FCON_HANAVIEW HANA view for consolidation
107 FDKDATES AP/AR Internet: Period Selection
108 FDKDATEST AP/AR Internet: Texts for FDKDATES
109 FDKMAIL Sender of External Mail
110 FDKUSER AP/AR Internet Applications
111 FDKUSER_ACTION AP/AR Internet Applications: User Actions
112 FDKUSER_ACTIONT AP/AR Internet Applications: User Action (Texts)
113 FDKVARKEY AP/AR Internet: Report Variant Key
114 FEDICUS FI EDI Control for Calling Customer Functions per Segment
115 FERC_C0 General regulatory parameters
116 FERC_C1 Controlling area dependent parameters
117 FERC_C10 Special cost elements
118 FERC_C11 Regulatory indicator assignment field
119 FERC_C12 Cost element variants
120 FERC_C12T Cost element variant texts
121 FERC_C13 Clearing cost element categories
122 FERC_C13A Cost element variant assignments
123 FERC_C14 Clearing groups
124 FERC_C14T Clearing group texts
125 FERC_C2 Company code dependent parameters
126 FERC_C3 Regulatory accounts for traced costs
127 FERC_C3A Regulatory indicator variants
128 FERC_C4 Specific standard cost adjustment assignments
129 FERC_C5 Specific clearing cost object assignments
130 FERC_C6 Regulatory indicators of CO objects
131 FERC_C7 Regulatory indicators
132 FERC_C7T Regulatory indicator names
133 FERC_C8 Exceptional handling of CO business transaction types
134 FERC_C9 Regulatory accounts for direct postings
135 FERC_D0 Regulatory table statistics
136 FERC_D1 Paths per account sender and receiver
137 FERC_D2 Documents per sender and account
138 FERC_D4 Totals per natural and regulatory account
139 FERC_D5 Totals per reg. account and final object
140 FERC_F1 Detailed audit trace file
141 FERC_F2 Compact audit trace file
142 FERC_F3 Totals per source object transaction type and CO element
143 FERC_F4 Variances on CO objects
144 FERC_F5 Total actual costs on regulatory objects
145 FERC_F6 Organizational assignments of CO objects
146 FERC_L1 Message log
147 FERC_R0 Execution history
148 FGLT_GLTAB sFIN: Active G/L tables
149 FICORRGUID For mapping of FI Correspondence and GUID (Optional use)
150 FIN_AR_CACHE_CFG Cache for CPU-Intensive Database Queries – Configuration
151 FIN_AR_QRY_CACHE FIN-AR: Cache for CPU-Intensive Database Queries
152 FIN_AR_VIEW_FLD HDB View field names (prevent renaming when adding tables)
153 FIN_AR_VIEW_REDU FI table fields to be suppressed in FI-AR HDB views
154 FIN_D_CORR_PGRP Groups for Correspondence Type Parameters
155 FIN_D_CORR_PGRT Texts for Groups for Correspondence Type Parameters
156 FIN_D_CORR_PRM Available advanced parameters for Correspondence Type
157 FIN_D_CORR_TYPE Definitions of Correspondence Types for OData Corr.
158 FIN_D_CORR_TYPT Texts for Correspondence Types for OData Corr.
159 FIN_D_CORR_VPRM Parameter Properties for Variant of Correspondence Type
160 FIN_D_CORR_VRBSC Range Values for Posting keys Correspondence Parameter
161 FIN_D_CORR_VRNT Parameters Variant for Correspondence Type
162 FIN_D_CORR_VRUMS Range Values for Special G/L indicators Correspondence Param
163 FIN_DOCUMENT Aging FI Document: Control Table
164 FINS_BACL_PAGRP Bank Account Authorization Group
165 FINS_BACL_PAGRPT Bank Account Authorization Group Description
166 FINS_BAL_DUMMY Dummy Table for CDS View
167 FINS_BAL_DUMMY2 Dummy Table for CDS View
168 FINS_DDLS_GEN SAP Simple Finance OP: DDL Sources to be generated
169 FINS_DEPR_OBJECT Deprecated objects which are still active
170 FINS_DEPR_STATUS sFIN: Reactivation of deprecated objects
171 FINS_REC_MSG_MAP SFIN Reconciliation: Message Mapping
