How to create Derived Attribute Views in SAP HANA


Hello every one, in this SAP HANA Modeling tutorial, we will learn about How to create Derived Attribute Views in SAP HANA.


Business Use Case

You cannot use same standard attribute view more than once in modeling with Analytic Views or Calculation Views.

In such business modeling use case we can create a derived attribute view for the standard attribute view and use it as many as times.

What is Derived attribute view

Derived attribute view is created from an existing standard attribute view.

Step-by-Step Procedure

1. Start your SAP HANA Studio/Eclipse IDE which has SAP HANA tools installed.

2. Change your HANA Studio modeling environment to SAP HANA Modeler Perspective. To do the same, navigate to Window → Open Perspective → SAP HANA Modeler.

3. Expand content folder and Identify your package in which you want to create the view.

SAP HANA Modeler Perspective
SAP HANA Modeler Perspective

4. Right click on the package and choose New → Attribute View.

New Derived HANA Attribute View
New Derived HANA Attribute View

5. In the New Information View window,

  • Name = Enter the name of the derived attribute view.
  • Label = Enter the description of the derived attribute view.
  • SubType = Select subtype as “Derived” from the drop-down list.
  • Derived From = Click on Browse button to choose an existing standard attribute view.

Derived Attribute Views Details
Derived Attribute Views Details

6. Newly created derived attribute view will open in the editor like below. Click on Save and Active button Activate.

Derived Attribute View
Derived Attribute View

7. After save and active, derived attribute view is created successfully.

8. Click on Data Preview button Data Preview in the toolbar of the view editor to view the data.

Data Preview
Data Preview

Important Points you should know about Derived Attribute Views.

  • Derived Attribute Views are created against existing standard attribute views.
  • Derived Attribute Views are read-only.
  • Description is the only field editable in the Derived Attribute Views.
  • Any changes to base attribute view will be reflected in the derived attribute views.

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