Toolbar in ALV using CL_SALV_TABLE


In this tutorial  factory class CL_SALV_TABLE is used to build ALV. To enable toolbar in ALV built using factory class CL_SALV_TABLE.

1Enable Standard Toolbar

  • First we need to get the instance of class CL_SALV_FUNCTIONS_LIST
  • then call SET_ALL method to activate toolbar.


Hide Toolbar Functions

If you would like to make few functions invisible on ALV toolbar (or) if you want play around with ALV toolbar, all related methods are available in class CL_SALV_FUNCTIONS_LIST.

Here in this example, I would like to make Sort Ascending and Sort Descending functions invisible.

First step would be identify relevant methods in class CL_SALV_FUNCTIONS_LIST.


Next call these methods in your program and make them invisible in Toolbar.




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