172 FINS_REC_RESTRIC SFIN Reconciliation: Restriction for Number of Messages
173 FINS_SIF_CUR_MAP SIF Reconciliation: Table to transform source ledger amounts
174 FINSC_MIG_CTRL Control for data migration in Cloud
175 FINSC_T009BDUMMY Fiscal year variant periods: Do not maintain!
176 FINSC_T009TDUMMY Fiscal year variant period texts: Do not maintain!
177 FMFGAAPAYACTIV Activate ‘Payment By Account Assignment’ Functionality
178 FMFGAAPAYBLOCK Payment block for Partial Payments by Account Assignment
180 FMFGAAPAYDOCTYP Partial Payments by Acc. Assign.: Supported Document Types
181 FMFGAAPAYIPACACT Activation of Payment by Account Assign. Function for IPAC
182 FMFGAAPAYLEDGER Set Ledger for ‘Payment By Fund’ Transaction
183 FOT_CONN_STAT_T Connection Status text table
184 FOT_CONN_STATUS Connection Status
185 FOT_EXT_TAX_CONN External tax system: connection data
186 FRUN Run Date of a Program
187 FTYP FI Partner Function Types
188 FUD_MSG01 Fin UI Decoupling – Transformation of Messages
189 FUD_MSG01_C FIN UI Decoupling – Transformation of Messages
190 FUDC_DOCVERCONF Configuration of FI document verification function
191 FUDC_DOCVERRULE Configuration Data for FI Document Verification Rule
192 FUDC_LEDGERMAP Legers mapping betwen GL and document verification
193 FUDC_VERDOCNUMR (No use)Number range assignment of verification document
194 FUDCNC_ACCHIERA Assign Account Level Hierarchies
195 FUDT_DOCVERACTL Action logs of FI document verification
196 FUDT_KNC1 Customer master (transaction figures)
197 FUDT_KNC3 Customer master (special G/L transaction figures)
198 FUDT_LFC1 Vendor master (transaction figures)
199 FUDT_LFC3 Vendor master (special G/L transaction figures)
200 FUDT_VDOCAVIKKEH Payment advice key for Document Verification
201 FUDT_VDOCAVIKKEY Payment Advice Note Key for Document Verification
202 FUDT_VDOCBKPF Verification Document Header
203 FUDT_VDOCBKPFH Verification Document Header(History)
204 FUDT_VDOCBSE_CLR Additional Data for Document Segment: Clearing Information
205 FUDT_VDOCBSEC One-Time Account Data Segment of Verification Document
206 FUDT_VDOCBSECH One-Time Account Data Segment of Verification Doc(History)
207 FUDT_VDOCBSECLRH Additional Data for Document Segment: Clearing Information
208 FUDT_VDOCBSED Bill of Exchange Fields Document Seg. of Verif. Doc
209 FUDT_VDOCBSEDH Bill of Exchange Fields Segment of Verification Doc(History)
210 FUDT_VDOCBSEG Verification Document Item with Additional Info
211 FUDT_VDOCBSEGEV Verification Document Item in the Entry View
212 FUDT_VDOCBSEGH Verification Document Segment with Additional Info(History)
213 FUDT_VDOCBSET Tax Data Document Segment of Verification Document
214 FUDT_VDOCBSETH Tax Data Document Segment of Verification Document(History)
215 FUDT_VDOCBSEZ Item Additional Information of Verification Doc
216 FUDT_VDOCBSEZH Item Additional Information of Verification Doc(History)
217 FUDT_VERIFDOC FI verification document – index table
218 ICRC00_TEMPL Financial Statement Reconciliation: Templates for Notificatn
219 ICRC00_TEMPL_TXT Financial Statement Recon.: Text for Notification Templates
220 ICRC00_USER_PREF Balance Reconciliation: User-Specific Settings
221 ICRC00_XBLNR_RLS Balance Sheet Recon.: Rules for Determining Reference Number
222 ICRC01 Document Table for G/L Account Reconciliation
223 ICRC02 Account Groups for G/L Account Reconciliation
224 ICRC03 Account Groups for G/L Account Reconciliation – Name
225 ICRC04 Account Groups for G/L Account Reconciliation – User Assgnmt
