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TVKO: Organizational Unit: Sales Organizations

TVKO is a standard SAP HANA table in SAP ERP (or) S/4HANA system which stores Organizational Unit: Sales Organizations data. There are total 27 fields in the table. The TVKO table can be found in the Customizing R/3 RV central functions (VZ0CCORE) package and is part of the Account Determination (SD-BF-ACT) module.

SAP HANA Table Type Column Store
Buffering Permission Buffering switched on
Buffering Type Full buffering as specified by generic key

TVKO Table Fields

The following is the list of fields that are available in SAP TVKO table. The key fields of the table are highlighted in color.

Field Description Data Element Domain Check Table Data Type Length
VKORG Sales Organization VKORG VKORG CHAR 4
WAERS Statistics currency WAERS_V WAERS TCURC CUKY 5
BUKRS Company code of the sales organization VKBUK BUKRS T001 CHAR 4
TXNAM_ADR Text name for form text module short address TXNAM_ADR TXNAM16 CHAR 16
TXNAM_KOP Text name for form text module letter header TXNAM_KOP TXNAM16 CHAR 16
TXNAM_FUS Text name for formula text module footer lines TXNAM_FUS TXNAM16 CHAR 16
TXNAM_GRU Text name for form text module: Greeting TXNAM_GRU TXNAM16 CHAR 16
VKOAU Reference sales org.for sales doc.types (by sales area) VKOAU VKORG TVKO CHAR 4
KUNNR Customer number for intercompany billing KUNIV KUNNR KNA1 CHAR 10
BOAVO Rebate processing active in the sales organization BOAVO XFELD CHAR 1
VKOKL Sales organization calendar VKOKL WFCID TFACD CHAR 2
EKORG Purchasing organization EKORG EKORG T024E CHAR 4
EKGRP Purchasing Group EKGRP EKGRP T024 CHAR 3
LIFNR Account Number of Vendor or Creditor LIFNR LIFNR LFA1 CHAR 10
BSART Order Type (Purchasing) BSART BSART T161 CHAR 4
BSTYP Purchasing Document Category BSTYP BSTYP CHAR 1
BWART Movement Type (Inventory Management) BWARTWE BWART T156 CHAR 3
LGORT Storage location LGORT_D LGORT T001L CHAR 4
TXNAM_SDB Text names for layout-set module SDS sender TXNAM_SDB TXNAM16 CHAR 16
MWSKZ Tax code for SD documents J_1AMWSKZ MWSKZ T007A CHAR 2
XSTCEG Rule that determines the VAT registration number (VAT ID) XSTCEG XSTCEG CHAR 1
J_1ANUTIME Time of numbering for deliveries J_1ANUTIME J_1ANUTIME CHAR 1
MAXBI Maximum Number of Items in Billing Document MAXBI NUM03 NUMC 3
HIDE Customization of SD Input Help Entries SD_OBSOLETE XFELD CHAR 1


The SAP HANA table TVKO is available within SAP S/4HANA On-premise and SAP S/4HANA Cloud systems depending on the version and release level.

SAP S/4HANA Version Released
1909 Yes
2020 Yes
2021 Yes
2022 Yes
2023 Yes

CDS Views for TVKO table

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