226 ICRC05 G/L Account Reconciliation – Details on Last Data Selection
227 ICRCA ICRC: Items to be Reconciled
228 ICRCLOG ICRC: Log Numbers of Automatic Reconciliation
229 ICRCS ICRC: Status of Data Procurement
230 ICRCU ICRC: Potentially Differing Document Groups
231 ICRCZ ICRC: Reconciled Completed Items
232 J_1AOFNR4 SD Billing Type Parameters per country
233 KLPA Customer/Vendor Linking
234 KMKPF FI: Account Assignment Model Header Information
235 KMZEI FI: Account Assignment Model Item Information
236 KNC1_BAK Customer Master (Transaction Figures)
237 KNC1_BCK Customer Master (Transaction Figures)
238 KNC3_BAK Customer Master (Special G/L Transaction Figures)
239 KNC3_BCK Customer Master (Special G/L Transaction Figures)
240 KNCX_DIF Cust. Master Trans. Figures: Diff. Btwn KNC1/3_BAK and View
241 KOMU Account Assignment Templates for G/L Account Items
242 LFC1_BAK Vendor Master (Transaction Figures)
243 LFC1_BCK Vendor Master (Transaction Figures)
244 LFC3_BAK Vendor Master (Special G/L Transaction Figures)
245 LFC3_BCK Vendor Master (Special G/L Transaction Figures)
246 LFCX_DIF Vendor Master (Transaction Figures)
247 LRBKPF Documents as Result of Logical Document Reorg. (RFB80U00)
248 MAHNV Management Records for the Dunning Program
249 MHND Dunning Data
250 MLDZ4 Reporting Data for Z4 Which was not Reported by DME
251 NKUK Number range for change documents
252 OBJECT_VAL Valuations for Valuation Objects
253 OBJECT_VAL_HIST Valuation History for Valuation Objects
254 OFF_NUM_LV2 Assign Number Ranges to Document Class Number Group Date
255 OFF_PLANT_ABROAD Settings for Plant Abroad Scenario for Hungary
256 OFFNUM_CN Assign Number group and Prefix to comp. code and doc. class
257 OFNUM_BG ERS ODN separate number range enabled for cancelled invoices
258 OFNUM_ES ODN enabled for correction invoice per vender (ES)
259 OFNUM_IT_1 Official Numbering by Document Class-enabled ranges(IT)
260 OFNUM_MX Assign Official Numbering with Approval Number
261 PARCT Receipt Log Table
262 PKOMU Personal Account Assignment Templates for G/L Account Items
263 PSHDSVCI Personalized Screen Variants for FI Enjoy Transactions
264 RF048 Subseq.BA/PC Adjustmnt: Index/Distributn Vector (Calculate)
265 RF180 Subsequent BA/PC Adjustment: Posting Runs
266 RFDT Accounting Data (INDX Structure)
267 RFUMSV00_BAL_IT Advance Tax Return Italy: Progressive balances
268 SKA1 G/L Account Master (Chart of Accounts)
269 SKAT G/L Account Master Record (Chart of Accounts: Description)
270 SKMT Sample Account Names
271 SLPB Log Table for Valuation
272 T000CLNT Client Currency
273 T000F Client-Specific FI Settings
274 T001 Company Codes
275 T001_MOSR MOSS Registration
276 T001_MOSRB Plants for MOSS Registration: Time-Dependent
277 T001_UMKRS Time-Dep. Assignment of Company Code to Sales/Purch. Tax Grp
278 T001_UMKRS_Z Activate Time-Dep. Sls/Pur.Tax Grps / Assign Selection Date
279 T001A Additional Local Currencies Control for Company Code
280 T001B Permitted Posting Periods
281 T001D Validation of Accounting Documents
282 T001E Company Code-Dependent Address Data
283 T001F Company code-dependent form selection
284 T001G Company Code-Dependent Standard Texts
285 T001I Company Code – Parameter Types
286 T001J Company Code – Parameter Type Names
287 T001N Company Code – EC Tax Numbers / Notifications
288 T001O Cross-System Company Codes
289 T001Q Substitution in Accounting Documents
290 T001R Rounding Rules for Company Code and Currency
291 T001S Accounting Clerks
292 T001U Clearing Between Company Codes
293 T001URL Company Code-Dependent URLs
294 T001X Configuration of External Receiving Comp.Codes
295 T001Z Additional Specifications for Company Code
296 T003 Document Types
297 T003A Document Types for Posting with Clearing
298 T003B Object Types for Early Entry in Financial Acctng
299 T003D Document Types for Enjoy Transactions
300 T003T Document Type Texts
301 T004 Directory of Charts of Accounts
302 T004G Field Status Definition Group Texts
303 T004M Rules for Sample Accounts
304 T004T Chart of Account Names
305 T004V Field Status Variant
306 T004W Text Table for T004V
307 T005Q Country Keys for Withholding Tax Calculation
308 T005R Country Keys for the Withholding Tax: Names
309 T007_GL_ACCOUNT G/L Accounts for Tax Code and Country
310 T007A Tax Keys
311 T007AC Tax Code Selection for Transactions
312 T007BK Dummy for Tax Account Maintenance – Obsolete
313 T007F Taxes on Sales/Purchases Groups
314 T007I Tax Advance Return Tax Group and Calendar Year Group Nos
315 T007S Tax Code Names
316 T007V Tax Codes to be Transported
317 T008 Blocking Reasons for Automatic Payment Transcations
318 T008T Blocking Reason Names in Automatic Payment Trans.
319 T010O Posting Period Variants
320 T010P Posting Period Variant Names
321 T012O ORBIAN Details: Bank Accounts and Other Data
322 T016 Industries
323 T016T Industry Names
324 T019 Financial Accounting Screen Selection
325 T019W Financial Accounting Window Selection
326 T020 FI/AM Transaction Control
327 T020A Acc: Single-Screen Transactions: Existing Tabs Per Transacn
328 T020R Program Selection for Program Transactions
329 T021 Fields for Line Item and Document Line Layout
330 T021A Forms for Additional Information
331 T021B Line Item Total Variants
332 T021C Summary Variant Short Names
333 T021D Line Layout Fast Entry: Administration
334 T021F Line Layout Fast Entry: Variants
335 T021G Line Layout Fast Entry: Description of Variants
336 T021H Line Layout Fast Entry: Screen Variants
337 T021I Line Layout Fast Entry: Variant Fields
338 T021J Fast Entry: Inactive Standard Variants
339 T021K Fields for Line Layout Variants
340 T021M Sort Variants
341 T021N Name of Sort Variants
342 T021P Default Val.Parametrizatn f.Line Layout/Total var.
343 T021Q Fast Entry Line Layout: Control
344 T021R Field selection for spec.functions (list displays)
345 T021S Line Layout Variant Special Fields
346 T021STDF Fast Entry: Standard Variant Fields
347 T021STDT Fast Entry: Standard Variants (Texts)
348 T021STDV Fast Entry: Standard Variants
349 T021T Line Layout Variant Texts
350 T021V Default Values for Layouts
351 T021Z Line Layout Variants
352 T028V Transaction Types
353 T028W Transaction Types: Names
354 T030 Standard Accounts Table
355 T030A Transaction Keys and Assignment to Groups
356 T030B Standard Posting Keys
357 T030D Acct Determ.for Open Item Exch.Rate Differences
358 T030E Acct Determ.for Open Item Exch.Rate Differences
359 T030F Provision Method for Doubtful Receivables
360 T030G Standard Accounts Table – Business Area Breakdown
361 T030H Acct Determ.for Open Item Exch.Rate Differences
362 T030I Acct Determination for Intercompany Cost Flow (CE Ledger)
363 T030K Tax Accounts Determination
364 T030Q Clearing Accounts for Distributed Systems
365 T030R Rules for Determination of Standard Accounts
366 T030S Accts for Foreign Currency Assets Exchange Rate Differences
367 T030U Account Determ.for Balance Sheet Transfer Postings
368 T030V Account Conversion Tables for Distributed Systems
369 T030W Transaction Key Names
370 T030X Groups of Transaction Keys
371 T030Y Transaction Group Names
372 T031 Bill Discount Note
373 T031S Bill of Exchange Status
374 T031T Name of Bill of Exchange Status
375 T033 FI Depreciation Area
376 T033A Account Determination: Applications
377 T033B Account Determination: Name of Applications
378 T033C Account Determination: Administration Data
379 T033D Account Determination: Account Determination Key Names
380 T033E Account Determination: Control Data
381 T033F Account Determination: Posting Rules
382 T033G Acct determination: Replacing the account symbols
383 T033I Acct Determination: Account Symbols
384 T033J Account Determination: Account Symbol Descriptions
385 T033O Account Determination: Account Determination Key Values
386 T033P Accout Determination: Name of Acct Determination Key Values
387 T033T FI Depreciation Area
388 T033U Account Determ.for Balance Sheet Transfer Postings
389 T041A Clearing Transactions
390 T041B Company Codes for Manual Payments
391 T041C Reasons for Reverse Posting
392 T041CT Reasons for Reverse Posting (Name)
393 T041T Clearing Transaction Names
394 T042ZD Screen Control when Creating Payments in Country
395 T042ZDT Screen Control when Creating Payments in Country
396 T042ZFCL Additional Payment Method Classifications for Payment Progm
397 T043Assign Accounting Clerks –> Tolerance Group
398 T043G Tolerances for Groups of Customers/Vendors
399 T043GT Name of Business Partner’s Tolerance Groups
400 T043K Control of Payment Notices to Customers/Vendors
401 T043S Tolerances for Groups of G/L Accounts
402 T043ST Name of Business Partner’s Tolerance Groups
403 T043T FI tolerance groups for employees
404 T044A Foreign Currency Valuation Methods
405 T044AB Valuation Attributes for OI Valuation By Remaining Term
406 T044ABT Description for Valuation Attributes By Remaining Term
407 T044B Valuation method names
408 T044HT Flat-rate Value Adjustment of Individual Documents (Text)
409 T044Z Customer/Vendor Accounts with Changed Reconciliation Account
410 T045E Presentation to Bank
411 T045W Bank Subaccounts for Bill of Exchange Usage
412 T046 Bill of Exchange Tax
413 T046A Assignment:1 Bank Cmmt Acct – diverse Bill of Ex.Return Acts
414 T046T Bill of Exchange Tax Code Names
415 T047 Company Code Dunning Control
416 T047A Account Level Dunning Control
417 T048 Correspondence Types
418 T048A Company Code Data
419 T048B Report Assignment for Automatic Correspondence
420 T048I Correspondence type properties
421 T048K Indicator for Periodic Account Statements
422 T048L Indicator Texts for Periodic Bank Statements
423 T048O Output Management Assignment for Automatic Correspondence
424 T048T Correspondence texts
425 T048V Correspondence procedures
426 T048W Name of correspondence procedure
427 T048X Attached payment medium: Function modules
428 T048Y Company Code Data on Attached Payment Mediums
429 T048Z Text for attached payment mediums
430 T049L Lockboxes at our House Banks
431 T050T General texts
432 T052 Terms of Payment
433 T052A Known/Negotiated Leave
434 T052R Rules for Issuing Invoices
435 T052S Terms of Payment for Holdback/Retainage
436 T052T Negotiated Leave Name
437 T052U Own Explanations for Terms of Payment
438 T053 Line Item Texts
439 T053A Selection Rules for Payment Advices
440 T053B Selection Rules for Payment Advices (Texts)
441 T053C Selection Sequence for Payment Advices
442 T053D Reason Codes Assigned as Fixed for Clearing Pmnt Adv.
443 T053E Reason Code Conversion
444 T053G Payment Advice Types
445 T053R Classification of Payment Differences
446 T053S Classification of Payment Differences (Texts)
447 T053V Reason Code Conversion Version
448 T053W Reason Code Conversion Version Names
449 T054 Run Schedule for Recurring Documents
450 T054A Settlement Data for Recurring Entry Schedules
451 T054T Name of Run Schedules for Recurring Documents
452 T055F Field Group Fields (Master Data)
453 T056Z Interest Rates
454 T057 Preference Indicator
455 T057T Subsidy indicator names
456 T058A Japanese Stamp Tax
457 T058B Number Range Assignment for Receipts
458 T058T Group Receipt Names
459 T059A Type of Recipient For Vendors
460 T059B Withholding Tax Classes for Vendors: Names
461 T059E Income Types
462 T059F Formulas for Calculating Withholding Tax
463 T059G Income Types: Names
464 T059M Minority Indicators
465 T059Q Withholding Tax
466 T059R Recipient Code
467 T059T Texts for Minority Indicators
468 T070 FI Document Archiving – Document Lives
469 T071 FI Document Archiving – Account Lives
470 T074 Special G/L Accounts
471 T074A Special G/L Transaction Type Names
472 T074T Special G/L Indicator Names
473 T074U Special G/L Indicator Properties
474 T076A Assign Payment Advice Notes to Posting Rules
475 T076B EDI: Assign Name in the Invoice <-> Company Code
476 T076E FI-EDI: Assignment Pymt Method – External Pymt Method (Bank)
477 T076I FI-EDI: G/L Accounts
478 T076K FI-EDI: Additional Account Assignments
479 T076M EDI: Conversion of External Tax Rate <-> Tax Code
480 T076S EDI-INVOIC: Program Parameters
481 T077S G/L account groups
482 T077T Table no longer in use
483 T077Z Account Group Names (Table T077S)
484 T078S Action Type Screen Selection for G/L Acct Master Data
485 T856K Default Transaction Type for FI Accounts
486 T856L Assignment of LO Transaction Type to FI Transaction Type
487 T8HSPLITACT Online Split for FI Postprocessing Costs
488 TACC_ACPAK_MAP Assignment of Account to Accounting Principle Assignment Key
489 TACC_BWBER_PR Assignment of Accounting Principle to Target Ledger
490 TACC_TRGT_LDGR Assgmt of Accounting Principle to Target Ledger or Ledger Gp
491 TACC_TRGT_LDGRT Assignment of Accounting Principle to Target Ledger
492 TACCP_ASSIGNKEY Key for Assigning Accounting Principles
493 TACCP_ASSIGNKEYT Texts for Assignment Keys for Accounting Principles
494 TACPAK_ACP_MAP Assignment of Assignment Key to Accounting Principles
495 TAKOF Reconciliation Accounts with Exception Handling
496 TAX_APPLI Applications for Tax Services
497 TAX_RFD_C_MAP Assign VAT Refund Code to G/L Account
498 TAX_RFD_CHARS VAT Refund Code – Tax Refund Country
499 TAX_RFD_CHARST Text Table: VAT Refund Code – Tax Refund Country
500 TAX_RFD_CODES Define Tax Code as Refund-Related
501 TAX_RFD_RATES Country Tax Rates for VAT Refund Procedure
502 TAX_RFDSUBCODE VAT Refund Subcodes
503 TAX_RFDSUBCODET VAT Refund Subcodes
504 TAX_SERVICES Tax Services
505 TBAER Rules for Changing Documents
506 TBERG Authorization Check in DDIC
507 TBSLT Posting Key Names
508 TCESSION Accounts Receivable Pledging
509 TCESSIONT Texts for Accounts Receivable Pledging
510 TCOBD Coding Block: Field Name BSEG/COB (if not the same)
511 TCOBF Coding Block: Assignment of Modif and Field Names from COBL
512 TCOBX Coding Block: Assignment of Field Properties
513 TCURC_ROUND Clearing of Rounding Diffs per Local Currency: Temporary
514 TCURD Max.Exch.Rate Differences for Postings in Foreign Currency
515 TCVAL Currency and Valuation Types
516 TF123 Additional Rules for Running Program SAPF124 (Clearing)
517 TFAG FI Clearing Rules (Entity Table)
518 TFAGM Allocate Clients and Account Type to Clearing Rule
519 TFAV FI: Worklists
520 TFAVA FI: Details of Automatically Generated Worklists
521 TFAVT Worklist Names
522 TFAVW FI: Work list values
523 TFAVZ FI Archiving: Transaction Figures (Object Data)
524 TFBUF Table for FI Data Puffers
525 TFI01 Open FI: Events
526 TFI01T Open FI: Name of Events
527 TFI02 Open FI: Function Modules for Each Call Event
528 TFI02T Open FI: Function Key Text for Each Call Event
529 TFIN_XML_DATA XML Data Storage: Financials
530 TFIN_XML_TABNAME XML Data Storage: Control of Tables to Be Downloaded
531 TFIREV Reversal Document Checks in FI
532 TFMC Matchcode Fields for Database Index
533 TFREP Reports with Form Details and Sender Details
534 TFTMP Table for Time Stamp Comparison
535 TFTMV Table for Program Versions
536 TGSB Business Areas
537 TGSBT Business Area Names
538 THKON Permitted Alternative G/L Accounts
539 TICRC_CNUM ICRC: Company IDs in External Systems
540 TICRC1 RFC Destination and Contact Person in Company
541 TICRC2 Selection of Recon. Criteria for Recon. Affiliated Companies
542 TICRC3 Contact Person in Trading Partner
543 TICRC5 Contact Person – Organization Addresses – Dummy
544 TLOREO Indicator for Logical Document Reorganization
545 TMODF Groups in Field Selection Bar
546 TMODG Name of Groups in Field Selection Bar
547 TMODO Items in Field Selection Definitions
548 TMODO_CLOUD Field status variants – Additional attributes in cloud
549 TMODP Name of Items in Field Selection Definitions
550 TMODU Cross Reference Field Name – MODIF1
551 TNAMN Puffer for Keywords (NAMETAB)
552 TR01T Base Table Reorganization: Texts
553 TRAS Interval for Days in Arrears
554 TRAST Interval Names for Days in Arrears
555 TSTOR Accounting Documents with Reverse Posting Date
556 TTABS Tables with Special Maintenance
557 TTXF1 Word Processing: Linking of Texts with Document Types
558 TTYP Object Types for Accounting
559 TTYPS FI Summarization: Document Fields Allowed
560 TTYPT Object Type Names for Accounting
561 TTYPV FI Summarization Dependent on the Object Type
562 TTYPVA G/L Line Item Table ACDOCA Summarization
563 TTYPVX Enhanced Document Summarization in FI
564 TURLTYPE URL Types in Table T001URL
566 TZUN Rules for ‘Allocation’ Field Layout
567 TZUNT Assignment Rule Names
568 UKSD User Control Totals (Online)
569 UKSV User Control Totals (Update)
570 VACSPLT FI Document Parking (Enjoy): Amount Split
571 VBKPF Document Header for Document Parking
572 VBSEC Document Parking One-Time Data Document Segment
573 VBSEGA Document Segment for Document Parking – Asset Database
574 VBSEGD Document Segment for Customer Document Parking
575 VBSEGK Document Segment for Vendor Document Parking
576 VBSEGS Document Segment for Document Parking – G/L Account Database
577 VBSET Document Segment for Taxes Document Parking
578 VBWF01 Company Code-Dependent Release Data
579 VBWF02 Workflow Procedure
580 VBWF03 Release Approval Paths
581 VBWF04 Line Item Fields Reversal Release
582 VBWF05 Determination of Release Approval Path
583 VBWF06 Subworkflow Determination
584 VBWF07 Release Groups
585 VBWF08 Release Groups
586 VBWF09 People with Release Authorization for Document Parking
587 VBWF10 Release Approval Paths (Texts)
588 VBWF11 Objects for Full Release
589 VBWF12 Objects for Full Release (Texts)
590 VBWF15 People with Release Authorization for Document Parking
591 VBWF16 Relevant Document Types for Releasing Payments
592 VSPLTWT FI Document Parking (Enjoy): W/Tax Data Amount Split


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